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Thursday, March 9, 2017


The Southeast Sector of San Francisco has always been an industrial sector - where most of the " dirty industries "  keep polluting and contaminating - large areas.

The two power plants - using fossil fuel - polluted and contaminated the area in and around Bayview Hunters Point for over 70 years.

Pier 70 - near Mission Bay - one of the worst contaminated areas in San Francisco - prone to sea-level rise, flooding and liquefaction.

At this site  a big development has been planned - this port area is very contaminated - millions of tons of liquid coal-tar - large areas contaminated - with ammonia spills - from the days - when Ship Building - ruled that area. 

No regulations at that time in the mid 1940s and 1950s - all sorts of polluted materials - was dumped and buried not far from the - place of operation - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The many industries dealing with chrome and chrome plating and related issues -  dumped wasted chrome products - all over the place. At one time Mission Bay - was that - " Dump Site ".

Today University of California  San Francisco  - has its hospitals and other facilities - many of the laboratories - on contaminated land - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. 

Few know about this and less understand this. At one time tons of contaminated dirt -  manifest changed - took contaminated dirt - more " Class One dirt " - from the high ground to the low ground. Manifest changed and the City and County of San Francisco - endorsed such practices - much as they do at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the neighboring areas - today.

Add to that paint thinner and related products - tons of it dumped - the Environmental Protection Agency - was not even in existent - until the early 1980s.

The entire watershed - once the bay - is now contaminated - at Mission Bay. The roads newly built - are caving in - and one wonders - why more tall buildings - are being built on very contaminated land.

Tires, waste from the many homes - poor construction material - of sorts of plant waste -  trees and limbs pruned - all dumped at Mission Bay - with no enforcement and no one giving a hoot.

The land was deserted - Public Trust Land - operated by Santa Fe - then Southern Pacific, and then taken over by Catellus a sordid company - the history of those times - is now covered by an icing - that belies the contamination, the liquefaction and flooding.

Piling go as deep as 250 feet and at time more - such are the hurdles  - encountered by those developers. And with all the precautions taken - the basement has exhibit - " various types of fungi - the basement cannot be used ". Huge generates are in place to pump water -  millions of gallons of water - to keep the tall buildings - stabilized.

It was not uncommon for all sorts of waste to come from places like Daly City and beyond - they brought in the waste - mostly under the cover of darkness - and committed their dirty deeds.

The contamination from the railway operations by San Fe and Southern Pacific are numerous - tar products, other dangerous chemicals - too many to mention - contaminated the land.

The land came under Public Trust Land - that today is claimed by private interests - part of a scheme - the model used by nefarious crooks - " Land Banking ". Who is fooling whom?

Now - add to this the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant  and a host of  other facilities and entities that pollute - and you have a cesspool - closer to Bayview that is part of the Southeast Sector.

To cap it all - all of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund.

Only - the worst contaminated Department of Defense bases  - shipyards - air fields - and so on - were put on this Superfund List.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - registers very high levels - of radioactive elements - detrimental - to the health of the people that this City and  County does not care.

The SF Health Department does not have an experienced and quality Toxicologist on its pay roll - the SF Health Department - has done a poor job - affording help - to those that are constantly bombard - by the worst type of contaminants - much of it radiological in nature.

We now have our Mayor who  without a proper and vetted Environmental Impact Studies ( the Federal Reguirment ) and Environmental Impact Report ( the State and City requirements).

The Mayor  - talking about building thousands of inferior homes - the likes the Lennar Urban has built - where those living in them - are having serious health problems.

The area has NO good Public Transportation -  no Supermarket - no clinic,  no good Childcare - too much hot air - and the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - and his lackey think - they can fool all the people - all the time. Time will tell.

Only Parcel A has been conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco - who then conveyed it to the SF Redevelopment Agency - now defunct - handing it over to Lennar Urban LLC - a rogue developer.

Parcels B, C, D, E, E2, G, and utility corridors - UC1, UC2, UC3 and so on - all still under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy - that has NOT cleaned the area - more registering high levels of radioactive elements.

Deplete Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the early 1950s.

 For those ignorant and pretending to think - all is well - not  even animals should go any where near this site and more live at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and the many contaminated parcels.

Lennar Urban signed and agreed to a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) in 2004 - but has NOT paid into the Community Benefit since 2013.

Now Lennar Urban has created another company 5 Points Communities LLP -  same snake different head.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is not a leader - and soon with the Donald Trump Federal cuts - in the Billions - Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys will fall flat on their face.

The TransBay Project has come to a halt - there is no money.

The Millennium Building near by - sinking some 18 inches.

No high speed rail - as things stand -  - Tiffany Bohee has jumped ship - after lying and bluffing - from the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - now working for a private company - Landlease.

These folks milk the system and move on -  those that preceded her too - Michael Cohen once the Director of the SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce. Now wheeling and deal - using his past experience - to make sweet deals.

Before Michael Cohen -  Jesse Blout - who now  an agent of Goldman Sachs - and other other large financial agencies - that brought about the spiraling of our Economy in 2008.

Now involved with the Warriors' Stadium - to be built at Mission Bay - minus the underground rail - that lacks Federal money - now that Donald Trump has chosen - to freeze.

Prior to this Mayor Edwin M. Lee  - had no problem - wasting millions on the Central Subway - started with a price of $600 million and today the cost is upwards of $1.5 Billion plus - the same crooks - milking the tax payers Tutor Saliba Perini and others - once worse than the other.

In the Southeast Sector with all the housing promised - the Public Transport System is a mess - our buses be it the 29 Polk, the 23 Montgomery, the 44, the 54, the 24 - fail to serve the people.

What is important to note - with all the changed in demographics  - more cars today - climb the hills - and those that use Public Transportation - walk and bike - are put in harms way.

The Chinese and Latinos have poured into the Southeast Sector - Black are dwindling and now form less than 5 percent of the Bayview Hunters Point area - and most of them indigent.

The Third Street Lightrail - is not safe - shootings and killings - and the same on occasion on the Muni Buses - I have mentioned the  above incidents - seeing is believing.

I challenge the Mayor to a debate on the many issues that are adversely impacting our constituents in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Lennar Urban LLC has been milking the Mainland Chinese - the EB-5 and other Visas - doled to the Mainland Chinsese - each forking out $500, 000 just for the Visas - to enter the United States.

 Another $850, 000 for a house - the Mainland Chinese - have the money to fork out - more to get a Visa - then choose to live in rich areas Santa Barbara, Napa - other areas - where the filthy rich live.

In the interim our homeless situation - is being addressed by our Homeless Czar asking for more money - as much as $200 million for what? 

The Czar himself makes over $200, 000 a year. Who if fooling whom?

Our students in the Southeast Sector are suffering and Walton Shaman and other who claim they are from the Bayview - I have never seen him before - but these guys come from somewhere - Modesto - like the one tying to manage the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - at 1800 Oakdale Street - in the Bayview.

The mostly Blacks Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, Dwayne Jones, Malia Cohen, Churchwell, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Sophie Maxwell, Derf Butler, Angelo King - the same crooks who over the year - have sold out the community.

Never mind the Blacks are a minority in the community - but they still bark up the wrong tree - shameless - lying, taking money on behalf of the people - and laughing all the way to the bank.

Public Housing in the Southeast Sector has been paid for a hundred time over - by the Department of Defense - who handed it over to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Then the City and County of San Francisco - deemed to create the SF Housing Authority - who used  with intent and carelessly - " deferred maintenance " to run down Public Housing.

Today HOPSF has been created - mostly Whites - and evil Property Managers - the John Stewart Company controlling Hunters' View, the Northridge Cooperatives, Oakdale, the Public Housing on Kiska Road - and more.

Bridge Developers controlling al of Potrero Hill Public Housing.

Mercy Housing - controlling the Public Housing - in Sunnydale and more.

All Whites - all crooks - what are they doing in our neighborhood?

Where are the men with balls to take control of the situation - and it is not too late - these Public Housing Units belong to the people - there is language that HUD inserted - for the tax payers and constituents of San Francisco to own the homes built by the Department of Defense - not the City and County of San Francisco. 

There are Acts of Congress - foremost  among them the McKinney Act of 1987 - that affords the constituents  - be they poor - to own their own homes.

Our City and County of San Francisco - has chosen Navigation Centers -  a model that does not work - thousands sleeping on our streets - facing the " inclement weather ".

Many dying - their bodies lying in the morgue - no on cares - our SF Board of Supervisors - other in our SF City government - talking from both sides of their mouth.

Many of the homeless from the Southeast Sector - removed and evicted - on living in District 6 - in the Tenderloin.

The on going " gentrification" that has the blessings of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who now has been caught wasting millions - his vain talk - coming to a grinding - halt. 

The people by large measure are not educated on issues - but it is now too late to take control of the situation - Tenant Organizations,  pro-bono attorneys, those advocates who have their heart in the right place - can made good things - happen.

Time is running out.

The land - all of it - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

 The land was stolen - not a whimper from Mayor Edwin M. Lee - one of the worst Mayors even to have an office in Room 200 at San Francisco's City Hall - shame on this rascal - corrupt to the  very - core.