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Wednesday, August 31, 2016



Colin Kaepernick a person of color - raised by a White family - that gave him all the love he need - and the support to do - what he wanted - has experienced  " racial discrimination " - from the days when he was young - to the present.

So, when he decided to stand strong - and sit down - and NOT stand up while the National Anthem was played - he did everything that was within his right - as a citizen of the United States of America.

Some bring in the flag - and if this was some true - holier than thou  symbol - that many associate with patriotism.

When one gets to the bottom of the totem pole - the fact that Betsy Ross made the First American Flag - falls flat on its face.

The flag made its appearance in 1777 - but there is no one fact - no empirical data that points in the direction of Betsy Ross (then known as Elizabeth Claypoole) made or designed an American Flag. 

From the very beginning - our American Flag's history is clouded - and still remains - to be vague - when it comes to facts.

There is no Federal Law, no executive order, no resolution - providing an official reason to fly a flag.

On September 13, 1988 the pledge of Allegiance was recited on the floor of the House of Representatives. The Senate  began reciting the pledge since June 24, 1999.

It was only since 1989 - when the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that burning the flag is a form of symbolic speech protected by the First Amendment.

It was challenged and wound up at the Supreme Court - again essentially affirming and stating that any law banning flag burning VIOLATED free speech.

The National Flag Conference held in Washington DC in 1923 - created laws about how the flag could not be used on merchandise and so on -  this code is there but never enforced.

When Colin Kaepernick said " I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that opposes Black people and people of color  " - he spoke for millions all over this world.

This one powerful statement - hovers in the mind of millions - who are discriminated - just because of the color of their skin.

Yet those that can stand up and make a statement - criticizing Colin Kaepernick - have failed to stand up and boldly proclaim - how they feel about the on going injustice in our Nation today -  they act as hypocrites - they go with the flow - they are slow in their reasoning and have no real facts - to back them up.

Simply put they are NOT educated on issues.

Few athletes - professional players from varied sports - be it baseball, basketball, football, other sports - are on a par as did the late - Muhammad Ali .

Also - Tommie Smith and John Carlos with that famous fist sign - at the Summer Games in Mexico - in 1968.

While many ignorant people - who have little knowledge about the flag and still less about the " pledge of Allegiance " believe what they believe.

Truly speaking - they have NO clue - about our First Amendment Rights - that allow any American Citizen - to sit down and not stand up - while the " pledge of Allegiance " is sung or recited.

On another level this article is about the role of the " rogue San Francisco Police Association " that is trying to intimidate us with their racist way of thinking.

Amply expressed in the famous - " text scandal " incorporated in the recent Blue Ribbon document - addressing Racial discrimination, murders of mostly people of color - and the shoot first and ask questions later - sick - mentality.

For the San Francisco Police Officers' Association to come out and condemn Colin Kaepernick is even worse.

The SF Police Officers' Association - has yet to apologize - for the " text scandal " - calling Blacks all sorts of names - comparing them to animals - boldly stating they can be murdered as animals - and worse.

For those of you that truly care - many gathered in solidarity in front of the San Francisco - Police Officers' Association - to support Colin Kaepernick:

Many gathered today before the SF Police Officers' Association office - at 850 Bryant - at a Press Conference - and  the astute speakers - stated boldly - that millions support Colin Kaepernick - the 49ers Quarterback - who we hope - will do well - play well - and continue to stand for true - justice.

Today we have many Blacks and people of color - who are afraid to stand up for our rights. 

Blacks  have always fought for this country - even from the days of slavery - when they had NO - rights.

You may be astonished to know to first person to die in many of the wars started - were Blacks.

From before the Civil war to the recent wars our Nation has been involved in - Blacks have participated - and among the many casualties and deaths - Blacks have paid their dues - in an extraordinary - manner.

The flag is a symbol - and many symbols are just that - our First Amendment Rights - go deeper.

 Many ignorant people and those not educated on issues - superficially - go with the flow.

Listen to the Main Media  - listen to other idiots who blow their trumpets  -  believe statements - that have no foundation to be true.

Colin Kaepernick is only 28 years - and he may have not fully understood - that by sitting down when the National Anthem was played .

Colin Kaepernick - stood for what he believed - but he also stood for millions of people all over this Nation - that are discriminated.

Many Whites fail to comprehend that this land was stolen. 

Here in California we do not have one single - legal document that states - the United States bought this land from the Native Americans - a document bearing the signature of the Native Americans.

Some 18 treaties signed by the United States Government - assured some payment to the Native American and millions of acres of land - these 18 treaties - were never - ratified.

We people of color - fully understand - who speak with a fork tongue. In the year 2016 - it is a shame - what we are witnessing.

The disparity between the filthy rich and the poor in San Francisco - is lower than that of Rwanda - a very poor nation in Central Africa.

Up until 1924 any one who was White could kill a Native American and fetch a measly $5 for a scalp. Remnants of that  mentality still persists in many quarters.

It would be wrong to generalize - many Whites have stood for what is right - continue to stand shoulder to shoulder - with those that are discriminated. God bless them.

Edicts - went out from the Governors in Sacramento and elsewhere - to go kill the Native Americans - then called Indians - and get your reward - a measly $5.

Native American children - were captured and sent to boarding schools - deprived from speaking their language - shame on those that fail to comprehend the deep hatred and blatant discrimination - prevalent even today.

Over a thousand times - I have had to step up - and explain to San Francisco Police Officers - who I happen to know - to speak on behalf of some youth - mostly Black - who I knew - to vouch for them.

Had I not been there - many would be taken to jail - kept there - sometimes their parents informed - if the parent was a single mother - then you know what happens - it could take two, three, even weeks before a young men or women is released.

Some times I had to go - to the now Youth Guidance Center - or to 850 Bryant - it would be amazing to find out the charges meted out to the victims.

If one had to come out with the bail money - for sure the single mother - or even the poor family - did not have the money - ten percent or whatever of the bail. Who do you think - came out with the bail money?

Most Whites have no clue - that when a Black mother and father send their children to school, to the store - even to Church - there is one lingering thought - hope they come home safe - hope they come home alive.

This is the year 2016 - with all the talk about " cultural competency " - " explicit biases " - respecting one another - which is a cliche - and the many other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - that is happening - right here in San Francisco - many of us are shocked and astounded - as to what is happen to our Nation.

I have known the SF Police  Command Groups - going back under the last 8 San Francisco Police Chiefs.

I knew the last Police Chief - Gregory Suhr very well and know this Chief Toney Chaplin - it is one thing knowing the Chiefs and the Command Staff - it is another dealing with the - SF Rogue Police Officers.

The SF Police Officers' Association is taking on the public at large - much like it has taken one page advertisement - costing thousands of dollars -  on the day chosen as Mario Woods Day - please do your job - and do  it right.

Just remember we the tax payers pay your salary - and we do not feel you deserve a Day of Remembrance - as long as many of you are behaving as " rogue SF Police Officers " - more earning your salary here in San Francisco - while residing in far off places.

We have about 2000 SF Police Officers - and about 300 SF Police Officers that belong to the SF Police Officers' Association - they are not  a UNION - they could be termed - because of their prevalent actions and behavior - as " thugs ".

Most of them do not live in San Francisco - they think they can do as they please.

There is freedom and there is license - abuse of freedom is license.

Stop bulling the public - and put a STOP to your nonsense - now.

There is no second or third way - to cure a bad apple - you must get rid of it - or the entire barrel of apples - will be rotten. Aho.