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Thursday, March 16, 2017


Senator Diane Feinstein -
failed to represent the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

For years the Democrats have hoodwinked us constituents - when it comes to our Budget in California - perhaps, the only Governor who managed to balance our California budget -in recent history - on time -  with more transparency and accountability - was Governor Jerry Brown - kudos to him and his administration.

For all her talk Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
has not represented San Franciscans -
our City has been worse off - with Nancy Pelosi in charge.

In recent years - the City and County of San Francisco - because of very poor leadership - has wasted millions of precious dollars.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - love to talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Most of them pre-supposed Hillary Clinton would win - now most of them are licking their chops. Foremost the sordid and nefarious San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee - with its infamous " slates " - favoring the " Big Developers " - with the exception the last time around - with Tom Amminano, David Campos, Eric Mar putting their best - foot forward.

The " egoistical maniac " Donald Trump -
has targeted the SF crooks - the likes of
Ed Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Malia Cohen, London Breed, others -
who are at their " wits end ".

One third of our budget - in the City and County of San Francisco  - is spent on transportation, safety, education.

Our health, housing, roads, infrastructure, most anything mayor that has to do with construction - is subsidized  from Federal dollars.

When the  Democrats were in power - true they sent much of what we needed in California and to more to San Francisco - but it would shock any one - how much of that money - went into campaign coffers - and funded other nefarious projects.

Suddenly. now millions of those who most need their health needs met - will find themselves - spending more - for baseline health services. Millions literally as things stand - will NOT receive health benefits - more poor and indigent seniors - who will have to pay in access of $600 per month for health insurance.

Law Enforcement will be forced to do more with less.

Forget the millions spent for over time - if we do not pay attention to the vast sum spent on Law Enforcement - here in San Francisco.

 It will impact - other areas - and finally impact Law Enforcement itself - with the City and County of San Francisco - lacking funds to pay the SF Police Department - and what we saw happening to San Jose - will be our fate - if we do not come out with a viable an sustainable plan.

The large hole at the Transbay Terminal - will not be funded - and there will be all sorts of excuses - made.

The bottom line there will be NO money for  - the " high speed rail ".

Lack of leadership has resulted in the high speed rail being shelved -  more because of poor management - and many grey areas - where we the tax payers - have been kept in the dark - millions wasted - even today.

All over California as is with our Nation in general - the snow, heavy rains, hurricanes, and what not - have played havoc with our many States - our infrastructure, roads, bridges - adversely impacted. Billions are needed to fulfill base-line need - Trillions to make things work.

Nation wide we have received a D - a score from those the evaluate of infrastructure - Engineers and other experts - who have been saying for a long time now - " deferred maintenance " will come to bit us in the butt. It has now - and Donald Trump says - he will fix our Nation's Infrastructure - at a cost of $ 3 Trillion. Time will tell.

California has had its share of infrastructure problems - some of them resulting from " deferred maintenance ".

We saw this with a flood spill that had to be fixed -  we took a chance - at the Orwell dam in North California - and failed. miserably.

There was flooding - but thank God - the people were forced to evacuate -  we had no major loss of human lives.

The Orwell dam spill way  in California is one glaring example - that resulted from " deferred maintenance ".

Many Federal agencies have their budgets cut drastically - foremost the Regulatory Agency - standing out the Environmental Protection Agency.

San Francisco has a Superfund Site at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard where the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has planned over 20, 000 homes - using another " rogue developer " former Lennar Urban LLC - now with a new name 5 Point Communities LLP - same snake - different head.

The problems with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - are high levels of radioactive elements recorded.

While we advocates and others - brought this to the attention of the " authorities in charge " - millions sent for clean up - were wasted - the totally allocated far over 700 million - and spent at  San Francisco's  -Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Millions of this money - went to shore up the resources and campaign coffers of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein - and others too many to mention - but today - most to those who received the " blood money " - will be making excuses.

Much of the Southeast Sector is contaminated - Black and Brown suffer most - and now will continue to suffer more - because of those who were supposed to represent did not.

The likes of Sophie Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent Linda Richardson, Aurelious Walker, Churchwell, Amos Brown, Malia Cohen, Calvin Jones, Shaman Walton, Derf Butler, Angelo King, and others - all sell outs - now most of them - will be sweating - as the Federal Bureau of Investigation - follows the money.

The EB-5 Visas are now halted - the millions that Lennar Urban collected from mostly Mainland Chinese - will be challenged - as those who were promised to come to the United States - will now have to provide - more documentation. Throwing a curve ball - that most did not expect.  Millions were collected from the EB-5 Visas and other nefarious projects - on land - that was given by the United States Navy - just Parcel A - for one single - dollar.

Lennar Urban has not paid any Community Benefits since 2013.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen, and others including former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr have filled their campaign coffers - while shafting the tax payers of San Francisco.

All taking money from Lennar Urban - " a rogue developer " now going under another name 5 Point Communities LLP - raking in millions from the EB-5 visas and by other dubious and nefarious activities.

Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee.

The corruption emitting from Room 200 at San Francisco City Hall - knows no bounds - Malia Cohen thinks she is having a good time - but wait when she goes to jail - just follow the money.

Let us see who building 30, 000 units - most of them situated on very contaminated land - in the Southeast Sector - Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a Superfund Site.

Let us see - when the Federal Government - for  first time in recent history - demand line item accountability from the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers - the City and County of San Francisco - more the Mayor's Office of Housing and Economic Development.

The sub-committee linked to the SF Budget Committee has been formed - in San Francisco - to review the budget cuts and other mandates that are in place and will be imposed on San Francisco - by the Donald Trump administration.

Malia Cohen - the District 10 Supervisor -
a chronic - " sell out ".

Malia Cohen is the Chair of these committees - an  " air head " - who has no clue what she is doing - now attempting to challenge the current Federal Administration - time will tell.