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Saturday, April 1, 2017


In this digital world - access to information is instant - and as much as some think - they can hide information - much of  that  - that has anything to do with cyber space - is available - more, if someone is monitoring the situation at hand. And they are.

The White House today is a mess.

You learn more about the state of affairs - if you follow Donald Trump - in the wee hours of the morning - and you are lucky - if you live on the West  Coast - one can then quickly - connect the dots.

Somewhere - sometime - over the last 16 years - the Democrats dropped the ball - the likes of Donna Brazile and others revealed to us - that the days of accountability and transparency - have long vanished.

Being unprofessional - sucks - caught with your hand in the cookie jar. 

The Democrats have shamed themselves - too many times - so when Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - says something - it really means nothing at all. 

This on going sordid drama - " dog eat dog " mentality is all pervasive in the on going - corrupt, politics of sorts - all over the Nation.  Washington D.C. leads the Nation - in the many hired hands that lobby for anything - if the money is right.

So bad - that our Nation today - is tethering - on the brink - of something dear to us - that is ready to - explode.

Something has to be done quickly - and time is running out.

The Russians have never, ever had our best interest - never - ever.
They are all over the place - trying to taint, destroy all that we hold dear.

Never mind we are not prefect - but the majority of Americans are know the world over - for their compassion - and in the Nation itself - for their genius - the home of the computer, and thousands of inventions - that the entire world - marvels.

We do well at the Olympics without taking enhancing drugs - and we work hard - and take fewer days of vacation - than most of the Nations that do well - addressing Quality of Life issues.

It is not the people of Russia - but the few - power hungry - very corrupt politicians - that have again and again - kept the " decent people of Russia " - poor and left them with nothing - but stale bread crumbs and cheap vodka to quell their pains - more trials and tribulations.

Here in San Francisco we have a large Russian population - been here before the Americans set foot in California - most came here to barter good - fur traders - who left - only to return again and again to trade - with the Native Americans.

Through all the times - we know who has our best interests and who does not -  the Russians who immigrate and  live in America -  learn and appreciate our values - having witnessed the horror in Russian - the damage done if not to them the first generation - more to those who are their parents and grand-parents - by folks like Vladimir Putin and his henchmen.

Alaska once belonged to the Russians - they sold it - and today repent - that they ever had to complete that sale - for less than pennies on a dollar - on acres of land.

For generations the Russians - more the corrupt politicians - the KGB now gone - have not played their cards right - not before and not today - when it comes to laws of our land - that they love to infringe - more with jealousy and hatred - because we care to do good - and they love to embrace - the " dark side of life ".

America has had it good - the land is plenty, the resources the best on this Earth - we feed the world and we have the best food available for us all.

However, somewhere - all the line - more in the 80s until now materialism and greed has crept its ugly head - in America.

Today - changing and saturating the way we think.

The way we eat - all the fast food product - loaded with nitrates, sulphates, and other chemicals - that lead to diabetes, chronic heart diseases, respiratory diseases - most not exercising and obesity - has reached limits of no return.

The way we conduct ourselves - the One Percent - always circumventing the high road - choosing the low dirty road - to make money - mostly at the expense of others - forgetting more our " spiritual values ".

The One Percent that controls most of America - do not give a rat's ass - they see the poor and look upon them with disdain - treat them like dirt.

True you have billionaires - and all they do - is play with their money - not once do they have any remorse that they made they billions - on the backs of someone else.

Mostly innocent, hardworking people - suffer.

The ones that pay to play - the crooks  - the likes of  the hedge fund gurus the worst - others who will use money as a tool - to rake in millions if not billions.

We all remember the spiraling of the economy in 2008 and before the fiasco of sorts. We learned nothing form that - and we will learn less - from the coming - crash. This artificial economy has peaked - and right now we must be strong - but we are being preyed upon - because of our lack of vigilance on every - level.

If one is trained in the Military - then one knows a little more than the ordinary lay person.

 The American Military is stellar, has the fortitude, is astute - and true it has made mistakes - but by large - in times of war - be it World War I - more World War II - the Military was the glue - and the " machine " - that brought about - stability at home and abroad.

War brings the worst in human beings - and we can talk about  Adolf Hitler and what he did in Germany and beyond.

 Joseph Stalin and what he did - to his people in Russia - and compare them - to the leaders of that time  in France, in Britain, in Portugal, Spain, the Scandinavians - in other countries more NATO countries and what they did - during World War II. 

Some countries like Portugal in World War II staying out of the fray - we call that being neutral.

We remember what China did, and Japan and Italy and others - and then compare to what our leaders did in the United States - and truly speaking - we did far more " good " and less " bad ".

Today we are at a " crux " and destiny and demons of a unique kind - have propped up their heads.

 The Russians have taken our technology, our values, our respect for humanity - and turned things up side down. This will and must NOT be tolerated.

The Russians have used disinformation and misinformation - spending billions - to destroy our way of sharing information - using cyber space - to spread lies - and more created divisiveness.

Infiltrating many organization - pretending to help - but infusing methods that are not " democratic " - border on those that prefer violence - damaging public property - while all the time - we think such protests - have a place - when in reality they do not - more when you follow the - money.

It does not help that we have a " egoistical maniac " in the White House - who daily speaks - from both sides of his mouth - and he is taking our Nation - down into the " cesspool " - of his own - creation.

More - where Donald Trump daily churns the muddy waters - trying to divert our minds - with episodes of misinformation. 

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

The American People are fed up - and a revolution is brewing - those who have not participated in the workings of their government - are now ready to fight in the trenches.

We saw it with the million plus Women's March - the day after Donald Trump was sworn as President of the United States of America - such a March - held worldwide - by grass roots groups - fired more and more - decent people - from all walks of life - to stand tall and fight for right.

Forces that were in power - the Democrats for sure - let down their guard - and took many things for granted - they more than any other entity - are responsible for the present - mess.

Bernie Sanders can lick his chops - pandering to Hillary Clinton - more, to wipe out his campaign debts - and say something about nothing at all. That chance will not come again.

The Russians hackers are everywhere - and so are the Chinese hackers from Mainland China - that compromised the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Over 4 million Federal workers were compromised - including those that had - high clearance - something some of us were shocked - how poorly - we maintained our Servers - that truly speaking - were left vulnerable. 

That damage will take years to be addressed - while - daily hundreds if not thousands - are comprised. The Chinese from Mainland China that committed the crime - have NOT apologized - they still continue to play with FIRE.

 Even the Internal Revenue System was hacked - the Pentagon too - be that they did not get too deep - into that - system. At least that is what we are told.

Billions of dollars every month are stolen in cyberspace - nothing is " sacred " anymore.

 The paperless world - is prime target for the " hackers " that the Russian and Chinese government - have on their payroll.

Daily they go to work - to target and try to bring down our government - mostly because - they strongly feel - we Americans do not respect the Russians and the Chinese from Mainland China too - and there is more from the East European countries, the Middle-East, India, Nigeria - the list goes on.

Our colleges and universities must step up - and our judicial system must nib the nonsense in the bud.

The many superficial and shallow - Executive Orders - signed by Donald Trump - steeped in discrimination of the worst - kind - does not help.

The sooner Donald Trump - learns some manners - some etiquette and comes down from those " towers " where he and is family - uses over $150, 000 a day - using our Law Enforcement and other amenities - doing what they do best - exploit the situation at hand. This nonsense must STOP.

Donald Trump has failed miserably with the Affordable Health Care Act - he will do the same - if he had  his way of bringing change to any meaningful Tax Reform - in the future.

Decent people will oppose his Immigration and Travel Restrictions, and others other stupid mandates, furthering impacting Americans. 

If such actions continue - Americans  will have to stay at home - for the world will not take "crap" - anymore from someone that is despised the world over - Donald Trump. The world can react in like manner - it is just a matter of time.

The world is watching the Americans - the constituents of the United States of America - and our Military is not used to the ploys, machination, and shenanigans of Donald Trump and his lackeys - 100 days have just passed - and those that think better - do not want to have anything much - to do - with the madness reigning in and around the White House - today.

The Judicial Branch and the committees guarding our National Security have been briefed in detail - and they know -  both the Republicans and Democrats -  in a throughly -  by-partician stand - that Donald Trump - has done more harm than good - and this nonsense - must STOP - now.

The Democrats must change radically - there are too many crooks in that party - I will not name them at this point - not to belabor the reader.

We must make a change - and bring in the moderates - to bring about a " transformative change ".

 With checks and balances - more - " compassion and understanding "  more good than the mess - we are experiencing daily - stupid tweets that even the children and youth - laugh at.

We are the laughing stock of the world - more, the man Donald Trump - who is consummated with concepts and thought - that defy logic - and border on totally -  insanity.

Fortunately - we have seen some - very few but all the same good women and men - trying to stand for the Nation and more for our good people - American people.

We the people must be served rightly - the exact words - " We the people " - counts in any equation - and Donald Trump and his lackeys - do not get it - not in the first 100 days - and for sure - not in a year - four years!

God forbid we have to deal daily - with this " maniac " who has set America on fire - when will this madness - comes to an end ?