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Friday, September 2, 2016


Our Brother Colin Kaepernick -
millions support you all over the world.

Colin Kaepernick is right on cue and point - this time around - he was joined by two other NFL players - and more will follow - in a kneel down or sit down - when the Nation Anthem is sung or played.

 Simply to proclaim that the symbol of our " American Flag " - the singing of our  - " National Anthem " - should foster love and unity - and follow by disdain - being biased - " implicit or otherwise - does not foster unity ". It is this that Colin Kaepernick - a young 28 year old man - want us to understand.

Those of us that have our heart in the right place.

People sing and feel emotional - while the National Anthem is being sung or played -   do not take time to understand - what really stands behind the symbol of the flag - the lyrics sung - the music played.

People are  quick to use their " implicit biases " - in a second - to act and speak bad of people of color - many a time - without provocation. Failing to comprehend that has human beings - we all are Americans First.

Our players be it the National Football League - other professional sports - use our Blacks and others - people of color as " pawns " - much like the Gladiators - for pure entertainment -  those that watching the games - treated the players like gladiators - most of the time.

Many a time - what we hear and see is disgusting - the people are riled up - with only one intention in mind - to WIN.

How many times - have we stood up and sung the National Anthem - then sat down - to hear those around us - shout abuses to the opposing team - making derogatory remarks - many adults paying NO attention to the ladies around us and more children.

All these behavior lead to " implicit bases " - and more - and the time has come for all professional sports - to think outside the box - and take a lead to bring our people together.

Starting with the Native Americans - whose land was stolen - where the name " Redskin " - originated from scalping the Native Americans - and where those that scalped a Native American - fetched a measly $5 for a scalp.

Next time you hear the words " Redskin " - think again - and yet think again.

How many times have we been at some game - and some idiot - intoxicated - joined by others - have assaulted some person - from the opposing team - and many times from the same team - just because they are people of color.

I have seen this happen - again and again.

In our daily lives - thousands in our Cities - people of color are treated with disdain.

In our daily lives - thousands of innocent citizens are treated with disdain - by Law Enforcement.

Here in San Francisco - hundreds of innocent people of color - have been  murdered - by rogue SF Police Officers. Shoot first and ask question - later.

Here in San Francisco the SF Police Department has gone -   totally rogue -  more the SF Police Officers Association - who had NO business to criticize - the 49er Quarterback Colin Kaepernick - for taking a stand - not standing up when the Nation Anthem was played. None of their business - some 200 or so SF Police Officers who belong to the SF Police Officers' Association.

The entire SF Police Department has about 2000 Police Officers.

We must be educated on issues.

If we study the history of the American Flag - there are so many mysteries about the flag.

Facts - that is mind blogging. People just suppose that all is well - with the history of the flag - and what is really - represents.

The lyrics of our Nation Anthem - do not reflect - our times - but those times - when Blacks were treat as sub-human.

In  those times many believed Blacks had no soul. Worse still Blacks then called Negros - were treat like commodities.

When one delves deep into the meaning of the " words " - the truth when told is not pretty. 

Foolish people have no clue about this - and all this and more - will be revealed by those that speak to the Truth.

Suffice to say even in the year 2016 - that history is being revealed - the George Town University - just revealed yesterday - August 1, 2016 - it sold 270 plus slaves in the early 1880s to buy property and pay its  - debts.

In the year 2016 - the George Town University situated in Washington DC - want to cater to the children of the former slaves - offer them - scholarships.

Name two halls - named for former Presidents of George Town University - renaming them after the SlAVES - that they feel - need  due retribution and an apology - after all these many - years.

So when Colin Kaepernick - whose heart is in the right place - says he wants to make a difference.

That he  wants to make a statement - without harming anyone - wants the world to know - that the time has come to say - enough is enough.

 Colin Kaepernick's actions were long due - and need our heartfelt - support.

Colin Kaepernick is about LOVE not about HATE. 

The charities he supports - speak volumes - but the Haters would not know that.

Here in San Francisco I represent the First People of San Francisco - as the Tribal Liaison of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe.
I support Colin Kaepernick - who is 28 - a brave man with a heart of gold.

In San Francisco we have thousands who stand by Colin Kaepernick - the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - that I belong to - supports - Colin Kaepernick, his parents, his loved ones , and all those that stand by Colin Kaepernick for whatever reason.

We in our thousands - will NOT be intimidate.

We have a track record - stand for what is right.

We are NOT afraid with those that bully and put others down - just because they are children, women who cannot fight bullies, -  people of color - murdered on our streets of San Francisco.

I will not name them - but they know - who they are.

San Francisco should have a Official Proclamation - supporting Colin Kaepernick - but that will not come from our Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who talks a lot about - " shared equity " and other cliches - that fall by the way side. He mostly talks from both sides of his mouth.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan - had the Minister Keith Muhammed read his personal statement - encouraging all women and men of good faith - to stand by our Brother Colin Kaepernick.

When the Nation of Islam - makes a statement - and vouches to stand by the Minister Louis Farrakhan - believe you me - that will be executed - to the very detail - necessary.

We San Francisco are NOT afraid of the San Francisco Police Office Association - who to this day - have not be given their day of Remembrance.  

At the rate they all behave - they place - is in the trash can. They literally beg you to honor them - for their dishonorable deeds. We know a bad apple when are see one.

They spent thousands of dollars - to take out a full page advertisement - to vilify and taunt the supporters of  Mario Woods - for the SF Board of Supervisors - declaring July 22, 2016 as Mario Woods Remembrance Day.

This one despicable action by the SF Police Association says a lot.

We have over 2000 SF Police Officers - and only about 200 of the entire  SF Police Officers belong to the San Francisco Police Officers' Association.

These mostly " rogue SF Police Officers "  until now have not been confronted - they have not seen anything yet - 
San Franciscans - do not and will not - support any rogue SF Police Officers - we pay their salaries - and they work for us - period.

If you " rogue officers - do not want to work in San Francisco - go elsewhere.

We need a new San Francisco Chief of Police - to weed the SF Police Officers' Association - this entity is NOT a UNION - and truly speaking - must be shut down.

Colin Kaepernick has our undaunted support - today, tomorrow, and for many years to come - this movement has just begun - some years from now - most people will forget - how this movement began.

Remember this is a MOVEMENT - and MILLIONS - all over the world - are in contact with us - and have sent me email and commented on my writings. They are amazed at the atrocities of the SF Police Officers' Association - and also some remarks - by those that are not educated on issues.

Any United States citizen - can sit down while the American National Anthem is sung or played. No law or ordinance says - one cannot do that.

The symbol of the United States Flag - is ripe with inconsistencies  - myths and follies - those that have no sense of true history  - empirical data - just follow others like sheep.

Believe me - I was in the United States Army - studies my facts - know protocol - and fell disgusted - how some speak from both sides of their mouth.

Our First Amendment rights are powerful - it comes a mockery - when folks have NOT read the First Amendment - secondly - fail to understand - what is a law or ordinance and what is not.

God bless America and God Bless those in America - that do not cause divisiveness.

Here is San Francisco the great divide between the rich and poor - has been compared to Rwanda - a Third World Nation - in Central Africa

The Muwekma Ohlone

Here is San Francisco - the land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - we love Colin Kaepernick - he loves American - he just wants NO discrimination.

Colin Kaepernick - has done right - and those of us who have our hearts in the right place - must support him. God Bless. Aho.