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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


San Franciscans should not be taken for a wild ride - mentioning the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - a law that is out dated and used by lawyers - to make things - convoluted.

The law will back you up - if the one quoting it - has empirical data.

In other words if you say - back to back traffic - congestion - produce dangerous particulates - that adversely impact health - and compromise Quality of Life issues - then the entity quoting (CEQA) must back it up with - empirical data.

It is the same with Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) and Environmental Impact Studies (EIS).

Both EIRs and EISs can be used to make a case - but again and again - backed with facts - imperial data - entities use such laws to circumvent the issue at hand.

San Francisco - City Hall -
the stairs lead to wheeling and dealing -
pay to play - and abject corruption of the highest order.

Yesterday, at City Hall - September 13, 2016 - hundreds came to voice their opinion - on the proposed Project at 2000 - 2070 Bryant Street in San Francisco.

After spending hours - precious time - the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the so called  " weak in the knee progressives - folded - to join those that are evil - the likes - of  Supervisor Scott Wiener " - to allow the " Proposed Project at 2000 -2070 Bryant Street " to proceed.

All those that came to speak up - express themselves at public comment - which is a measly two minutes. Many thought they had done well - which they did - and I took time to express my thanks for the many astute statements made by those that took time off work - and other important engagements. I know I did. 

The project at 2000 - 2070 Bryant Street in San Francisco - consists of merging three lots into two new parcels.

Proposed is a six story building, 68 foot tall mixed-use building of approximately 203, 656 square feet - with a ground level garage.
This on the first parcel.

A proposed 100% affordable - 85 foot tall mixed-use residential and arts-activity building of approximately 127, 983 square feet - this too has a ground level car-share garage - the details are still being worked  out. This on the second parcel that also need some remediation.

The second parcel has been used at leverage to build the first parcel. The develop has donated the 127, 983 square feet area - to allow him - to deceive the constituents - and make money on the " market rate units " - that will be constructed on the 203, 656 Square foot parcel - a 68 foot tall building - purporting to be for mix-use whatever that means.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee  -
with intent has been causing divisiveness -
with those that want affordable housing -
one bed room unit going for $3800 and two bed room
unit for as high at $5200 - in San Francisco.

The Mayor Office of Housing - has decided to invest $30 million dollars - with the assistance of our SF Planning Department  -having rubber stamped this project - projected to be built at 2000 -2070 Bryant Street - in San Francisco.

Please note the wife of the developer - working for the Mayor's Office of Housing - a conflict of interest situation - and a SF Ethics Commission complaint - has been filed. We await the adjudication - and we will not fail to do investigative reporting - to bring justice to this and other cause - that adversely impact the people - the COMMONS.

In San Francisco and the Mission gentrification has caused havoc.

Again and again - Mickey Mouse projects - with the blessing of the Mayor's Office of Housing - very corrupt developers - work out deals. In this case the $30 million seed money - stands out - like an open sore.

The fact that the developer's wife - works for the Mayor Office of Housing matters - and she should have recused herself - but more importantly this - pertinent information - should have been brought forth.

We the people must shed light - where there is abject darkness.

What makes this project - dubious in nature - is that the Eastern Neighborhood Plan - with an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)  that has long lapsed. 

A new Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is called for - evaluating the many cumulative factors - in the Mission - gentrification that has led to over 10, 000 families leaving the Mission - more because of very high rents.

Killings and shootings - that have led the Department of Justice - to get involved - but has failed to send a team to deal with Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination.

Senator Diane Feinstein of San Francisco -
pin drop silence - no comment on the 
murders committed by SF rogue Police Officers.

Mr and Mrs Nieto - have been waiting for justice -
yesterday they had to wait for over 6 hours -
to speak during Public Comment -
shame on the SF Board of Supervisors -
Public Comment can be held early - when the SF BOS
meeting - let the people speak and leave.
We the people do not need to be present -
to watch the " circus " that the SF BOS are well known for.

The murders of Alex Nieto, Amilcar Lopez, Luis Gongora Pat, in the Mission are just the tip of the iceberg - and there is more.

United States Attorney General -
Loretta Lynch - fast asleep in the cockpit -
while injustice and pandemonium reigns -
all over our streets of San Francisco.

The United States Attorney - Loretta Lynch - has been slow to respond - and less Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi.

Many fires in the Mission that have forced hundreds to be homeless.

Two and three families forced to live in one and two unit bed room - compromised Quality of Life issues.

Congestion on our streets -the Municipal Transportation Agency - MUNI - making drastic changes - adversely impacting - businesses and adversely more - seniors, the mentally and physically challenged - putting hurdles in their way - linked to transportation and related issues.

The Eastern Neighborhood Plan has - " a stale EIR " - that furthers shows that our SF Planning Department - is NOT doing a good job.

Further the developer - with the guidance of the Mayor's Office of Housing - has put a gun to the head of the SF Planning Department.

Forcing the SF Planning Department - to grant a Community Plan Exemption (CPE) - rarely used - and in this case points to favoritism - nepotism - corruption - pay to play - wheeling and dealing.

Truly speaking this Appeal of Determination of Exemption from Environmental Review - linked to the Proposed Project at 2000-2070 Bryant Street - could not have come at a better time - for all the world to see - the ploys, machination, and shenanigans - going on in the SF Board Chambers - Room 250 at SF City Hall.

We the people - having less  knowledge of legalese - using our common sense ( common sense is a rare sense ) - witnessed our SF Supervisors - more the Progressives - fall flat on their face.

Supervisor Scott Wiener -
he is in bed with the developers -
the more nefarious entities -
that have failed the constituents of San Francisco.

Prompting a corrupt Supervisor Scott Wiener to state openly - that those that opposed him in the past - had now fallen in line - to agree with Scott Wiener.

Scott Wiener - a pin in the ass - who has in the past - favored convoluted development plans - often time having his dirty finger in the pie - and making a fool of himself.

He has raked in millions - bold enough to tarnish the good name of Jane Kim - who has done her best to represent the poor and those that need help most. Time will tell.

Scott Wiener was so bold - and went so far to state " you all accused me of being the ghost of President Ronald Reagan " - today all you seem to agree with - all that I was fighting for.

Jane Kim was quick to point to all present that Scott Wiener - (without mentioning his name ) - had it all wrong. For sure Scott Wiener was talking from both sides of his mouth.

Having a moratorium Mission wide - was seen as the only solution to STOP the bleeding. At that time - most of those who were close to the suffering - thousands leaving the Mission - gentrification never seen before - demanded an extreme  - measure. Jane Kim made her point - and point out the Elephant or should I say Giraffe in the room.

Jane Kim - further went to point out - the piece meal deal - with the Proposed Project at 2000-2070 Bryant Street. The wheeling and dealing is evident - conflict of issue starring one in the face - corruption of the highest order - foul - like Sulphur filling the air.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the First People of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - on issues linked to SF Planning, Land Use - in short Quality of Life issues.

Bottom line our SF Board of Supervisor - FAILED to represent the people - the constituents - the tax payers that pay the salaries of our SF Board of Supervisors.

For all practical purposes the constituents of San Francisco - were smacked started naked in the face - and the SF Board of Supervisor had a - " field day ".

The Progressive have been doing it at the San Francisco Democratic County Committee (SF DCC ) - selling our the community that needs - true representation.

More in the Southeast Sector - 30, 000 homes - proposed to be deleted at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and Candlestick Point - areas prone to extreme flooding and liquefaction.

Favoring Lennar Urban with the endorsement of the blatant and sordid " Proposition O " - linked to an increase of Office Space - a sweet private deal for Lennar Urban -  " a rogue developer ".

Using three Negro Sell outs Sophie Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt, and Shaman Walton - who are the proponents of Proposition "O".

Lennar Urban - " a rogue developer " wants amendment made to " Proposition M " - that caps office space citywide.

Lennar Urban is asking for up to  5 million square feet office space - linked to its project at Candlestick Point - a location that is contaminated - more with high level reading of radioactive elements.

More - cesium, radium - depleted uranium tested on the near Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is in very close proximity to Candlestick Point - a site prone to extreme flood and liquefaction. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and former " thug " Mayor of San Francisco - have been backing Lennar Urban - that has failed to abide by its commitments - to " community benefits " - failing to pay community benefits - since 2013.

The many projects in the pipeline - many of them will come before the SF Board of Supervisors - I hope that in future the SF Board of Supervisors - will weigh and evaluate the cumulative factors - with empirical data.

It is a crying shame  - again and again the people are taken for a ride. Led on and then stabbed in the back.