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Sunday, September 11, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee

Anyone will tell you - for any Democracy to work - the middle class matters - most.

San Francisco has lost the Middle Class - the true constituents that made -  our neighborhoods.

The disparity in San Francisco - the great divide in San Francisco - has been compared with Rwanda - a third world country - in Central Africa.

Mostly Blue Collared workers - the thousands that worked at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the Presidio of San Francisco - the larger institutions like U.C. San Francisco and so on - once provided good UNION jobs - no more.

In San Francisco our neighborhoods matter.

We once had representatives - who looked at the entire San Francisco scene - and catered to the immediate needs of all San Franciscans in a holistic manner - with fairness and fortitude - no more.

Malia Cohen - the District 10 - good for nothing - 
political whore

Then we changed - decided to have District elections - some 11 Districts - electing very corrupt Supervisors - the likes of Sophie Maxwell and now Malia Cohen - from District 10.

Their main purpose to fill their own campaign coffers - selfish - and very corrupt.

London Breed - the District 5 Supervisor -
full of it - has done nothing - will do - nothing.

London Breed - who is so full of it - trying to represent District 5 - she should NOT be elected - to serve her second term.

Mark Farrell - a financial consultant -
he stole the elections - the first time around.
Now, he want to target the poor - and talks from both sides of this dirty mouth - enough is enough.

Mark Farrell - who is a paid financial consultant - who the first time around - illegally stole the election - when he misrepresented himself and became the Supervisor of District 2.

If you attend the SF Board of Supervisors - one can witnesses the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

 Leading the charge linked to corruption of the highest order Scott Wiener - Aaron Peskin - trying to bid his time - set the tone and foundation - to become the next Mayor of San Francisco.

San Francisco - the corrupt SF Democratic County Committee - are now going to put a measure on the Ballot - called Proposition " O ".

A proposition - financed by BLOOD money - by Lennar Urban a very corrupt and full of disdain - " a rogue developer "  - Lennar Urban will fall flat on its face.

Lennar wants additional " office space " - when all the empirical data points - to less office space in the future.

The recent spiraling of our " fake economy " - in a couple of weeks - you will see the real results - once the Treasury decides to - up the interest rates.

Lennar Urban has failed at Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - building poorly built homes - on very contaminated sites. 

Once declared a Superfund Site - with high level readings - of cesium, radium, platinum - other high level reading - lead, mercury. Most importantly to note - a site where - depleted uranium was tested.

World War II - brought the worst - human beings committing untold atrocities. So we decided - to " highlight our sensitivity " - we used our atomic bombs - one of them left Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - was loaded on the U.S.S. Missouri - and the rest is history.

We have on our books " Proposition M " - that sets  the cap for all " office space " all over San Francisco.

Lennar Urban has used Sophie Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt, and Shaman Walton - three House Negroes - to initiated the paper work - linked to Proposition for coming Ballot Measure - Proposition " O" - led by  Lennar Urban.

The main purpose to amend Proposition M - and give Lennar Urban the right to increase its capacity -  building over 5 million square feet over a period of  5 years or so. Why?

There is another Proposition - that will take on our " homeless issues ".

 Very corrupt politicians - having no compassion - more here in San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

The SF Supervisors  over the years - have been kicking the can down the street.

 Failing to address the situation at hand - taking bribes - favoring big developers - to build condominiums - costing any where from $2 million to $10 million. We have a glut of these condominiums.

In the interim - Middle Class families - have had to pay high rents - we have " rent control " - but - thousands of rent control apartments - have been converted to dormitories - by corrupt entities like Academy of Art University.

Other entities - that the Department of Building Inspection and the SF Planning Department - who were in the cockpit - have been fast asleep - looking the other way - while failing to do their duty - represent.

It does not help that the " Millennium Tower " 58 story building is sinking - 16 inches plus right now.

The Millennium Tower - 58 Story -
sinking 16 inches to day - and tilting 61/2 inches
northwest - soon we will feel the rich falling from the 
skies - it is just a matter of time.

The same Millennium Tower -  tilting 6 and half inches - northeast.

The movers and shakers - the Real Estate folks - are at their " wits end " - for their day has come - and everyone - now want to know - how stable their skyscraper  - is?

Never mind the engineers, the hydrologist, the structural engineers - at the architects - have all failed to do due diligence.

Fast tracking is nothing new in San Francisco - so watch the Tower of Babel - and like shaky - towers - come crumpling down - and when they do - the " rich falling from the skies ".

We will see the rich - falling from the skies - as I predicted many years ago.

The filthy rich - are not the folks we want in San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone. They have done nothing to help the poor - and have been quick to slight those that have fallen on bad times.

Many of them refugees - who came here to the land of the Native Americans. This land better know as Turtle Island. The First People made is possible for them to come here - after suffering the disdain - of the Third Reich. Few know backed by some filthy rich entities - here in the United States of America

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
with all of his regalia -
the First People of San Francisco.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - on issues of SF Planing, Land Use - more Quality of Life issues - and have been kind to the crooks and corrupt - but no more.

This Sacred land is not meant to be abused - each and every square inch developed - without any concern,  less compassion, even less fortitude - for those the Muwekma Ohlone embrace - the poor and those that need help most.

This City and County - some 49 square miles - cannot and should not favor congestion, skyscrapers, density that creates problems.

High density living - does not address Quality of Life - issues.
Stress and related issues - have reached a saturation point - our Health Department - Barbara Gracia and others - talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

Follow the money - one has just to review the salaries of the corrupt - many City Employees - with no skills - less educated on issues - making in access of $300, 000 and we tolerate these - scum bags.

Many of them heads of City Departments - others - corrupt the likes of Juliet Ellis - charged and adjudicated by the Fair Political Action Committee - the SF Ethics Commission - that mandate she pay a large fine - but she is still a City Employee - that speaks more - loud and clear - announcing - true justice. 

Yet - these scum bags that we do not want nor tolerate - have the gumption - to target the poor.

More - the indigent - many Middle Class families that have fallen on bad times. All this in the land of the Ohlone - more - the  Muwekma Ohlone.

Our Representatives - be it the aged and useless - Senator Diane Feinstein.

 The other one - Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - bordering being senile - none of them have a Blue Print to aid the homeless situation - facing San Francisco. 

The Senator - when she was the Mayor - looked at sending the poor and the indigent to live in Single Residency Occupancy Hotels (SROs).

We still have these SROs - bed bug infested - with one single toiler per floor - a kitchen shared by many - filthy, stinking, a disgrace to the human race.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys must spend one entire day - in one of these - " time bomb " - filthy, stinking, crap holes.

Silos - increasing stress, creating all sorts of health problems, prostitution, drugs, mugging and assaults galore - and no one seems to care.

Not the law enforcement and for sure NOT - City Hall.

Nancy Pelosi - the Congresswoman -
no one in their mind respects this woman.

The two so called Representatives - I have mentioned above - have no clue - how disrespected they are - Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.

For those that vote them in - and think - they represent San Francisco - I have news for you - watch out for the headlines - linked to corruption - that will wake you all up.

We have a budget of over $9.6 Billion and a full 10% of our over 29, 000  City Force - making in access of $200, 000 with benefits.

Who do you think - pays this salary - and why are not the salaries - made available on the SFGOV website - complete with  perks - some heads of Department - having Executive Contract Benefits - making in access of $ 400, 000.

No private corporation would keep - so many inept, lacking proper skills - on their pay roll. Many of them have had no annual evaluation done - and most of them - laughing all the way to the bank. To add fuel to fire - many of them - do not live in San Francisco.

Or are they paid more to live in larger mansions - outside San Francisco.

 To think  our City Administrator - thinks all is well - at City Hall - and more with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - that she is so grateful for - every time she appears to speak - cut a ribbon - and shower kudos on a lap dog with fleas - that has been messing our - once great City. 

What a charade!

Again and again it is a shame that Blacks - who can do something - have taken the role of the proverbial - looking for herself or himself - " House Negro " - playing second fiddle to the crooks and the corrupt.

SF District George Gascon -
he has failed to charge - one single SF Police Officer -
involved with the murders of those killed on the 
streets of San Francisco - Mario Woods,  Jessica Williams, 
Luis Congora - Amilcar Lopez - Alex Nieto - more.

On another more important level - our SF District Attorney has failed - to charge the " rogues SF officers ". 

Not one of them - the rogue SF Police Officers have been charged - using the SF Police Officers Bill of Rights - to hide and shelter - the rogue SF Police officers - who should sent packing to jail.

The SF District Attorney - George Gascon in bidding his time - aiming to fill the seat - of another very corrupt person - Kamala Harris.