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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Colin Kaepernick 

Colin Kaepernick - his heart in the right place - decided to make a difference.

Not too many decided to support him at first - today he has made it to the cover of - TIME MAGAZINE.

We have had this debate about our " American Flag " - a symbol for what it stands.

The lyrics - if we analyze them - and more comprehend the words - more the " etymology "of the words - reveal the rest - and it does not take long - to understand - the racist remarks found in the lyrics of our National Anthem.

Most people  are like sheep - the just follow - those that pause and listen - discern and try to understand - find out the meaning of the words - know better - they are the ones - educated on issues. They are the ones that can stand their - ground.

If you are decent - your heart in the right place - you would shudder - in many cases puke - at the blatant discrimination and unwonted bias - reigning during the time the lyrics were written.

KKK ceremony - circa 1938 - 
at SF City Hall - right under
the famous rotunda - right here in San Francisco -
nothing much has changed.

For all practical reasons - most Whites thought they only deserved to be recognized as humans - " people of color " - did not deserve to be called - humans.

In reality in many Nations - where people of color lived - Civilization flourished.

Whites be they in Europe or elsewhere - lived in caves - were uncivilized - did not take a bath - and we can go on and on. Go to your library and check out the facts.

Sailors who landed in these lands where indigenous people living in a civilized way - used soap to bathe - used species in their food - had medicines and doctors - the quality of life was far superior to what the foreign sailors - saw and had in their far away homes.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the First People of San Francisco.

We all know the Bible originated in the Middle East - more the area called Babylonia - modern day Iraq - and the surrounding area. Abraham - we call him -  the Father of all Nations - mentioned in the Old Testament and the Bible - came from this area. The Torah too - that the Jews - revere.

Other major religions also originated in these areas Zoroastrianism, in Mesopotamia, in the Indus Valley other religions - thousands of years ago.

In other near by ares other religions - much before what the Bible as we know today - was used as a religion document.

The reason I am mentioning the above - is to make one point and one point only - how could someone - more a White - be so demeaning, so pathetic, so callous, so demonic - to state and make others believe that Blacks then known - as Negros - were 
less than human.

Then say it is mentioned in the Bible - when it was not.

The paradox is that Africa - more Central and East Africa - is known by learned Anthropologist and Archeologists to be the home of the humankind. All men were treated by large measure - as human.

Today Carbon Dating and DNA testing - can shed further light - as to where human beings originated -  " homo sapiens ".

 Even today - when we have these tools - we encounter " bias" -  lack of cultural incompetence - totally ignorance of facts - from some quarters - and these are the people - we have to deal - in our daily - lives - fostering -  blatant - discrimination.

San Francisco pretends that it loves all - and embraces all - the queer and others that flood here from all over the world.

On another level the gentrification has sent thousands of families - more indigenous - out of San Francisco -   many of them - contributed - so much to making our neighborhoods - one of a kind in San Francisco.

Yet many San Franciscans - fail to know - who the First People of San Francisco are?

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco

Ask  them who the Muwekma Ohlone are - and they look at you blank. The Muwekma Ohlone - were here for over 13, 000 years.

How pathetic can it be - if those that live in San Francisco - do not know whose land this is?

All the land was stolen - how can people live here - nonchalant - go about their business - and know less about the land on which they dwell. 

It could not be more pathetic to live like that - without knowing the history of the land. This land we call San Francisco.

 Native Americans have it in their DNA to respect and honor the " host Nation " - not Whites - they want it all - they worship - GREED.

Nationwide that this land -  America - was named  - when it already was known as Turtle Island.

The Native Americans lived here - for thousands of years - much before the strangers - be they White - who landed on Turtle Island without any documents - and more starving - were met by the Native Americans and fed.

Today those that were fed - are biting the hand that fed them - be they future generations - who have NO clue - about their ancestors - who did not appreciate - who saved them - in the first place.

Indigenous people any way you look at it - from any civilization - be it all over the world - and closer home the Mayan Civilization and others - were far superior to the uncivilized whites living in Europe and that includes England.

There is tons of information - about how filthy these folks wore - many of them taking a bath after 5 years and more.

The many rogue San Francisco Police Officers - even today - with what is happening in Tulsa and Charlotte - with all the real time video footage.

With - all the facts - some racists  still think - it is fine - to kill a Black - some to them truly believe that Blacks are animals.

We just have to read the texts in the Blue Ribbon Document - rogue SF White Police Officers - targeting other Blacks and even a Black SF woman Police Officer - using filthy language - texts that can be read - by the entire world.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is not a saint - he is NOT perfect - but being an orphan - being brought up by White parents that love him - having Black in him - he has suffered and watched others suffer - and want to make a statement - for good.

Check this out - Colin Kaepernick - made it to the cover of Time Magazine - the racist bastards - think they are making some impression - when the are the scum of the Earth. Most of them cowards.

I am a person of color - been all over the world - studied in some of the best institutions - worked for the United States Army, other United States agencies.

I have seen discrimination first hand - I have heard Whites speak against Blacks - and when they notice me - try to change their tone and apologize. Hypocrites !

Do not get me wrong - there are many Whites that know better. 
We must NOT generalize.

The few Whites that are racists, have no idea about how Blacks are not treated equally - not given opportunities - that hurt and have scars - that have to live with the scars for the rest of their lives.

I am on the frontline and have done my best - to educate those that think - they know it all.

United States Attorney General -
Loretta Lynch

In other areas - all over this Nation - within 24 hours the United States Attorney General led by Loretta Lynch - has called in the team that deals with Civil Rights issues and blatant Racial Discrimination. She has failed to do so - in San Francisco. She is NOT welcomed in San Francisco - someone that knows her - better tell her so - until she makes amends.

We have had too many death in San Francisco - and we have not had a response that is worth the salt from the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney General - Loretta Lynch.

SF District Attorney - has been
so bold - NOT to charge - not one -
SF rogue Police Officer  why?

We have had the deaths of Alex Nieto,  Amilcar Lopez,  Luis Gongora Pat,  Mario Woods,  Jessica Williams - many more - too many to name - and NOT - one Police Officer has been charged.

For how long must the parents, more the mothers, friends and supporters - suffer - at this in your face - blatant discrimination?

Senator Diane Feinstien -
despicable to say the least -
mum on all the murders by rogue SF Police Officers.

Where is Senator Diane Feinstein on this? Where is Nancy Pelosi on this? Where are the so called educated Blacks on this?

It does not help the many sell out Blacks the likes of Amos Brown,  Aurelius Walker, the so called Black Pastors - more the Tabernacle Group - that have NOT raised their voices - all the murders on the streets of San Francisco.

Ask the U. S Attorney General to send us that team that can investigate and adjudicate - Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination Cases. Who are we waiting for?

COPS - also known as Community Oriented Policing Services - with no power to investigate and adjudicate - can go to hell. 

Never mind they are consultants and work for the Department of Justice.

Famous for producing large documents - that sit on the shelves - collecting dust.

It is does not pay to be uneducated on issues - talk the talk but not walk the walk.

Amos Brown the clown -
President of at the NAACP -
that has failed San Franciscans and more Blacks.

Amos Brown is pathetic - all he wants is the lime light and of course - donations to eat and live like a fat pig.

Layperson wicked to the core the likes  Linda Richardson,  Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Sophie Maxwell, Shamon Walton ( selling out the community ).

 Other sordid   Blacks - heads of Departments of the SF City and County of San Francisco - making over $250, 000 and some over $300, 000 have NOT uttered a word - on the many murders - committed against Blacks.

They go to Church and pray to God - but cannot take a stand - when their follow Black are murdered.

More - at the hands of rogue Police Officers. 

They know too much - not to do something about being human - helping their fellow Black - they will eat, drink, and be merry - while their fellow Blacks - who do not have opportunities - less support- die and get murdered.

They have BLOOD on their hands.

Come on San Francisco what is it that you all - who are educated and Black - do not understand?

The Blue Ribbon Document costing thousands our tax payers money - taking over 18 months - was prepared to buy time - procrastinate. Buy time so that SF District Attorney - could have us fighting each other - and more to divert our minds.

We must be laser beam focused on the rascal George Gason from Los Angeles - then New Mexico as Police Chief - brought her by Gavin Newsom - to do evil - then jumped to becoming SF District Attorney - has NOT done much - to unite San Franciscans - he has moved up the sordid, evil ladder.

George Gason - will fall flat on his face - George Gascon - the present District Attorney of San Francisco.

 So that the SF District Attorney - could buy time - and prepare to go to Sacramento - fill the seat left open by now California - State Attorney - Kamala Harris.

SF District Attorney George Gascon - wants to run for the position of California State Attorney - the seat that will be left open - come this November, 2016 - by now State Attorney Kamala Harris.

State of California State Attorney 
Kamala Harris - former girl friend -
of Willie L. Brown Jr.

State Attorney Kamala Harris is running for the seat of Senator Barbara Boxer - one worse than the other.

San Francisco is fast asleep at the cockpit - a very Racist City - they talk a good talk - but we have the worst discrimination at all levels.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is one of the worst Mayors to set foot in SF City Hall - and more Room 200. Aho.