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Thursday, September 22, 2016


The Millennium Tower -
sinking and tilting - 
the determination to save or demolish this 58 story -
 tall building - has opened a can of worms.

The hearing called to discuss the shenanigans linked to the Millennium Tower - 58 story tall - its sinking and tilting - by Supervisor Aaron Peskin - opens a can of worms.

Anyway you look at it - in the Court of Law - our City Attorney, our Department of Building Inspection - other agencies that have been pussyfooting around - are now sweating - waiting for the ax.

The buck stops at the Mayor's office.

No incident has come so close - to reveal the Mayor's role - and his ineptness and shallowness - on topics and issues of importance.

This time - Mayor Edwin M. Lee's  roll and his ineptness - has been highlighted - for all practical purposes - the Mayor has no clue.

What is truly happening - at the Department of Building Inspection and more with the San Francisco Planning?

For all practical purposes the SF Department of Building Inspection - does not have the digital software -nor has it met the timelines and goals - to sync its digital information - with the SF Planning Department.

Some contract in the pipeline has been taking forever - more than four years - counting.

Both Departments have their own hidden agenda.

Both departments have not met transparency and accountability  standards - when it comes to the community at large.

Requests under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act - are met with hostility - by the Department of Building Inspection - failing to comprehend - that under the SF City's Charter - any City Department -has to meet full disclosure.

The Mayor's office and the City Administrator's office has been fast asleep - permitting - many Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to be treated with - disdain - too.

When it comes to issues linked to liquefaction, seismic issues, structural engineers that matter - the various models that meet sound  foundation standards - soil testing and so on - those City Departments linked with the above issues and concerns - turn to experts - from outside - outsource contracts - and play second fiddle.

The Department of Building Inspection - has tried its best - and once too many times - failed - to address projects that are out of the norm. Again and again the Department of Building Inspection - has to take a risk - because their internal experts - truly cannot fathom - complex issues - linked to liquefaction and related issues.

The Millennium Tower did not follow the proper guidelines - more because it decided to circumvent the three main designs that the SF Building Inspection has under its design built modality.

Chose - to use a " building design " - that had to have peer review - and put the SF Building Inspection - structural engineers - in a predicament - that has opened a can of worms - for the worst.

On the other hand the owners of the Millennium Tower - the DeSimone Structural Design Consultants - have done due diligence - ( we do not have the correspondence to read - but the hearings - and my contacts - all seems - to point in the  right direction).

The  DeSimone structural consultants - would not take any risk - to compromise - their clients and their sound businesses -  the DeSimone entity has been involved with hundreds of skyscrapers in Nation and all over the world.

It would be foolish for DeSimone to take a huge risk and loose too much  - minimal or maximum - on a project such as the Millennium Tower - measly 58 Tower Building.

Right off the back - the lack of experience and more understanding of the latest software - has stressed the Department of Building Inspection - on many levels - Smithsonian.

The SF Department of Building Inspection  has been trying to make amends to understand - the very complicated calculations - the many stress and other required stress tests. It has been an exercise in futility.

Powerful computers costing thousands of dollars - demanding computers and experts that can run them - that the Department of Building Inspection lacks.

More, experts,  recent applicable software, and experience - that we all know the SF Department of Building Inspection - lacks.

It is easy for the Mayor Edwin M Lee or the Mayors before him to wheel and deal - take our many  City Department heads - for granted and when caught with his hand in the cookie jar - the Mayor - disowns them - as any panderer - would.

Again and again - I have been saying - in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - not Mayor Edwin M. Lee backyard - we do not want any skyscrapers.

It is just a matter of time - these skyscrapers come toppling down.
We have seen a preview int he Movie Calavares - it may be non reality - but it is a foreshadow - of what can happen - in reality - when the Big One - strikes.

We all the constituents  have to remember - that our SF Mayors in the past - and this one too Mayor Edwin M. Lee - love to  talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Wheeling and dealing - pay to play - in San Francisco - is like breathing air - never mind in many places - it is foul.

At San Francisco City Hall - most everyone knows that Room 200 reeks with Sulphur. On further inquiry they say - the Mayor makes his abode in that location - I stay away from the Room - and from the devils - that are busy - doing more harm than good.

I can go into detail - and reveal names - but it would not do the others - who are  involved  - in the many shenanigans -  who are already stressed any good.

If I would have to name -  the crooks and corrupt - they are so many.

The many - that have no clue - about many engineering projects -  the many loop holes - the many faults - that these City Departments heads - and even SF Board of Supervisors are clueless - on the issues we are talking about.

Maria Ayerdi - Kaplan -
she removed herself from the 
Transbay Project - because of huge -
over runs - over 400 million plus.

As many constituents of San Francisco - toil - work hard - many working two jobs, some three - and some even four.

We have the " greed " occupying condominiums costing millions of dollars - the Millennium Tower - have some 400 plus resident - and their condominiums cost from $2 million to $10 million each.

Greed knows no bounds - and for sure in San Francisco - all that I have said and revealed all these many years - is coming to roost.

It is just a matter of time - the Millennium Tower - is demolished. The experts say - the two principal solutions - jacking up the building is next to impossible.

The second solution to inject some chemicals to strengthen the soil - in this case does not  work.

As months - turn to years - the cracks in the building will get wider.

The elevators will NOT work - as the building tilts and adversely impacts the elevators - the many large windows - and other important things - that will be affected by gravity - that will prevent opening windows and doors - and other critical entry ways.

Our City head of Departments - have chosen to look the other way. They have failed miserly to adhere to standard. We see this daily - but now the world knows - how the SF Department of Building Inspection operates.

The SF Building Commission - conducting the many long, drab meetings - in a nonchalant manner.

It would be interesting - to witness - how the SF Building Inspection Commission - conduct their discussions - on the now famous Millennium Tower - and the can of worms that has been opened - for all the world to see.

Our City employees - making big bucks - the heads of Department making on an average - $300, 000 plus benefits - are having a good time - failing to apply themselves - and failing to represent the people they must serve.

Many of them have NOT had an evaluation in years. 

Corruption and nepotism galore - it is who you know - nothing about stellar skills - lees about morals and standards - case in point Juliet Ellis and others like her - still lingering around.

Other have special contracts - and make in access of $375, 000 plus benefits. These special contract employees - have failed to represent San Franciscans.

The Millennium Tower is not the first project to open a can of worms. Now the hearings will reveal more - the role of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the other City Departments - let the fire works - begin.

There are other skyscrapers - waiting to sink - and some other projects - that have serious structural - faults.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has set this City on Fire.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is now on the hot seat - everything STOPS at his desk.

 Right now the Mayor is shitting bricks - he will have to account to his departments - the many who whisper sweet nothings - and are do nothing at all.

The aged Senator Diane Feinstein - sent an inquiry  - about the Millennium Building and that took time.

The Millennium owners and project managers were told that they had to wait by the SF Department of Building Inspection - at times they were told the person that they need to talk - is on vacation.

Other callous excuses that the Department of Building Inspection Commission - should be shocked to hear - they all were listening - to the deliberation held September 22, 2016 at 10 am - in Room 250 at City Hall - and there is more.

If this case is taken to Court - knowing all that we know - now - and if the City looses - with its deep pockets status.

 We the tax payers will have to dole out - over $600 million plus.

We could use that money for something worthwhile - but not while the crooked and the corrupt - are wheeling and dealing in Room 200 at City Hall.