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Thursday, September 15, 2016


All over San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohone - the land that was stolen - every square inch and more - very corrupt forces - are developing on any vacant land they can find - pushing the rent up - putting hurdles in one's way - forcing decent human beings - to leave San Francisco.

These corrupt forces led by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his cronies - think they can fool all the people - all the time. Time will tell.

In the Mission - and our other neighborhoods - be it the Bayview Hunters Point, the South of Market Area, the Western Addition, the Excelsior, China Town - all over San Francisco - the stress level has reached saturation point.

To live in San Francisco and pay the high rents - and put food on the table - ordinary people - have to work two, three and now four jobs. How they do it - God alone knows.

Student  who go to college and the university - are at their wits end - to pay tuition - buy their books, rent and travel to and fro - and more - many are giving up.

It is the same with our students - the SF Unified School District has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar - the truancy linked to our Public Schools - has grown by leaps and bounds.

In the interim the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and corrupt representative like London Breed, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell,  and Katy Tang - are pandering to the - " very big and very large - developers ".

The time has come to demand a " moratorium " - we the people must demand it.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

This is Ohone land and more and more the indigenous people will play an important role - in the decision - making and policies all over San Francisco.

 The crooks who have been having a hay day - will be taken to task - all within the law - we have a way to have our say - and our day has come.

The Zionists who thinking they can fool us all - are put on notice.

Every Zionist is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist.

The rubber stamping at the Land Use, the SF Planning Department must STOP. 

Do not test the IRE of the people - you have seen it a bit - with issues linked to the Mission and South of Market Area - but there is more to come.

If there are vacant plots - excess property - the land and the facilities - must be put under a model - much alike to the concept of " Trust Lands ".

In all our neighborhood - seeing is believing - while the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and his cronies were pandering to some mostly Chinese folks - not educated on issues - opening a Community Center in Visitation Valley. 

The community at large is kept out - Visitation Valley now has a significant segment of the population that is Latino, White, Black - others.

The City has chosen - divisiveness - and some sell out Blacks standing with the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and Malia Cohen - talking from both sides of their mouth. Their hearts in the wrong place. Pathetic.

The money used to buy a building, rehab a building, carry on the programs - is tax payers money.

As long as the City has a role to play in the operation and maintenance - we tax payers money - all of San Francisco and San Franciscans - must avail themselves of the programs and facilities.

We have seen some parochialism in some quarters of our City and County of San Francisco - China Town boast one - because of some conditions linked to blatant racism. In the year 2016 - we must encourage - the use of English and more inclusiveness - and not go backwards - with what is happening at the Bayview Opera House - and the Center at Visitation Valley.

We are watching you all like a HAWK.

We will now have indigenous ceremonies -
to bring some semblance -
rid the Sulphur we smell - all over San Francisco -
projects - that have the finger prints of " evil " folks.

It took four long years to rehab the Bayview Opera House - built in 1850 when the area - now, know at the Bayview was called South San Francisco. It was a Masonic Hall - know your history -
and stop - trying to hoodwink us all.

The Commission on Arts has taken over the Opera House - and it cost hundreds of dollars - to rent - the hall - and more to have a forum. There was NOT one single meaningful meeting - as to why the people of the Bayview Hunters Point - must NOT have a more deeper say - in the way - the Bayview Opera has been operated the last 10 years for sure.

Never mind that some of us donated hundreds of chairs, tables - to keep the Opera House operating for years. We have letter from the former Directors - acknowledging this fact.

Today - it is controlled by the Arts Commission - and folks that have no true links with the people.

The four Summers - while the Opera House was rehabilitated - took a heavy toll of our youth - murders - some Black on Black.

Others - by the POPOS - who traumatized the mostly Black youth - hundreds of them in jails - some under the " three strikes law ' - wasting their time - some for 15 years, other 20 years.

 Such are the doings and workings of the " devil " - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his cronies - who think - they can fool us all.
House Negroes like Malia Cohen and London Breed - who have lost their mind - turned their backs - on the people they once relied on.

If you know anything about the Local Unions in San Francisco - be it the Carpenters' Union - the Laborers' Union - the Electricians' Union - the Plumbers' Union - all of them - have shut out local hire.

 Chosen to defy the constituents of San Francisco - that really build and made our - unique neighborhoods - be it the Mission with the Latinos playing a key role.

In the South of Market Area - the Filipinos and others contributing their best.

In the Excelsior the community there wiped out - because of high rent - begging for help and no one paying any attention.

If you go to the Bayview - you will see long lines of Chinese - waiting at every stop and hub - where food is distributed.

No one sees the paradox - in a supposedly Black neighborhood that the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee talks about - the majority in these give away food lines are Chinese - if you count three or four Blacks - in the line - you can call - that a miracle.

Then the Chinese - informally will have their own " flea markets " - sell the free stuff they received - and they thinking nothing of this nonsense - a slap on the face of decency.

This City and County of San Francisco - with all the talk about Environmental Impact Reports and Studies, the California Environmental Quality Act - other ordinances - have failed to address the concerns of - human beings.

Human beings count - compassion counts - fortitude counts - love or amore counts.

Who are these " thieves " - most of them uninvited - who think they can control us - just because we have tolerated their nonsense. This all will come to a STOP - soon.

We the people need the some " real time testing " of the air on our streets.

The congestion, the back to back traffic, the dangerous particulates - will reveal the " cesspool " the foul and bad air we breathe.

While the corrupt the likes of London Breed, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, and Mark Farrell - wheel and deal - entertain those that are into - " pay to play ".

We have a very narrow opportunity to unite - the Black and Brown - and we must tackle the issues - using our intelligence - that is why - I say - again and again - " we must be educated on issues".

We all go to City Hall - and protest -  we have shut down City Hall - and sent several strong - messages.

Now, we need action - if the people are united - be it in the Mission, South of Market Area, the Western Addition, the Excelsior - all over San Francisco - we can do it.

These scum bags who want our VOTES - will NOT get it - and we must tell them now - before it is too late - why we will not vote for them.

This land - all the land - belong to the Muwekma Ohlone - and I represent them - the Muwekma Ohlone are for the people more the indigenous people - more the people who are targeted - and thousands of good families - Black and Brown - have moved away. This should not have happened - but it is happening.

This land we call San Francisco - should NOT encourage congestion, high density building, buildings like the Millennium Town - 58 story sinking and tilting - and many more buildings - in jeopardy.

We are becoming so mean - that some nefarious entities are putting a Ballot Measure - to target the poor.

How about putting a Ballot Measure - and capping the salaries of the City employees - more the crooks to $100, 000 - which is a lot of money. After all it is our tax payers money.

You all will be shocked to learn of over 10% of SF City employees - making over $200, 000 with benefit more. Why? We pay the salaries - but we have no - say. Many more than 100 make over $300, 000 - and the crooks - all is fine - with this CRAP.

Again the again - when the people say - they want to see some justice and fair play.

 We have the so called " representatives " tell us - they know better.

 We the people know better - we vote you in -  we want you all - to represent us. Make no bones about it.

In the final analysis - " we the people matter " - not the scum bags - who spew diatribe - hot air - and are NOT to be trusted.