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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Colin Kaepernick - one step ahead -
as the haters hurl stones at him.

Our First Amendment Rights are critical to comprehend the actions of Colin Kaepernick.

When law enforcement and others - hurl stones at Colin - because he wore some socks - with the words " pigs " - that is his right. One may not agree with this one act - again - it is his right.

When he says - he will seat or even kneel - while the National anthem is played or sung that is his right.

Wish Muhammad Ali were alive - he would have silenced the haters with a one liner.

Haters fall by the way side - speak to the Truth - and you leave a legacy.

The Police Officers' Association - hiding behind the Police Officers' Bill of Rights  - have harmed many innocent people - shoot first and ask questions - later.

The problem with those that are blind to this fact - is that they have not read the Police Officers' Bill of Rights - they want some one to give them a commentary.

Again and again their excuse - the feared for their lives - and shot and killed. Often times the person shot - unarmed - many a time having mental issues. All this and more must change - for the good of AMERICA.

Implicit bias runs supreme among " rogue police officers " - and we must deal with such - bad apples - on a war footing.

One cannot generalize and say all law enforcement officers are bad.

 Some are - rotten apples that bring shame to decent citizens,  to law and order in general - and of course the Police Departments they represent.

Many of us have worked for the Department of Defense (DoD) - we more what is means to be a real - patriot. Many of us have volunteered for decades to make America great - some of us have not - you just know it from their diatribe and verbosity.

Again and again - after years of keeping silent - all over the country -  our Nation the United States of America - people are angry.

The many murders - the harassments -  blatant discrimination -   the unwanted atrocities - that cry to heaven for justice.

Here is San Francisco the Mario Woods murder, that of Alex Nieto, most recently Jessica Williams and others too many to mention - have riled up many - not only in San Francisco but all over the Bay Area and beyond.

In the past - professionals from the Sporting World - have taken a stand against bullying and discrimination.

 This is nothing new to those of us who have seen the world and witnessed the many sordid situations - here at home - and in other places.  As citizens of this Nation - we need to focus - what is really going on - in our back yard.

 It perturbs those who are not educated on issues - to true fathom what our National Flag stands for - what our National anthem stands for.

There are many who - have no clue about our First Amendment Rights -  more - who just happen to be  citizens of the United States. There are other who are informed - this distinction is important to note - to have a dialog.

Many have not studied the Constitution - and less participated in the deliberation linked to civics and politics of today - exemplified by such characters as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Our representatives in San Francisco - Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein - who have not utter one single word - about the many murders committed by rogue police officers - on the streets of San Francisco.

The Santa Clara Police now what to threaten us that they will  volunteer - painting the situation at hand with a broad brush - if you police officers - truly believe you are so important - stay away - if you feel it is hot in the kitchen.

Sound policing can be done - by any trained entity - it is always fun to see the many obese Santa Clara police officers - and those not trained to inter-act with the public at large. Work on it - and if you feel you are under paid - or find it hot in the kitchen - move to a cooler place of your choice. 

Colin Kaepernick is a 28 year old man - who has chosen to protest - and there is nothing wrong with that.

Some may argue - his protest should be taken elsewhere - and should not distract the National Football League (NFL) - that is their subjective opinion.

Colin Kaepernick is laying his career on the line.

 His endorsements - his fame earned on the football field - to show case the blatant discrimination - against people of color.

Today a decision will be made if he will make it - put on the roster to represent the 49ers - who once were closer to San Francisco - but now make their abode in Santa Clara.

It is amazing the number of haters that have taken to abusing and name calling - hurling stones at - Colin Kaepernick.

Clearly displaying their immaturity - while Colin Kaepernick - calm and recollected - explains his point of view - and every time his explanations - clears the air - with his heart in the right place - and those that are fair minded - see his point of view.

They may not fully agree - but they see his point of view.

The ones that are hostile - are the ones that have no clue about the inherent racism associated with our National Flag - they will continue to be haters - get ulcers - and fall flat on their faces.

The lyrics of our National anthem - when fairly analyzed - shock the senses - written when our Nation - practiced slavery - and when some implicit biases - reigned supreme.

We have just to pause - breathe and read with an open mind - and realize - that in the year 2016 - we must find solutions.

Sometimes it takes confrontation - some one must bring it to the attention - to those who are Smithsonian.

Today's world demands fair play,  decency,  fortitude, leadership, a clear vision - accountability and full transparency.

San Francisco is a racist City - and the photograph below - circa 1938 - paints a good picture.

 The KKK - having their ceremony - at San Francisco's City Hall - in full regalia.

Right below the rotunda - hoods,  flags, and the haters endorsed by the City Fathers of that time - nothing much has changed.

The KKK in full regalia -
at SF City Hall - beneath the rotunda -
circa 1938

Today it would be foolish to have such a ceremony at San Francisco's City Hall.

However, such ceremonies are held under the cover of darkness - in places - where the torches are burned - and the oath taken - to target - people of color and more despise  people of color .

Truth be told many law enforcement belong to the KKK - right here in San Francisco.

Those law enforcement who do not live in San Francisco - who uphold the teachings of the KKK - are paid by San Francisco's tax payers.

Not long ago KKK flyers were posted in SF Sunset District :

The KKK - open defiance in San Francisco -
posting posters like the one above
in the Sunset District - not long ago.

More these " rogue elements " so called police officers - and are protected by entities - that encourage discrimination and have committed untold - atrocities - those in authority - looking the other way.

You must read the " text messages " incorporated in the SF Blue Ribbon document - nauseating to say the least - disgusting - and a shame to those in Law Enforcement - rogue elements - hurling stones - at Colin Kaepernick.

The Main Media is into " sensational news " - there has been NO investigative reporting - the Main Media in San Francisco is pathetic to say the least - and we do not have one decent newspaper - comparable to the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times - you get my drift.

The layperson, the hard working tax payer - those working hard and who have loved ones - pay our Police Officers to protect us.

What we see on our streets - is para-military actions - we do not have a war here at home - and these fools - who think they had it good - will be exposed - rotten apples - not all of them - but many of them.

More and more - most decent citizens - cannot trust our police officers - and this must change for our common good - our civic leaders must play a role - and what is most important to note - lead by - ' COMMUNITY POLICING '.

All this para-military actions - all over this Nation - our police are not the military - they must not treat the citizens as the enemy.

 If this nonsense continues - we all will be poorer from the actions  
of a few - " rogue police officers ".

We need more peace on the streets of our Great Nation - once known better -  as Turtle Island.

This nonsense - shooting first and asking questions later must STOP - now. Aho.

For those of you interest in sound protocol - check this one post - then delve to find the law - as it pertains to protocol when it come to our National Anthem: