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Saturday, September 10, 2016


The United State - Attorney General.

There is a perception that San Francisco is a City that knows how - you would not know that - if you were in the trenches, on the front line, at City Hall - watching the dog and pony shows - more at the San Francisco Police Commission - that makes the policies - and is not serving the needs of the constituents - the tax payers - who are paying the salaries of the SF Police Officers.

As things stand today - the SF Police Officers Association - time and time again - has done all it can - to muddy the waters - to make things convoluted.

The United States Attorney General - has decided NOT to send a team to investigate the " murders on our streets - by some rogue SF Police Officers ".

The team from the Department of Justice - that deals with Racial Bias and Civil Right issues.

For months now - the SF Police Commission - has been holding meetings - leading the constituents who have been attending the meetings - on topic such as de-escalation, implicit bias, force issues, cultural competency, tasers, and so on and so forth.

The SF Police Commission - on issues linked to de-escalation, the use of force, implicit bias training, cultural competency - mudding the waters - and catering and agreeing more - with the SF Police Association.

More with those in that organization -  " the inner circle " - who are - nefarious - most of them do not live in San Francisco - and most do not have the best interest of San Franciscans.

The recent " racial texts " incorporated in the Blue Ribbon Document 2016 - that says it all. Despicable to say the least.

The San Francisco - District Attorney George Gascon - talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk. 

On Mario Woods and his murder at the hands of the San Francisco Police Officers - with all the empirical data - the District Attorney keeps making excuses. 

He has brought NO direct charges - linked to the Mario Woods case - nor that of Alex Nieto,  Amilacar Lopez,  Jessica Williams, Luis Gongora for sure - and others too.

This procrastination - spewing hot air - throwing arrows in the air - is too much to bear.

The District Attorney George Gason could have provided the Federal Bureau of Investigation - with a video - that has been viewed by Justice for Mario Woods Coalition and other entities. 

The San Francisco District Attorney - George Gascon has access to this video - but has chosen - not to given this video - as proof, evidence, empirical data - to further the investigation and adjudication - for the best interest and good - of all.

This video of the actions recorded on the scene - on that fateful day -  when Mario Woods was murdered.

This video  - can be frozen - each frame - thousands of frames - each nano second - that clearly reveals - how Mario Woods met his untimely - fate. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was provided some information - some photographs - and if it was 5 - that is a shame.

Why the FBI was not given the above mentioned video - is a fact that is bother us - who want this case to go to trial - that those who committed this dastardly deed - be duly - charged.

This is  how the SF District Attorney - has been performing - saying something - leading us on -  throwing arrows in the air.

From all appearances the SF District Attorney - is preparing to move to the next level - up the ugly political ladder - he wants the seat of California Attorney General - bad.

Today's news - reveals how Jessica Williams was shot. One shot hit her in the chest, another hit her in the head, one brushing her hand, and so forth.

It is the same with Alex Nieto - the police incident records one thing - but the empirical data - reveals another.

This on going nonsense has been going on - for years - and there is NO one entity to investigate and more adjudicated these cases.

Our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee, our City Attorney Naomi Kelly, our Controller, our Chief of Police, our SF Police Command Group - all making fat salaries - have failed us - miserably.

Bring the culprits to book - and send them - where they belong - to jail.

The Amilcar Lopes case and the Luis Gongora case - too has major flaws - in the filing of the Incident Reports.

When - those experts review the incident reports - there is no justice - less due diligence - more those that must serve and protect us - use their power to - deceive us. We the people.

The constituents of San Francisco are fed up - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee ( known better in many circles as a lap dog ) - talks about shared equity - and assures us that he is doing something - but all he does is spew - diatribe - hot air.

Speaks from both sides of his mouth.

Normally the SF Police Department should be doing this due diligence - sound investigation - but is it just the opposite - in the cases where SF Police Officers are involved in these murders - by mostly - " rogue SF Police Officers ".

 The SF Police Department have been fed with the information -  from various quarters - to help the SF Police Department - when it comes to investigative reporting - and helping them do some sound " investigation " - the SF Police Department - as most decent people  understand - is unfortunately - in the - " dumps ".

The " in-fighting " within the SF Police Department is well known.

It does not help that the SF Police " Crime Laboratory " - in the past has had a tainted history.

It does not help the the SF Police Officers caught in the Tenderloin - breaking into Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) hotels - and stealing the contents of the residents.

Some of those SF Police Officers - caught in the Tenderloin episode - have gone to trial - and to jail. Shaming us San Franciscans.

In some cases - linked to the above stated cases - stealing drugs, lap tops - and all of this and more has been studied and reported by the Grand Jury. It would behove the readers to read the documents - as stated by the SF Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury recently also reported on the duration and time - it takes to bring forth some concrete - vetted information - as much as 20 months - to learn more about the many murders committed by San Francisco Police Officers.

20 months is a long time - and this one fact - bother those that know something - about - adjudication.

The majority of the San Francisco Police Officers want to do their job.

However - the few " rogue SF Police Officers " - have tarnished the name of all SF Police Officers - and the public at large - have lost  " all trust in our SF Police Officers ".

This is understandable when the majority of our constituents do not have any relationship with our SF Police Chief  - the Command Group - in general the many SF Police Officers doing their job.

Again the " the rogue SF Police Officers " and the ugly positions taken by the SF Police Officers Association - some 200 SF Police Officers are members of those Association.

 2000 SF Police Officers pay their dues - assuming that they will be protected - and offered some representation - when charged on the job.

San Francisco has failed to charge the rogue SF Police Officers - with murder  - there has been no due diligence - in these days. 

The United States Attorney General - has not declared openly - that it wants - to investigate and adjudicate - the many murders at the hand of the SF Police Officers in San Francisco.

Powerful  forces - the MACHINE - behind the scenes - have been using their - " political power " - to deprive us - the constituents - decent tax payers - of justice.

Further jeopardizing our safety and lives.