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Friday, March 17, 2017


Donald Trump is playing "hell " -
with the Legislative and Executive Branch -
at San Francisco's City Hall .

It is a " circus " - watching the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - conducting their " deliberations " - in Room 250 at City Hall. With Donald Trump - enacting his Executive Orders -
the mostly mediocre SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of London Breed, Malia, Cohen, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell - are at their wits - end.

Once many astute and stellar constituents - took time off - to go to City Hall and participate - speak to the point at Public Comment. 

The SF Board of Supervisors - could easily take " Public Comment " before their long meetings, drab, and mostly beating around the bush - dubious deliberations.

They could increase the Public Comment to three minutes - but choose to give one two minutes - and when they see me - reduce it to 45 seconds.  Watching these buffoons - is more than one can bear - the above mentioned - political whores and pimp - the worse.

Some one is watching you all at 
San Francisco City Hall. The many
nefarious ploys and machinations - conducted in the dens.

The proposed Federal Budget - has shocked the SF Board of Supervisors - having no idea - that this is just the " proposed budget ".

The final Federal Budget - will be ready in May - and guess - what - San Francisco and the many crooked Democrats - are in for a big - surprise.

We have more "dogs"in San Francisco than children. In fact the National Geographic Magazine - had an article about San Francisco and its many dogs - who enjoy a better life - than many human beings - who face the inclement weather - on the streets of San Francisco.

Where are the priorities of the City and County of San Francisco - with a over $ 9 Billion budget.

Over 20% of the employees - numbering over 28, 000 employees - mostly Managers making over $175, 000 with benefits - some having " special individual contracts " - making over $300, 000 annually.

Once the SF Board of Supervisor made $38, 000 and did a better job - today they make in access of 150, 000  with benefits - and fool around - and think that we the tax payer - should bear with the nonsense displayed - barking at the wrong tree - most of the time.

Many homeless are slowly dying - the corpses lying in the morgue - labelled Jane Doe and Joe Doe -  this is a crying shame - in a City that boasts thousands of millionaires and hundreds of billionaires.

This budget will send a salvo across the horizon - to those crooked Democrats.

The ones who have had it good for a long time - the cuts will bring an awakening - open the eyes of those that have too many cataracts - impeding their sight - and now seeking - excuses.

Can you imagine - have a Chair like Malia Cohen - as the Chair of the Budget Committee?

If this is not a joke - I do not what is!

The woman is a " air head " - on the pay roll of Lennar Urban LLC and now 5 Point Communities LLP - taking money from the highest bidder - as do many political - whores.

The Southeast Sector is ripe with entities - who are forming committee - how best to address - changes in the community - more with the Sewer System Improvement Project - a project that really will cost this City and County of San Francisco - $9 Billion.

The Southeast Sector has changed with many Latinos and Asians - in the Majority.

The Blacks because they have loud voices - the same ones that pander to Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - have meetings - with no one in attendance.

Then they have the audacity to deliberate about building a Campus - costing million - with the demographic completely in a flux - with people of color - impacted by - gentrification.

Other projects - many dubious meetings, with no Blue Print - and nothing viable and sustainable in writing. Who is bluffing whom? 

When will this nonsense come to an end?

CYC an entity that snuck into our community - is now planning to buy a building - and have in access of $5 million to expand.
Funded by the " Soros Foundation " and others - CYC is trying to outreach to people of color and mostly Black - conducting surveys - and trying to hoodwink the community at large.

Supposedly headquartered in China Town - they are now on 3rd Street and have an office - their front door is internally shut.

 To enter their office - you must enter - through the back door. It has been like this for the last 3 years - go Figure.

Hard working advocates - who do not want to have anything to do with corruption - must fight and expose the rampant corruption in the Southeast Sector - where Community Benefits - set aside to do good and linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - some $300 million - is now doled out to dubious - entities - with any accountability and less transparency.

Five percent of $6 billion - is $300 million - one pot of cash amount to $150 million is handled by Juliet Ellis - whose first move to funnel $200, 000 to Green For All - her former Non-Profit landed her in trouble.

The Fair Political Action Committee - got her ass - and she had to pay the money back to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - plus a fine.

However - nothing much has changed with her - haughty demeanor - Juliet Ellis defies logic - some Jamaican Beef Jerky.

The other pot of $150 million - is controlled by Dwayne Jones - black listed by the Contract Monitoring Division.

 While Juliet Ellis is suppose to address " Community Outreach " - Dwayne Jones is tasked with doing quality, meaningful and much needed - " Work Force Development ".

San Francisco is corrupt - Juliet Ellis to gain favors and win Browny Point - has expanded thousands of dollars - helping the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee employ - as many as 2000 jobs - temporary in nature - Summer Time Jobs.

Truly that money should come from Dwayne Jones pot - but Juliet Ellis will act as a proxy - for anyone - to win favor - and conduct - nefarious activities - one of a kind.

Recently money was donated from one of these " pots " - to favor a couple of SF Board of Supervisors - and this is completely uncalled for.

When I brought this out - and before me others - plans were made - quickly to return the money - and pretend that all is well.

Juliet Ellis will never get it - this is not Oakland - and even though you may live in San Francisco, now - you are a newbie introduced by Gavin Newsom - who appointed her to the SF Public Utilities Commission - as a Commissioner.

At the appropriate time Juliet Ellis jumped ship and was given the position of Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - at SF Public Utilities Commission ( conflict of interest) - as such - she continues to badger fellow employees under her.

 Throw tantrums - and thinks she can get away with murder - in broad day light. Time will tell.

Ed Harrison the former General Manager at SFPUC - saw something in Juliet Ellis - that none of us who work hard, have our heart in the right place see.

Recently I witnessed her - throw tantrums at a church - and this one act - revealed to me - how deep hatred lies and consumes - this very corrupt and ill mannered - person.

Our Department of Building Inspection - has opened a can of worms - there is not a City Department that is not involved with the many - short cuts taken.

The  many Notice of Violations - linked with the Millennium Building, the Transbay Project , the Central Subway - and the soon to be Van Ness Rapid Bus Transit Project.

The Central Subway started with $600 million and now has spent in access of $1. 7 Billion.

It is the same with the Transbay project - it is going no where - and constantly at the meetings - a rosy picture is painted.

More to pacify those that are monitoring this project - all this and more -  will come to bite us all - in the butt.

San Francisco and more Room 200 is ripe with the worst type of corruption - millions wasted - the many corrupt Democrats who dared to back the lying - Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton - made so many trips to milk those that thought - the investment - would rake in millions more - in profits for the crooks. As many know that was NOT to be.

San Francisco will come tumbling down - literally - first the fake economy that we are experiencing with  the many and poorly built " boom in skyscrapers  ".

 The SF Department of Building Inspection - now - has thrown its hands up in air -  now, is considering - measures at this late date - to ratify the many clear and pressing mistakes - of the past.
Upgrading its computers - and trying to use experts who under - seismic conditions, foundation of all types inundated with issues linked to liquefaction, severe flooding - a field the has specific issues - at specific sites - that need specific - expertise - mostly stellar " common sense ".

Common sense is rare - and those that have it - never seem to be there when they are needed.

Our SF Department of Health - with Director Barbara Garcia - means well - I have know her for a long time - and true sometimes I have spoken my mind.

But, she knows where I come from. When one fights for the poor, the indigent, those that have compromise health, those that cannot defend themselves - than some one must speak up.

And if I have been bold - and some one does not like it - so be it.

 The truth be told - I am committed to expose and find solutions - to the many problems that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - cannot think less act and find - solutions.

Recently I was taking to a Supervisor from an entity that helps to address the pressing homeless situation - he and others help in the clean up of homeless camps.

Our homeless need some understanding - it is simply wrong - not to gather the homeless - and warn them that they need to hold tight to their precious belongings and medications.

Many of them are seniors - others physically challenged. More mentally challenged. They need help and they do not need to be heaped with endless problems. Compassion is of essence.

No homeless should be deprived of medication and precious artifacts or memorabilia - often confiscated - and thrown in garbage trucks that accompany such raids. 

Compassion must reign when such raids are conducted - if not - God will visit you all that with intent - harm those that need help most.

That includes Donald Trump - " egotistical maniac " - who is now targeting the " seniors " - and other that need help - reducing  " funding " - while Donald wastes money taking junkets to his hideouts.

 I remember the Federal Government setting aside - some funds for the " Older Generation " - Meals on Wheels and many other such programs - deliver food.

Meals on Wheels - in San Francisco - delivers hot meals - twice a day - to its many indigent - clients.

 If it had not been for this " charity " - many would have perished - a long time ago. So for Donald Trump to cut funding for such programs - is totally uncalled for - he better think - twice.

Donald Trump should take the train to visit his den in Palm Beach - Mar-a-lago - and not use AirForce One  - and waste of tax payers money - in the millions.

These junkets must come to a halt - and for sure the Democrats did not see this happening - you must remember - time and time again - Democrats were caught taking junkets - and wasting tax payers - money.

Millions spent on Donald Trump's his children - traveling with FBI agents - and staying in posh hotel - at tax payers expense. This nonsense must come to a STOP.

The $1.5 Trillion Federal Budget - is full of loop holes that needs emergency tweaking - with sound priorities - set in a proper manner - with our heart in the right - place.

San Francisco will survive - and must - with the Democrats learning a lesson - " do not put all eggs in one basket " - the likes of Donald Trump are lurking in the dark.