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Monday, March 6, 2017


Mexico has decided to take action - all its consulates and other stations some stationery other mobile - will be provided qualified - "legal help " - to those Mexican Citizens and others - that need legal help.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior 

Millions of dollars have been set aside - and all those Mexican consulates and stations - in the United States - have been duly informed - that help is in place - and more help in on the way - to help Mexican immigrants - others too that need - help.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - has been for over 13, 000 years - and we support the - " immigrants ".

Let the above fact be noted in San Francisco - we are united - and we can and will - stand and defend the - " immigrants ".

Here in San Francisco - we SF Supervisors - more idiots the likes of Malia Cohen and Katy Tang - pretending to say something and doing nothing - when it comes to supporting our " immigrants " - who need immediate help - now.

This is not the first time - San Franciscans have made up their mind to help others - we do it - all the time - and we do it - without the City and County of San Francisco's help - most of the time - that is why San Franciscans - are noted as committed citizens - who act fast - and do a good job.

 The steps of SF City Hall -
where a lot of wheeling and dealing goes on.

However - when we approach City Hall - where all the wheeling and dealing going on - folks like Malia Cohen - who is a " political whore" for sure - and Katy Tang - ( who shredded documents and then pretended that she had no idea - of archiving pertinent documentation ) - these two think they can oppose the elected - Public Defender of San Francisco - and get away with murder - in broad daylight. No way.

A little over 100 years ago - San Franciscans gathered to help the people of Aleppo - the same Aleppo in Syria - that has been bombarded and millions fleeing - to save their lives and the lives of their children - today.

San Franciscans daily are rising to the occasion and doing what we must do - mostly - on a War Footing.

 No one trust City Hall - the long winding speeches - by " political whores and pimps " - who are not - worth the salt. Our immigrants in our schools are suffering, our homeless have immigrants who are surviving on our filthy streets. 

Our hospitals make it difficult for our immigrants to get help - but most importantly to note - our infants, youth, young adults, seniors - who are immigrants - are treated with disdain.

Nancy Pelosi is quick to put Donald Trump 
has not done anything worth the salt to help immigrants -
under the Barack Hussein Obama regime -
more immigrants - children and youth were deported to
Mexico and other South American nations. Why?

Under the regime of Barack Hussein Obama -
more immigrants were sent back to the home countries -
millions - more infants, children, and youth - 
who is trying to bluff - whom?

More the Democratic Party and still more the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee - who cannot make up their mind - and stand up - for values and principles - because most of them are - "spiritually bankrupt ".

Immigrants contribute billions to our economy. More here in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The paradox is that most immigrants pay taxes - every time they shop - every time they get a pay stub.

Most folks - including the " political whores and pimps at SF City Hall " would not know that.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
they lived here for over 13, 000 years.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land and we support the immigrants.

We do not support those that put hurdles in the way - when some of us want  to bring succor and immediate legal aid - on a War Footing - to address the adverse impacts - coming from the present White House.

I have personally known Jeff Adachi for a long time - more when we had to stand united - and fight - evil forces - trying to deprive him - from becoming our elected Public Defender - the first time he stood to be elected Public Defender - we stood tall and won that fight.

Our Public Defender - fully understands the plight and the suffering of those " immigrants " who are incarcerated - many innocent - that just need - good - representation.

I have spoken to many judges - many para-legals - others who understand the issues that " innocent immigrants face - more those that have no felonies - no minor crimes - the only fact the immigrants caught by ICE - that they are accused - are having "no documents ".

We went through this in the early 1980s - when our Untied States Government - created a mess in El Salvador - Guatemala - Nicaragua - Contra Costa - and other - mostly South American countries. 

Toppling governments - before that assassinating heads of foreign states -  before our U.S. Government banned that type of behavior.

Of course Malia Cohen - a House Negro would not know that - nor would Katy Tang - who herself was caught with her hand in the cookie jar - they both talk - both sides of their dirty - mouth.

The Sanctuary City concept was not easy to establish - those of us that fought for it - have been on the frontline for over 35 years.

 Addressing such issues - understanding it more - than the two or more San Francisco Board of Supervisors - that mostly are not respected - by San Franciscans that matter.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - would to well - to give the Public Defender the required staff - and by that I do not mean - the minimum staff.

 While the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks - he is doing something - the Mayor needs to step up - and provide and maintain - a stable, viable, and sustainable team of attorneys, para-legals -  other support staff - to provide the best help to the many " immigrants " - that need help - on a War Footing

Poems carved on the wooded wall -
describing the many trials and tribulations -
Chinese immigrants incarcerated for years -
treated with disdain. 

At this juncture we think about the thousands who suffered at incarceration at " Angel Island " - mostly Chinese who came here with " paper names ".

Many tricked into believing all would be well. Many suffering incarceration for years. I know some of them - and have written about this subject.

The American Japanese who were ordered to " Camps " spread all over the Nation.

 " Incarcerated and treated with disdain " - others allowed to fight for our Nation - and commended only after much pressure was put on our U.S. government - honoring those American Japanese - fighting ferociously - in World War II - and winning many a battle - fighting the Nazis.

Our immigrants work hard in our fields - picking strawberries, lettuce, water melons, and other produce bending down for hours.

Suffering a lot - just to make a living.  Try doing the jobs I have stated above for just a few hours - and experience the pain for yourself.

Our hotels cannot do without our immigrants, our many so called gourmet  restaurants - other businesses too that need our immigrants.

 Those rich who have their  beds made - and their toilets cleaned for little money - enjoy these luxuries - because the immigrants work for little and the rich take the immigrants for granted.

 The rich - fail to understand that most of them came here to Turtle Island - without any documents.

Our immigrants are our treasured recourses that must NOT be taken for granted.

Our Public Defender - Jeff Adachi - must be admired and treated with respect .

Do not allow us that know better - to take action.

 This City and County of San Francisco - and some few stupid, uneducated on issues - SF Board of Supervisors - lacking history 

Truly speak not respected by the majority of the constituents of San Francisco - acting like buffoons. Stop this nonsense  -  now.

Our Public Defender has work to do - and time in precious - too many are lingering in jails - innocent immigrants - who need quality - legal - representation. Aho.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and we support the - immigrants - each and every one of them.