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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


While the rest of the world - has been ahead -  providing health care as best they can to their constituents - here in the United Staes - our Health Insurance Companies,  so called  sordid Exchanges - actually vultures - will charge $50 for a bottle of Aspirin - and have no qualms - whatsoever.

We should go visit the hospitals in Singapore, Dubai, the hospitals in Germany - and in those countries that care and have compassion.

We will quickly realize - the patient is NOT - who we have in mind - in the United States - it is the almighty dollar.

Compassion is missing in the equation - and the patient is just a number - some entity - and helps rake in millions of dollars.

San Francisco has compassion - and so with all the variables we have to work with MediCal, Medicare, Obama Care, MediCaid and so on.

The many Health Maintenance Organizations that provide health benefits - but for the grace of God - one single major operation - one single major illness - could wipe - anyone out.

Hospitals, doctors, nurses, related workers - those that provide any type of health services - for thousands of years " herbal medicines " - Ayuravedic Medical Practices - have always - focused - on one singular element of importance - astute and stellar " compassion ".

God forbid one has some pre-existing condition - that is chronic - where the patient cannot take care or herself and himself - literally one is left - at the mercy of those - that can do something - if they can. 

In many cases - they are left to die - and many die a very, very, very - " slow death ".

Once they pass away - they are stored in "morgues " - until some one claims them - if not - they are incarcerated.

These acts - and happenings - we humans pay no attention to - more - because those with " hardened hearts " - do not even want to go there.

May be one singular benefit of  Affordable Care Act - better known " Obama Care " gave  any patient with pre-existing conditions - easy access to good hospitals, good doctors, health benefits.

 And with it medications - that could otherwise  wipe the savings of anyone - who did not have a lot of wealth - Obama Care was a blessing.

So why has this Nation - the United States of America - for decade allowed Insurance Companies - so called Exchanges - to literally fleece the Health System.

Charge over a $1000 for a hospital room, 200% more for medications, 50% more for X'Rays and MRIs, and the list goes on and on.

The Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors - has been tarnished - and the Oath and what is stands for - thrown into the waste paper basket - or should I say - the trash can that stinks to high - heaven.

The entire Health System - has been fined tune - for the worse - to make money.

 Young women and men going into the field - to become doctors - to make money.

 Salivating with GREED - their families and friends - bragging so and so is a doctor - paying no attention - what type of doctor - when is come to caring and compassion.

Saint Jude's Hospital, the HOPE hospitals, some one of kind hospitals that continue to give " charity care " - shine on the horizon - and continue to defy - the large greedy exchanges and health insurance companies - and still manage to survive.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - need good doctors, nurses, good health benefits - to take care of their health -  restore their health and with that - help them - to contribute their best to society.

In today's world that is easily said - then done or executed.

I have heard doctors tell me - without blinking an eye - " it will cost over $5000 a day to maintain this patient " - then turn to me again without blinking an eye - and say - " who will foot the bill ? ".

Today more and more - any pretext is used - to keep patients - for a minimum and send them home. Using excuses and lengthy explanations - of laser operations - whatever that means - other explanations - that boil down to - " you come - we see you - we turn you out as soon as we can " - NEXT.

This production line attitude - is NOT how we should treat patients - but we do - and some of us that care - cannot fathom - why on earth - have our hospitals - turned to operations and facilities - raking in millions - that mostly Health Insurance Companies and so called Health Exchanges - rake in billions.

Closer to home - we once had Saint Luke's run by a Faith Based entity - now under Sutter Hospitals.

 The standard of care at Saint Luke's has hit rock bottom - those with mental issues - have no place to go. Those suffering from Diabetes - are given the minimum care.

On some higher level foundations and corporations - are doing what they can.

 Closer to home Marc Benioff - has invested in Children - and God bless his heart - for the two hospitals I know that bear his name - one in Oakland and the other in San Francisco - that continue to do God's work.

Worldwide - Bill Gates and his wife Belinda - using Foundation Money where many large Corporate Gurus have invested are eradicating - Malaria, Polio, helping pre-mature babies, other diseases - investing in providing clean drinking water - and doing God's work.

San Francisco has been blessed with Doctors, nurses, other medical technicians, scientists - working in laboratories - to find medications and solutions - tinkering with DNA and other more complicated variables - to heal and wipe our cancerous cells. This is God's work.

It is time to write laws to rein in the Health Insurance Companies - the Health Exchanges, the Pharmaceuticals.

Sending them to jail for a long time - in the short run advertising them names and those that invest - in these pharmaceutical companies - that do the devil's work.

These " thugs " are many - are having a field day - cheating, stealing, and hoodwinking - those patients that need some vital medications - have to shell out - a pound of flesh - if they have no good health benefits and are NOT rich.

No mercy shown - charging exorbitant rates - giving heart attacks - the forcing many to die - a premature death.

We have seen this recently - with much need AIDS medication, medication needed to attack " one of a kind cancer cells " - other chronic diseases - too many to mention.

No one wants to follow the money - in this debate of sorts - why do Insurance Company - and so called Exchanges - demand exorbitant fees - many a time up front - from hospitals.

Our politicians are NOT to be trusted - one of them Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi - who helped format and write the Affordable Care Act.

Affordable Health Care -  Obama Care  - that today is falling apart - but if you follow the money - you will be shocked the millions - Nancy Pelosi - has received from Health Insurance Companies and other Health Exchanges.

It is the same - when Congress Nancy Pelosi - has no answers why those having the Affordable Care Act cannot choose their own doctors - and why besides having  no choice to choose their Doctor - they have less choices to choose  a Hospital - that takes care of them.

More when it comes to the vulnerable - the choices are few - when it comes to the indigent the choices are " nonexistent ".

The filthy rich - pretend they are speaking for the poor and the indigent - they are not.

They are  Scumbags - sugar coating their talk - but there is NO walk.

The great Master said " blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven ". Aho.