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Thursday, March 2, 2017


Our stellar Public Defender Jeff Adachi -
we the people support him - and he needs all 
the help - on a War Footing - to help the immigrants.

San Francisco is poised to serve those " illegal immigrants " - having had experience - from those who were incarcerated  for years  at " Angel Island " - mostly of Chinese origin. More experience from situations - involving " immigrants "  legal and illegal - all over our Nation - all these many - past years.

During World War II - our Nation chose with intent to round up " thousands of American citizens - of Japanese origin " - and incarcerate these innocent American citizens - all over our Nation.

In the past 35 years - I have personally addressed the above issues - on my website and on my blog.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - and the Muwekma Ohlone - totally support our Public Defender - Jeff Adachi and his team of Attorneys and para-legals and secretaries.

Preparing the briefs - to represent those that need help most - innocent immigrants - most indigenous people - that we the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone love, respect and welcome them here in San Francisco and that adjoining areas. All Ohlone land.

The Muwekma Ohlone - once welcome all to the Bay Area - today - in their own land - were they are treated - as second class citizens.

This issue is near our heart - and as the situation arise - those that have their - " heart in the right place " - must stand for what is right.  We have confidence in our Public Defender and his team of attorneys and para-legals - the soon the funding is in place - the better.

New York and several other cities and towns are ahead of the game - some of ignorant SF Supervisors - the likes of Katy Tang and Malia Cohen - have NO clue what they are talking - San Francisco talks too much - the action is need now - and stop washing the dirty linen is public - typical of Supervisors who have no manners and less etiquette.

Jeff Adachi  has been a stellar Public Defender - well respected all over our Nation - for some stupid Supervisor to take him on - for whatever sill reason - is totally uncalled for.

Typical of some stupid SF Supervisor - Katy Tang - who was anointed - after Carmen Chu left - and there was a vacancy in SF District 4 - where one of the trades - that is rapidly growing - prostitution - mostly among the Chinese - as little as $50 a pop.

We must be united - to serve those who need " representation " - our immigrants - who have no documents.

Often times - if no representation is given - those that could stay here - are quickly " deported " - with charges added that ICE and other entities - make their cases  " difficult to enter " - with added - charges - many of them fabricated.

We saw this in huge numbers - when Barack Hussein Obama was the President - and we see today, too - under a "  egoistical maniac " - named Donald Trump and his - lackeys.

Dianne Feinstein

Nancy Pelosi

Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - have not stood up and produced funds - to support the " immigrants ". Nancy and Paul Pelosi who have amassed millions - Richard Blum and Dianne Feinstein - who have amassed billions.

When it comes to meaningful represent and help - the crooked politicians -point their finger - at Donald Trump - but - before that the House Negro - Barack Hussein Obama - did worse - deporting more immigrants - than have to date -under Donald Trump. Let us keep our facts straight - and call a spade a spade.

Other red-necks - who talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

They are all worse than Donald Trump - who mother was a immigrant - and  who many openly state - did not have the legal documents to stay - but in 1929 - the law was not enforced - as it is today - by racists devils - as we have in the White House today.

But also hypocrites like Dianne and Nancy - who during the Barack Hussein Obama regime - deported thousands - hypocrites - among children - innocent children - that few speak about. Let us not give the Democrats a pass - and paint Donald Trump as a devil alone - there are Democrats who must share some responsibility - for the mess - millions are enduring today.

Today our Public Defender - elected by the constituents of San 
Francisco - who is my very good friend - is very sensitive to this issue. His relatives were incarcerate during World War II - just because they were of Japanese origin.

The plight of our " illegal immigrants " - and in some cases " green card holders " - who are vulnerable - depending on how the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) - and the Department of Homeland - deem fit to act - many a time like buffoons.

Donald Trump -
he loves to play to the camera.

Donald Trump has created a " hostile climate " - first targeting Muslims and now those that he " deems " fit - who have to return back to their countries - just because they do not have legal documents. 

Many cannot return - because if they return - there is a high possibility - that they will be killed. Such are the conditions in some of the countries - that most of us - are not - aware:

The paradox is Donald Trumps mother - landed in New York without documents. He knows this but prefers - not to discuss the incident and situation - freely and publicly.

The Nation's Attorney General and Department of Justice - in today's world - where we have a President - named Donald Trump - have openly showed - " disdain " - for those that should be treated with compassion - just because they do not have the required documents.

Today the City and County of San Francisco - has not taken the 
situation - seriously. The Mayor pandering to the Inter Faith Council and other Foundation and Private Donors - who he thinks - can bring some solution - to the - " pressing issue " - in many cases - life or death.

We lack the new more contemporary tools Brentwood and other places have - that keep track of children and others - that we can reach and protect - against ICE and Homeland Security ploys and machinations - but Malia Cohen and Katy Tang - would not know about this - because right now - they are playing to the camera - to win browny points - in keeping with political whores that they are.

Katy Tang once again simply does not get it. More when she shuddered important documents  - and now suddenly seems to know how to run the office for the Public Defender. Katy Tang - should learn first - be educated on issues - no one gives a hoot what is says - she does not have a stellar - record - and a cheater at that.

Malia Cohen too wants to know - how fast can the money can be accessed - handled by her and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - both birds of a feather - when it comes to cheating  hoodwinking, and filling their campaign coffers.

San Franciscans know better - our City of Compassion - has passed the test - over and over again - unfortunately we have representative to in this great  the City and County of San Francisco - who are more interested -  how fast - can the Inter Faith Council  - deliver - the money on a platter.

These fucked up Supervisors - have no clue - about the plight of the immigrants -  in some cases cases - extreme torture - endured by " innocent immigrants " here in the United States. 

One has just to listen to an immigrant - who has gone through the - trials and tribulations.

This is Ohlone Land  and the Muweka Ohlone - support the immigrants and those who are indigenous - which is important to note.

To those that came here - without documents - took the land - killed the Native Americans.

Now - this is your time - to put your best foot forward - you did not pay restitution - the least you can do - is dole out some cash - most of what you got illegally - and bring some solace to the - immigrants.

The money is needed to represent - and we need attorneys and lawyers - who are aided by para-legals and clerks and secretaries - who can prepare the briefs - to permit the Immigration Judges - to adjudicate fairly.

 We need judges to represent justice and compassion - in San Francisco where the Immigration Courts are situated.

Respect our Public Defender - Jeff Adachi and his lawyers and attorneys - supported by the para-legals - and secretary - one of one - to prepare the cases - and avoid many innocent immigrants - from suffering from deportation - and related issues.

The Public Defenders' Office has capacity building - understands factors like " Cultural Competency " - the drastic and  long known " Implicit Biases " that is rampant with ICE, Home Land Security, the present Department of Justice - more a Department of Jokers.

Our SF Supervisors are treating the Immigration Issue - as a circus - more Malia Cohen - who has no clue - what she speaks half the time - an ignorant House Negro - that has no place - Chairing any meeting.