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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The Millennium Building -
in dire straits -
 more confused and perplexed our SF City officials -
foremost Mayor Edwin M. Lee and City Administrator
Naomi Kelly - Dennis Herrera the City Attorney.

When we all heard about the Millennium Building - that it was sinking - those of us that have been - participating in the deliberations of the Transbay Joint Powers meetings - all these many years.

The hot air spewed - at the many meeting -   we knew something was in the offing - something stinks - in Denmark.

The Transbay project is in a deep hole - the proposed " high speed rail projects " - has gone off the track.

More - after the many promises and hoodwinking - that  we the people - we the tax payers - shell out - to keep this sordid project - going.

 Politicians the likes of our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - our City Administrator - Naomi Kelly - cannot envision -  more handle - the " situation ".

The Millennium Building -
and all the construction that surround it -
deep wells dug - that have been pumping -
millions of gallons of water -
collapsing the strata and compression the ground -
hundreds of feet below the Millennium Tower.

Many years ago - I was doing some research - on skyscrapers - and came across the DeSimone Structural Consulting Engineering  entity. This entity was involved with the Millennium Building - and may have done - its calculations - as best it could.

In and around - including the Millennium Towers - is land that is prone to liquefaction.

Anyone with some knowledge - will tell you - that building a tall skyscraper - and having the pilings - floating on some sand rock - is not the way to go.

One has to HIT bed rock - that rock that has stability - and even if you do so - one has to " deal " - with Mother Nature - that cannot be tamed - on terms of human beings and their abject - foolishness. Pumping water for some 6 years - millions of gallons of water - and impacting the strata - compressing the ground - hundreds of feet below - some 20 feet - plus.

The Joint Transbay Powers - fully knew that they would be dealing with some - liability - way back in 2008 - linked to the Millennium Tower. 

The Transbay Project engineers saw fit to bore a number of wells - a full sixty feet deep wells - and pumped water - millions of gallons of water - for the last 6 years - to accommodate pilings and related - measurements.

Their hydrologist working for the Transbay made some serious mistakes - and the Transbay structural engineers - blew it - big time. 

Now - most everyone involved with the project - has to dance the jig. Let the music begin!

Causing the water table to collapse a full twenty feet and compress the ground. This is no mean feet - and it is all - because one has to have a clear and deep understanding of liquefaction - and more soil measurement - that an expert " hydrologist comprehends ".

A hydrologist will explain - to our SF City and County of San Francisco - more Mayor Edwin M. Lee, his City Administrator Naomi Kelly, others inept and stupid - that failed to do due diligence. 

It is NOT too late to learn - guess - what other buildings too are having the same problems - at Mission Bay and elsewhere. 

If you follow the money - these City officials -  making over $350, 000 and yet have no vision -  when they are caught off guard - the first thing they do - is blame others.

Instead of doing their work - they are busy cutting ribbons - running their mouth - patting the behinds of each other - while we tax payers - have to sell out - and be full responsible - for their misdeeds.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has set this great City on Fire -
tall, tall, tall buildings everywhere -
raking in millions and filling his sordid pockets.

Why not fire these officials - they get paid to do a job - and have failed us on many levels. One worse than the other - the worse one - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Maria Ayerdi - Kaplan -
she had the fortitude to do right -
ganged upon by some crooks that wanted -
her out of the way. Now the City and County of 
San Francisco - is left holding the bag - 
some $600 million plus - that we the SF tax payers -
have to pay - the entities adverse impacted.

In the year 2008 - when Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan was the Director of the Transbay and had to report to the Joint Transbay Powers Board - most anyone that knew something - was full aware of  an agreement - between the Joint Transbay Board and the owners of the Millennium Tower.

The  Joint Transbay Powers Board agreed to pay the Millennium Tower project owners - for any soil settlement - and related issues - linked to the Transbay Hub Project - its construction activities and construction - and  adverse impacts to the Millennium Towers.

It was all spelled out in writing - and our City Attorney is full aware of this fact - but has been shooting arrows in the air.

This is NOT like the time - we collected 33, 000 signatures - our blood and toil - and then the City Attorney deemed fit - to make our petition - null and void - on some feeble - technical ground.

This time around - the attorneys will deal with the reality of the concrete - " situation " - and those that lie, the many crooks involved - will all fall - flat on their faces.

Guess what - there are City officials - that have NOT been told the Truth. They now know some - but it is too late.

San Franciscans - will have to dole out - millions of dollars - as much at $600, 000 - if not more - and City Attorney Dennis Herrera is playing with fire this time around.

Our SF Planning Department - our Department of Building Inspection - our City Engineers and hydrologists - all have a say - but not when a gun is put to their head.

Expeditors - powerful consultants - the likes of PLATINUM CONSULTANTS  - others that are crooked and corrupt - pave the way - to fast tract projects. Make millions of dollars - doing nothing at all - just fast tracking project - filling the campaign coffers of crooks like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Winer, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang.

A view from one of the condominiums -
at the Millennium Towers - 58 story high -
the rich and famous have it all  - greed - 
wine, women, money - gluttony - avarice - what ever -
but when something like this happens -
the rich could be falling from the skies.

Over nine months ago - I went to the site -
of the Millennium Tower -
I saw a wall being built -
that I now know costs over $50 million -
a wall between the Millennium Tower -
and the very large Transbay Project.

At first I did not believe - that just a wall would cost so much. 

$50 million is a lot of money - however - that was the cost - leading the Joint Transbay Board of Director - to stick to their guns - having full information - about the sinking Millennium Towers - for over a year - and being in the " RED ".

When Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan who I have known - for many years - and she knows me too - saw me at the last Joint Transbay Board Meeting - she did not accept me to be there - but I just happened to be walking outside - while the meeting was going on.

I was led in by a force - that wanted be there - and when I learned that some folks had ganged up against Maria Ayerdi - Kaplan - and wanted her fired - I was not surprised.

The City officials - were aware of this fact - for sure Mayor Edwin M. Lee and City Administrator Naomi Kelly - and without any doubt - our City Attorney - Dennis Herrera.

The Joint Transbay Board of Directors - did not expect me to give public comment - and I did.

 I know the key people on that Board who work for the City and County of San Francisco. There are others - officials from the Region that have a partnership in the Transbay project - some know me and some know - of me.

Shenanigans of a kind were taking place - and I defended Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan - who is tenacious and has fortitude.

 Maria is a stickler for perfection - and found out - rather late - that millions were expanded to build this wall - costing over $50 million.

The Transbay Project is already a quarter billion in the red - yes - a quarter billion in the red.

The total cost of the Transbay Project over $2 Billion.

We have inept, City officials who have NO expertise - less are not educated on issues - trying to play - GOD.

This is Ohlone land - and I represent -
the Muwekma Ohlone -
I understand the issue at hand -
and the world is watching - 
God is on our side - and that is all that matters -
Greed begets Greed -
the falling towers of Babel.

San Francisco is a very racist and corrupt City.

Today the corruption in San Francisco has reached saturation point.

No one - can fool all the people all the time. Aho.