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Monday, March 13, 2017

Native Americans we here first on Turtle Island - thousands of years ago - once all of Turtle Island was pristine - not any more - why?

Not far and with a view of the White House -
these two tepees stand as a symbol of the protest -
we do not want the Black snake - meandering -
its head must be cut off.

Protests are not easy - more, when decent people have to make great sacrifices - to go to far off places - like the present one in Washington DC - to clearly show to the authorities - that the North Dakota Access Pipeline - has no place on Sacred Land -
the Lakota Sioux Sovereign Nation.

The many treaties - are there for all to read.

And so are the many amendments - altering the treaties - to contradict and adversely impact - Native Americans.

The atrocities, the ploys and machinations - the hoodwinking and more - is so horrendous - that even on occasion - the Supreme Court - has favored the Native Americans - making a mockery - of so called " treaties " - that are NOT worth the paper signed on.

Cleansing, Ceremony, Singing, Dancing - the many Sacred Dances - the many Sacred sayings - are not what the White Man - understands - less comprehends.

Money, greed, avarice - has taken control of his senses - blinding him and more - numbing his senses - focused on corruption - leading leading to contamination and pollution.

This " disrespect " for Mother Earth - and those warrior women and men - must STOP - now.

In the past we had great Chiefs - the likes of Chief Sitting Bull - Chief Joseph - others too many to mention - who took a stand - with all the facts and rights - on their side.

Yet these great Chiefs - all of them showered with " wisdom " - handed down - for thousands of years - were  shunned, deceived, and treated with disdain - by those that we know - who are - spiritually, bankrupt.

Chief Sitting Bull

Chief Joseph

Chief Two Bears

Three hundred years ago - most everything in South and North Dakota was pristine.

We know this - and have " empirical data " to prove what I write. 

Today - the adverse impacts - all over South and North Dakota - is something - no Federal Agency wants to address - less,  by righting the wrong.

We have some Environmental Impact Studies and Reports - many of them giving the details - when it comes to  birds, animals, put on the " endangered species  " lists - length reports " - but none of them - deters the corrupt and those that are greedy - from polluting and contaminating.

Mention is made of Cultural Resources in these studies and reports about - Sacred Sites where lie the remains of Native Americans.

Carbon dares to thousands of years ago - many of these Sacred Graves disturbed - not following protocol - such as the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act ( NAGPRA ).

Even if thousands of dollars are expanded - to fight the crooks and corrupt - bright attorneys hired - the Courts favor the crooks - with amendments - laws with language that can be interpreted - any which way.

We are used to straight talk - and we know others - who all the time " talk with a forked tongue ".

This one report - is pretty lengthy - but read through it - and see what what you can learn - learn more how the White Men - rule Turtle Island today - doing as they please - following convoluted studies and reports - such as the one below :

A large protest in front of the White House -
thousands protesting for what is right -
will this government - with Donald Trump in charge -
do the right thing?

In this digital world - those behind the North Dakota Access Pipeline - have been putting " disinformation " out there - they have only one thing on their mind -  " money ".

Never mind they are polluting and contaminating.

Never mind they are disturbing Sacred Remains.

Never mind they are spiritually bankrupt.

Never mind - they stole the land.

Never mind they have been here for only - a couple of hundred years - and Native Americans have been on Turtle Island for thousands of years.

The Oahe Lake is Sacred - and no pipelines should touch it - above and below - where contamination and greed will be exploited.

This has happened - before without accountability and transparency - the many wrongs - must be ratified. 

Standing Rock Reservation - Latoka Sioux Sovereign Land - is in close proximity - to Lake Oahe - Standing Rock Reservation and the adjacent areas -  share a common - very large and well known - " watershed ".

In no maps - is the watershed shown - the watershed - that is the source of water - and many a well is provided sustenance - because of the " watershed " - for viable and sustainable purposes - be it clean drinking water - of for agricultural purposes.

The corrupt will use language that is convoluted - the corrupt do not pray - they know nothing much about - " ceremony " - even less about speaking the - Truth.

For sure we know the " greedy" and " corrupt " have no morals - less standards - please do not mention " ethics " - mention that word -  and they will look at you - funny.

Night comes and all seems silent -
when it is dark - the crooks conduct their 
business and commit their dirty - business.

The Lakota Sioux Flag -
representing the 8 Tribes -
millions the world over are backing 
the Lakota Sioux Sovereign Nation.

Not long ago - we travelled from San Francisco - to North Dakota -  to see for ourselves and learn better - about the North Dakota Access Project - we called our journey by van  " a spiritual journey ".

The Great Spirit sees it all - and those that think for a second - they can - with intent do wrong - are mistaken - "  they will fall on their faces in disgrace  ".