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Saturday, September 17, 2016


I said - see who we have running for the office of President of the United States of America - the frying pan and the fire. So who do you want?

For sure NOT Hillary Clinton - and definitely not Donald Trump - so what does that leave us with - nothing.

For decades we have been saying - our Nation - at least what is left of it - is going down the drain -  the corrupt have create a big, stinking " cesspool ".

Those of us - who are wise - are educated on issues - will stay away from the stench - we know when something stinks to high heaven - but do we care.

Many of us are decent folks - and we want good to happen.

 Unfortunately many of us - do not comprehend the issues at hand - we are NOT educated on issues - so we land - being taken for a wild ride.

Here is San Francisco - those of us who never ever saw the situation that we see everywhere, before.

 The homeless -on our streets - living is despicable conditions - and sometimes - we see a family  or even good friends - living on the streets - and we feel bad - we do not do something about it.

This is the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - a saint who practiced compassion and fortitude.

Some months ago - some entity provide - over 14, 000 tents to the poor - the indigent.

 Yes - 14, 000 tents plus - and we saw these tents - and the first thing  -  many of us said - the City is providing the tents.

 The truth be told - it was NOT the City and County of San Francisco. This City with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - does not care much about the poor - has been spending in access of $250 million and doing nothing much.

The City has created a new Department - with more highly paid individuals - making hay - while the sun - shines.

There is Ballot measure this November - that want you to call the police - do something - to rid the poor - do something we are NOT trained to do - but if you do not do something - this ballot measure - will give the POPOS - a lot of clout to do - harm.

The City and County of San Francisco and the very corrupt - want you to vote - and when you vote on this ballot measure - you will give the City and County of San Francisco - the permission to call the POPOS - and have the innocent, the poor, those that cannot defend themselves - arrested.

Do not get me wrong - I am not naive to know and fully understand - that a small percentage of those on the street - living in tents - are selling drugs, prostitute, do things that are illegal.

But let us get to the real  facts - that are staring us in the face. Here is some empirical data - just the tip of the iceberg.

We have a population of 640, 000 - and we have over 11, 000 for sure that are homeless. Remember the 14, 000 tents - all were given and all of them were used.

We also have about 35, 000 homes - that are vacant - the belong to land lords - who prefer to keep them vacant.

 Rather than deal with tenants - that may not by the rules - damage their property - so they prefer to keep them vacant - and the is their prerogative. You did not know this - and that is fine.

So let us go a little deeper - into this situation - and may I introduce to you - an entity that you see all over the City and County of San Francisco.

The Academy of Art University - they bought buildings - left, right, and center and many them rental units that came under the Rent Control that those of us that rent - know all about.

The Academy of Art converted over 20, 000 units into dormitories.

More - so that mostly foreign students could come and live - they offered certificates and diplomas - and all the certificates and diplomas - over a year ago - were declared null and void.

So back to the dormitories - this matter went to the Department of Building Inspection - the SF Planning - back and forth - notices were posted on the many building - but to date - there has been no adjudication.

How come we the public do not know this?

 How come we the public cannot do our math - when it comes to homeless - believing the City had we have only 10, 000 when we have more?

 How come we the public do not speak up - how come we the public - those that do not exercise their right to speak up - are so dumb?

I say and I will say again - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I have been playing hell with Mayor Edwin M. Lee er- a lap dog - full of fleas. 

Our City Administrator, Naomi Kelly who makes over 300, 000 with benefits - our Controller who makes a little more - hundreds of others  10 % of the City's workforce make over 200, 000 with benefits and some more.

Why are we paying these folks so much - and why are these folks not representing the people?

Some time ago - I posted a link Transparent California - and some of you got back to me.

But, most of you - who I suppose cannot read - need some one else - to interpret what is happening - to our City and County of San Francisco.

Just check out the high salaries - and we are paying these salaries - to folks who are NOT - doing they jobs:

Our City and County of San Francisco - must be saved - and time is running out.

Our Neighborhood are being destroyed - by crooks and others that we allow to destroy - what over decades we have invested in.

The time has come to exercise our rights - we have to be educated on issues - to stand our ground - and speak up.