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Saturday, March 11, 2017


Andrew Jacksone a racist -
now Donald Trump - " egotistical maniac "

When hundreds of Muslims from Yemen - mostly men - decided to pray opposite San Francisco City Hall - many were shocked - not so much that - the prayer was held - but by the number of Yemeni Muslims - that gathered to show their - solidarity.

There are thousands of Muslims from Pakistan, even more from India, from Indonesia,  from Afghanistan, from Iraq,  from Syria, and other places - who for years - have contributed their best to the United States.

They pay their taxes - most are highly educated - and what is more most are law abiding - citizens.

Missing in the conversation here in the Bay Area - is the welcome to these immigrants - from the First People - the Ohlone, the Miwoks,  the Pomos,  the Paiutes - others - who land this is.

Who as I said welcome the immigrants - more those that contribute to the best interests - of this land.

San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone Land - and as the Representative - I welcome all immigrants to San Francisco.
More those that are law abiding - decent, pay their taxes - and contribute so much - to many aspects linked to Quality of Life issues.

It is a crying shame that Whites - more diabolical  - the likes of Donald Trump much like decades ago Andrew Jackson - who targeted people of color and favor discrimination.

More - be they Black, Native Americans, Latinos,  Asians -  Pacific Islanders, Arabs,  Persians, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Indians, muslims from Eastern European countries, Syrian, those from Iraq and Afghanistan - others - Whites who came here some few hundreds years ago - thinking and boasting that this land is theirs.

It is not - they are strangers.

Even as we deal with these present issues of immigration - we must NOT forget and always  remember - Barack Hussein Obama - for all his talk - sent back millions of immigrants - many of them children and youth - back to Central America - where most are fleeing from " drug cartels ".

From - other nefarious entities - many of them - once connected to policy makers - here in the United States - to topple governments and bring " drugs " to the United States and distribute them in our - " inner cities ".

Ignorant people have no clue about the " Banana Republics " - where the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) - other so called Security agencies - toppled and assassinated - heads of government in Central and South America.

Latter a law was passed - to STOP assassinating heads of States.

De-stablizing governments - happens even today - we had no business bombing Libya - we did it and ruined that country - with a population of 8 million - that had most things going for it.

We may say we went to Iraq for one reason - for sure - we did not find  - " weapons of mass destruction ".

Those who with a wrong sense of pride  - but stupid as most of those who favor war - without Iraq  having not provoked the United States.

 To this day - we will not apologize - for ruining Iraq - in many places no drinking water and what is less - electricity.

Once Iraq had stability - now no more and they have not enjoyed it for more than 15 years.

Iraq  known as Babylon - where Abraham the " Father of all Nation " - is revered by all major Faiths.

I can say things about Syria, about Haiti, Yemen - but that would not help. This discrimination against immigrants must STOP - now - it is against our Constitution as we understand it - with all its amendments.

Saudi Arabia that has committed atrocities - against the United States - this " rogue nation " Saudi Arabia - has with intent harmed our Nation - so far it has not been touched. Why?

Immigrants from Pakistan, India, Russia, Israel, East European countries - China, Japan, England, France, Sweden, Denmark, other nations - have created so many - start up companies - and aided the economy - of the United States of America.

Today with air travel - many travel far distances - to participate in business deals - forums - that bring nations - together.

Donald Trump does not understand - his policies can put thousands of Americans in harm way.

Already thousands of people from all over the world are not visiting the United States - tourism is hurting New York, Los Angels, San Francisco , Florida - all those cities that count on tourism.

The man in the White House is a "egotistical maniac " - a monster that was created - by the nonchalant ploys, machinations and shenanigans of the Democratic Party.

Closer to home the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee - has NOT represented the people.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
all talk and no walk.

Our Mayor and former Mayors of San Francisco, the Democrats who hold seats at the SF Board of Supervisors, those in the Assembly and Senate in California - have forgotten to represent.

With Donald Trump in office - he is out to destroy - the foundations of the corruption - that has allowed Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi to amass millions - yes, millions.

Senator Dianne Feinstein

The same hold good for Senator Dianne Feinstein - corrupt to the core and worse her husband Richard Blum - they two - have amassed a lot of wealth  - and want more.

The Democrats those for sure - who now want to run for higher office - are thinking twice - for sure they will not be able to use the Federal Government and the previous lobbyists and others - to amass great - wealth. 

The immigrants who work hard - many working two and three jobs - two or three families living in one or two bedroom units - are taken for granted.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco

The Native Americans - be they the Ohlone, the Pomos, the Miwoks, the Paiutes - others - no one has been recognized and honored.

 No respect and honor from the former House Negro Barack Hussein Obama, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - none of them.

NOT once did any of them take a stand - to recognize the Native Americans and Turtle Island.

Not once - giving the Native Americans any credence - proclaiming their rights - as First Nations of this land - more, Native Americans - we now call the United States.

The scumbags came here - and because of their position - today discriminate - just because they are White and protected more.

Not to mention - Blacks acting worse than Whites - forgot that once - many a Black was protected by the Native Americans - today they fail to join in solidarity wth those that saved their very - lives.

Blacks who are in bed with Whites forget - they are mostly - used. They forget that all people have to be respected - no matter what color.

Those whites that still think - Columbus found a land called America - they forget Native Americans were here living - for thousands of years - known better as Turtle Island.

Today, all of us are tying to discern - learning fast - that the White men must never be trusted - that those that stole the land - now - are discriminating against the Muslims.

We cannot generalize - but for sure - we must say who are those that stand for ' abject discrimination " - and cannot be given a pass - even if some think - speaking freely - is not - " politically correct ".

Next it will be - " all people of color " - without any rhyme or reason   time will tell.

Do not forget - Donald Trump does not care to infringe on the land of the " Lakota Sioux Nation ".

The flag of the Lakota Sioux Nation

Donald Trump - having vested in the Dakota Access Pipeline - now - being built on Sovereign Lakota Sioux Nation - that we visited - not long ago.