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Saturday, March 18, 2017


The $6 Billion Biosolds Project  -  and other connected
projects - form the total package amounting
to $6 Billion - the  "vultures" - on the sideline - mostly
known Black crooks - seeking to milk the system.

The City and County of San Francisco has do better - but again and again - corruption shows it ugly head - more - when it comes to projects - where some crooks can milk the system.

Suffice to say under Edwin M. Lee - corruption of the highest order - stinks to high heaven - never  mind even in the Sewage Business - where you would think - most would be prudent.

The Sewer System  Improvement Project is one of them - they talk a lot about it  - for sure.

Way back in the year 2000 - a bond measure was discussed and passed - in the sum of $2.4 Billion - to address both the Clean Water issues and the Waste Water issues.  The $2.6 was San Francisco share.

Another $2 billion was contributed by Bonds from the Regional area - that are our customers - drinking supposedly - clean drinking water from the well know pristine Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. 

At that time - meaning in the year around 2002 -  I did not see - not one of the present sordid and disgusting " Vultures " - participate in any meaningful - deliberations. 

Today they are first to show up - to milk the project - with mundane works - diabolical in nature - having no idea - less information about the Sewer System Improvement Project - and even less about Environmental Issues.

Some work for the SF Public Utilities Commission all Black mostly - they have no real qualifications.

Some were charged - with crimes committed - by the State Fair Action Political Committee - and the SF Ethics Commission -  cases adjudicated and those charges - fined huge fines - one of them the sordid - Juliet Ellis.

 The so called Assistant Manger of External Affairs - she should not be working for  SF Public Utilities Commission - but does so - and every day she works - she badgers employees - for no fault of their own. 

All Black and corrupt to the core - I am NOT going to mention their names - accept those that need to be addressed.

But will NOT hesitate to mention their names - in any future article - as and when the pressing need arises.

Not one single important deadline - linked to the " digestors " - the huge tanks that will hold the treated sewage - has been met - and more addressed in detail.

We know that the project - could have been given to a Prime Contractor in the United States - but it has been given to a European Nation - who having the proprietary design - may not be able to make the many trips to the United States - with all that is going on - with the Trump Administration - today.

The Headworks Facility - has a nice looking 
Conceptual Design - the problem with any 
conceptual plan is they look good - much 
like a good dream - you may wake up - to your worst nightmare.

Over the years good advocates the likes of Amery ( who passed away) Dr Espanola Jackson ( she passed away) Joan Garadot ( she does not come for any SF Public Utilities Commission meetings ) - she is fed up with the on going -  ploys and machinations.

Steve Lawrence - he keeps in touch with me - and is knowledgable on the goings -  with the many projects both 
the Water System Improvement Project and the Sewer System Improvement Project - he will not attend the meetings at the SF Public Utilities Commission Meeting.

These vultures that I speak of are terrible - all the do is milk the community.

Some of the vultures - pretend to do some drab training and fail to do so and get paid - all the same.

Others  - pretend to do some outreach - resulting in practically no one from the Community attending the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting held outside City Hall.

Even the meeting that was held on Saturday, March 18, 2017 - from 9 am to 12 noon- had very poor attendance. Go figure.

Figure out what you make of this poster -
these guys are something else - 
most of them hoodwinking and thinking they
can get away with murder - in broad daylight.

I attended the presentation of mounted posters - and models all conceptual plans - at the rehabilitated Bayview Opera House - where thousands of dollars were spent.

No one that I knew attended the meetings in years past - nor in the recent past was there present on March 18, 2017. 

Missing among those in attendance - the population that most makes the Bayview Hunters Point - Asians and Latinos - this blatant discrimination - will come to haunt those that - must resolve such issues.

The demographic of the current Bayview Hunters Point - does not favors Blacks - some have fallen prey to gentrification. Many others - have themselves to blame.

They have inherited homes from their  - have sold the parents home - for pennies on a dollar.

Most of them hooked on drugs - forsaking the hard work and sacrifice of the parents - many who came from the South - had work ethics and more were morally - sound.

Most of those who attended - were there - because they have contracts - or their contracts have expired - and they want  more contracts - to make more more.  Crooks of the highest order - some of them former " drug addicts ".

When I walked in - I saw the look on their faces - and that one impression - told me - who has the best interests of the community at large.

The Bayview Opera House - once a Mason Lodge - opened to the Lodge member in 1888 - yes 1888 - was donated to the Community.

Today the City and County of San Francisco has taken charge - and the " vultures " use this facility - to hoodwink the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Some years ago I donated over a hundred good chairs that I managed to get from the Presidio Officers Club.

With it - some long tables to cater to the many needs of the then Bayview Opera House, other useful furniture - that could be used - on the stage and so and so forth.  All of them missing - such are the deeds of the ungrateful.

I have a letter - stating that the donation - was much appreciated - and I saw the same letter a few weeks ago - dated in the year 2000. Since then many things have changed - more crooks and the despicable that established themselves - at the Bayview Opera House - named after Mrs. Ruth Williams - I know and of her sone - Kevin Williams - who is in touch with me.

Today hardly anyone goes to the Bayview Opera House - and if you need it - for some event - some occasion - you many  belong to the community - but  the rent is very high for the community.

There are a few that will fork up and pay the high rent  - some meetings are held - and from what I gather -  the participation is minimal.

Mrs Ruth Williams after which the Bayview Opera is named - has been forgotten - so have many forgotten Dr Espanola Jackson - who worked so hard for the community.

There are other advocates that have expired - past away - no one recalls their name - and when I mention their names and the stellar service the sacrifice to give the community at large - I have to explain more - for them to pretend they know who I am talking about.

By any measure -  we have had many meetings - since early 2004 and more in later years - linked to the Sewer System  Improvement Project - SF Public Utilities Commission - and taking all that has transpired - one could truly say - the SF Public Utilities Commission - the likes of Juliet Ellis -  has not been transparent with the community.

In fact one or two of the SF Public Utilities Commissioners - have mentioned this fact - the stench emitting from the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - stinks for miles around.

More at the Evans Mall - where most people come to do their shopping - and what is more - visit the restaurants - a Chinese restaurant Soo Fong is popular, the Subway, the Starbucks - other restaurants - the Walgreens - you get my drift.

The sulphur stench permeates the air - and most mention about it - and the SF Public Utilities Commission thinks - that they can play with fire - and more with the constituents of the Southeast Sector. No more.

All sorts of schedules - are mentioned on the fancy
looking presentations - mounted for all to see -
but few know - most of the schedules are not kept -
on the Environmental Impact Report - which will 
be out in May 2017 - it may be there - but no one knows
the reality of the facts - we demand stricter documents and more mandates that hold those responsible to do their job.

Right now - the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - has already received numerous Notice of Violations. 

The person in charge Tommy Moala - has nothing to say - except that he is doing his best.

Tony Flores a man who was held in very high esteem - had a lot of experience has left -  so called  "early retirement " -leaving a large void - treated with disdain - shame on those who carried this sordid - deed.

There are others - who are fed up and rightly so - Management has failed to maintain a standard at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - morale is low - and those left are bidding their time.

Conceptual Plans that look good - 
you can look at these fancy pictures -
but look all you may - nothing much happens -
behind such actions.

The institutional memory is needed to bring about a sound, viable and sustainable transfer of experience and knowledge - the present Management does not seem to care - that good workers - cannot be let go - at this juncture.

The new technology will have to be tweaked - and the training is required to be in place right now.

The Europeans have vision - something that is totally lacking with the SF Public Utilities Commission and its many workers - more in Management.

Most of them -  while away their time- and think they can contribute to the betterment of this Enterprise Department created in 1996 - by then Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., - a well know  ' thug mayor".

For some time the newly created SF Public Utilities did well - more because the SF Water Department - carried the heavy load.

Then those less qualified - others with political connections - made their bed at the SF Public Utilities Commission - one of them Juliet Ellis - from the non-profit world - having no engineering skills and less plain - common sense - more corrupt to the core.

With many retiring and many more on the list to retire  - the SF Public Utilities is heading on the wrong path and will hit rock bottom - laden with crooks that have no standards , less morals - and for sure no ethics. Aho.