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Sunday, September 4, 2016


Colin Kaepernick has made the 49ers
roster - as the back up Quarterback -
we now have to support him in his quest.

Colin Kaepernich took a stand - and in taking a stand - he did not fully understand the consequences - because each situation - on this magnified stage is different.

Colin has made the roster - now he must prove he does not play second fiddle for long - we want him to be our premier 49er Quarterback - and win the Super Bowl.

We remember well once in the final - we were a measly five yards - away and did not make it - Colin Kaepernich was our Quarterback - and the coach called the play.

Then again we were  in the finals - and in closing moments - Colin Kaepernick - followed the order - he threw the ball - and the Sea Hawks - grabbed it - a difficult catch and they won and we lost.

Third time is a charm they say - and with all that is going on - we the people can support and must support Colin Kaepernick - on this very long journey - nothing comes easy - we can do it - and we will do it.

The immediate support in action he got from the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - sent a strong message to the 49ers organization.

We the leaders from the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - in the past - have dealt with the 49ers organization on many levels. 

We have visited them in Santa Clara at their headquarters - and have shared pertinent information in the past - that they have appreciated. They know us and we know them. More Doctor John York, his son Jed York, and the sister of Eddie DeBartolo - Denise DeBartolo. All of them have been good to us - the Bayview Hunters Point community.

It is true that they have their own stadium - but they have not forgotten San Francisco - and I want to take this opportunity - to express our thanks - and request them to work with us - in our quest to bring justice and fair play - with Colin Kaepernick - his parent and supports - working together for peace and justice for all.

Right here in San Francisco - the Justice of Mario Woods Coalition had to take - care of business - and our Press Conference at the SF Police Officers' Association - was a blast.

The San Francisco Police Officers' Association - were put on notice - and had this not been done immediately - many of the present actions - that are being deliberated - would not come to be.

The San Francisco 49ers fully comprehend that the public matters. They understand marketing and more having very good relations with the public at large - more San Franciscans that matter.

Mrs Gwen Woods and her son Mario Woods.

 So, when the Justice of Mario Woods Coalition took a stand - they paid attention - to what was said - the derogatory remarks made by the SF Police Officers' Association - and sent and will continue to send a stronger message - that we the people support Colin Kaepernick.

It is this type of solidarity - without compromise - seeking nothing but the TRUTH - that makes all the difference.

We all know that every human being must be treated with respect.

However this cannot come about - when most people cannot respect themselves. More to do have a good understanding - how some play others - be it the SF Police Officers' Association - or a sell out like Amos Brown.

Mario Woods should not have been shot like an animal - but he was. Over 50 time at very close range - totally uncalled for - and something that has shocked the world. Yes the world.

We have video footage - every single frame - that can be magnified and frozen to view the details - so we have the empirical data. 

Yet our District Attorney has not chosen to bring charges - using ploys and machination to buy time - procrastinate - more so that he can run for the seat of California State Attorney - Kamala Harris - that we be vacant in November, 2016.

George Gascon - seeking the vacant seat
that Kamala Harris will leave soon.
Failing to represent the people of San Francisco.

George Gascon the SF District Attorney promised the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - that he would bring charges months ago - and gave a deadline of two weeks - nothing happened.

 Our representatives be they Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, many of our San Francisco Supervisors - have not fought hard enough for Justice and Fair Play.

President Barack Hussein Obama

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

The murders on our street - by " rogue police officers " is uncalled for - each and every  - human life is precious.

 Our Nation has always treasured the life of every American - however, our President Barack Obama, our United States Attorney Loretta Lynch, our Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - once the Leader of the House - have failed us all - when it comes to what is happening in San Francisco - the extended Bay Area - and all over the Nation.

Dr John York,  Jed York, and Denise DeBartolo

Dr. John York, Jed York, and Denise DeBartolo all fully understand the plight of our people -more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - who are poor.

 Those decent yer poor people - who need their help. They have done some - but today - we need more help - for our people.

Eddie De Bartolo

They owners feel proud of the 49ers - for sure they must of Eddie DeBartolo too - that we have taken care off - not only as a free man - but when he was incarcerated - Eddie DeBartolo knows that - and that is all that matters - for now. 

Amos Brown of the Third Baptist Church -
is an opportunist - and not some individual - that can be trusted.

Colin Kaepernick must be warned to stay away from opportunists - this fight is about justice - and not about seeking favors and begging for money.

The SF Human Right Commission offered Justice of Mario Woods a certificate - we want JUSTICE. The SF Human Rights Commission - never stood for the injustice - but decided to placate us and others - those decent - several organization - did not accept the certificates - we all demanded JUSTICE.

The Justice for Mario Woods Coalition led the charge - and Cheryl  Davis the co-chair of the SF Human Rights Commission - witnessed it all. We do not sell out - and we know who the sell outs are - you are put on notice. 

We have some - folks that I have mentioned above - using ploys and machinations - that are immoral - these corrupt agents - have kept  mostly Black people down - by selling out.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has failed San Francisco -
he thinks he can fool all the people -
all the time - let him keep thinking - we are watching
him like a hawk.

The above map shows the jurisdiction
of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe.

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe -
the First People of San Francisco -
we were here for over 12, 000 years -
we have artifacts and remains Carbon dated to prove this fact.

There are many people - who have treated the indigenous people with disrespect.

 The time has come in the year 2016 - to study factors and implement the factors  - like " cultural competency " - " explicit bias " that exists in all of us - and try to arrive at solutions - that are fair and just and benefit all.

The situation at hand is that the common person - the ordinary person is treat with disdain -  forced to work two and three temporary jobs - to make a living.

Chronic stress is a disease - that plagues all - and many families are sick - not form the usual diseases - but from STRESS.

Infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those who compromises health, more the mentally and physically challenged - suffer. The hospitals - the health departments - know about this - but do nothing.

Skyscrapers where condominiums sell from $2 million to $10 million. Less of Open Space with facilities in San Francisco for example. Congestion that grows daily - back to back traffic - stuck in traffic for hours - with dangerous particulates, mercury, lead and a host of contaminants - killing us all - slowly.

The rents are high so high that thousands have left San Francisco - thousands of families - that is father, mother, and children.

One bed room goes for $3600 today - and two bed rooms for over $5000 -  so if you rent a two bed room you need $60, 000 just for your rent - per year. That one factor says a lot. Go figure.

In our poor communities - opportunity are not given to those that need them - so that - they can have career jobs. People work for a few months and then are laid off.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has $300 million - set aside for Community Benefits - 5% of the $6 billion actually $6.9 Billion - $150 million controlled by Juliet Ellis a very corrupt person - another $150  million controlled by Dwayne Jones another crook - both of them Black.

A Task Force fought for the benefits - but failed to form a committee to control how the money is spent. Summer time the Mayor Edwin M. Lee taps into the money - for Summer Jobs - thousands of dollars spent - the Bayview Hunters Point Community that fought for the money - kept in the dark - and more have to smell the stinking stench - from the Sewage Treatment Plant. This stench has been increasing - for the last 60 years - pathetic - the SF Public Utilities Commission and more Juliet Ellis.

Our schools treat the physically and mentally challenged with disdain - more the San Francisco Unified School District. The last Superintendent has jumped ship to seek a job in Texas - Richard Carranza.

Blacks once made up 25% of San Francisco - the Blacks have been pushed out - daily droves leave San Francisco.

 Poor Blacks have no where to go.

First they may try to find some shelter in the Tenderloin - and when they fail there - no one knows - where they go. 

Many die slowly on the streets of San Francisco. Mayor Edwin M. Lee - talks about " shared equity and other fancy talk " - all talk but no concrete - action.

Today Blacks make up 2% of the population of San Francisco - which is about 620, 000.

If you go to our jails - 50% of those incarcerated are Blacks.

There are TV programs that talk about this and that - many of the Black are not charged - they wait to come before the judges.

 They linger  in jail - just because they cannot make bail. 

Some linger there for months on end - what type of justice is this?

I often meet Blacks who are NOT educated on issues - they talk a lot - love to bark up the wrong tree - ask them about the law, about process, about empirical data - and they say that is not for them.

If we are NOT educated on issues - if all will perish. Daily I get call for help - this has been going on for years - the calls I get daily - now number in the hundreds - and there is no way - I can reach out nor help all those my heart want to help.

The situation is so bad - it has reached saturation - point.

This crap that you can make fast money - is nonsense - one wrong move - and if you are caught - your entire world comes to a halt.

Since the year 2000 I have attended 258 funerals mostly Blacks - shot and killed - many Black on Black violence - and mostly tied to deals that went bad on the streets.

And it is not only Blacks - but the Latinos, the Polynesian, the Whites, Asians - but when you study the statistics - for some apparent reason - that we advocates - know all about - Blacks come out on top.

Our fight has been a long one - and in the long fight - the Bayview Hunters Point have had leaders that created the Human Rights Committee in the early 1960s.

 Today it is called - the Human Rights Commission - that is watered down and does little if nothing.

The Black leaders fought to lower the height limit for police officers - helping to bring in the Asians - leading to having a Police Chief - Chief Lau and others who are part of the Command Group.

The above facts are not known to many - and there must be a context to bring forth these points - to muster strength - with a strong voice.

 On a platform that matters - and Colin Kaepernick - has permitted me to write three articles - all these three articles have been received well - all over the world.

In San Francisco we have done it all - we have begged and pleaded with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors - for JUSTICE.

 Some of the Supervisors are with us - many are sell outs - the likes of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Kathy Tang, and Scott Wiener.

We have some good leaders - that I work with - and our work is not easy.

 The Press Conference we had in front of the SF Police Officers' Association - was a good one.

 The Main Media - always fails to give it full coverage - more Channel KTVU 2, KPIX 5, KGO 7 - they pander to us - want us to speak to them - and then create and give their own - spin.

Then you have Amos Brown - he will not join any protest, he will not speak up - in front of the people.

Amos Brown loves to wheel and deal - spew hot air - makes hidden plans  to take the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - joined by other sell out like Cheryl Davis and Paul Henderson - to make deals - and these folks - they CANNOT -  fool all the people all the time.

Well we are watching you all - like a hawk. Aho.