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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


We keep building skyscrapers -
we are NOT Manhattan -
stop destroying our City and County of San Francisco.

At City Hall it is business as usual - again and again when the many adverse impacts - come to bear on the San Francisco - Board of Supervisors - the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) - cannot find solutions.

They talk in circle - in the past rubber stamping millions of dollars - linked the SF Transportation Authority - the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) other agencies - never bothering to check the line item. More have no clue - how the money was spent - and less paying attention to time-lines and goals.

We all know - at least those who have been following the Joint Transbay Authority - linked to the Transbay Center - and is encountering many problems.

The SF BOS not once have mentioned Maria Ayerdi Kaplan.
Why this astute Director who demanded transparency and accountability - was ganged upon - and let go. 

Forcing the Joint Transbay Authority - to reorganize themselves - and putting in place - some dubious entities - that love change orders - expanding millions of dollars - on this Transbay Center - and is becoming a major headache.

The present Joint Transbay Authority - have been bad mouthing the SF BOS - but when it comes to money - they are quick to ask for it - without proper justification - and more without - thinking through the details.

We know that there is a connection with the Transbay Center - the massive construction - the many change orders - that deep hole that was created. Few have seen the pumps - pumping millions of gallons of water - and impacting the watershed.

A twenty foot plus drop in the water level - is one fact being looked into - linked to the Millennium Tower - and the present adverse impacts - over 20 inches sinking and tilting 6 inches.

San Francisco City Hall -
the stairs lead to the SF BOS rooms -
wheeling and dealing.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the SF BOS - the many City department heads were shocked - that something like this could happen. However - some of us - have been pointing the shady and lack luster work - for many years.

No standards - less transparency and of no accountability at all.

The Joint Transbay Authority has been getting away with murder - touting that it comes under the California State and is not subject to local ordinance, standards, and so on.

It was quick to  negotiate the pension and insurance perks for its employees - linked to  CALPERS - a State agency - a long time - demanded large amounts of money - and got it .

At the many Joint Tranbay Authority meetings - the presentation are convoluted. Again and again millions of dollars are expanded - and the worked done - has many flaws - and many needed corrections. The presentation all presented a rosy picture - and life is not that - there are ups and down - and the right thing - has to be done and executed.

At one time - the debate was how many platforms to have - at the Transbay Center.

Then the issue was the alignment - the back and forth - made one dizzy - one expert would say one thing - only for another expert or two - a month or so after the issue was agreed upon - to make changes.

We really want the " high speed rail " - to be in place - and the Chinese at one point - promised to build it in record time.

 The  Chinese wanted their own workers to build it - our UNION workers stood their ground.

Then the many issues - linked to " endangered species " - frogs and what have you - created changes - to the " high speed project ". To this day - we do not know - if the " high speed rail " has the required funding - and all the permits - are lined up.

The above project is just one of many projects that SF City and County is involved with - the same can be said of the Central Subway - started with $600 million and now costs us tax payers over $1.5 Billion.

The Hetch Hetchy Project -
more Mountain Tunnel in jeopardy.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - failed with Mountain Tunnel, Calavares Dam, Irvington Tunnel - the SF BOS have no clue what they dealing with. They rubber stamp - very large amounts - only one of two - have some clue - the majority - jump when they are told to jump.

It is the same with the high rents and those who are poor and need housing.

Today we see a glut in Market Rate Housing - condominiums costing$2 million to $10 million - today suffering a demand - many of these Market Rate Condominiums - vacant for years.

The Congestion on our streets - is disgusting to say the least - it take half an hour to pass through one block - hours to get to downtown - from the North or South of San Francisco - more during - Prime Time - when traffic is at it peak.

In short Quality of Life is being compromised - each and every day.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, the physically and mentally challenged, those with comprised health - have suffered so much. The all have reached saturation - point.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is pussyfooting - talking from both sides of his dirty mouth.

Thousands of people are suffering - thousands more - over 30, 000 families have left San Francisco - in the last 7 years - according to reliable reports.

So, what are so called Representatives doing - nothing - the deliberations at City Hall and more Room 250 - the SF Board of Supervisor Chambers - a circus of sorts.