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Sunday, September 25, 2016


San Francisco's District Attorney - George Gascon.

San Francisco's District Attorney -
George Gascon - has the worst track record, ever -
he kicks the can down the road -
has NOT charged one single SF rogue police officer -
linked to the many murders by rogue SF Police Officers -
in all the days - he has been in office - despicable to say the least -
his actions dubious in nature - and he is not to be trusted.

San Francisco is the place where the United Nations was formed.

Plans were afoot to headquarter the United Nations at the Presidio of San Francisco - however, big money - the movers and shakers in New York - stole our prize and took the United Nations to New York.

I mention this to bring to the attention of the readers - that after World War II - San Francisco played an important role with the signing of the United Nations formation - at the War Memorial -  now, a rehabilitated building - costing millions - opposite San Francisco's City Hall.

Many of the concepts linked to Human Rights were created and drafted here in San Francisco.

San Francisco produced stellar Human Rights activists - we still have some - but not too many.

Today - very corrupt and crooked politicians - look the other way - they say one thing and do another. 

Many of them - leading the charge - the SF Board of Supervisors - pandering to the evil entities - that do not have the best interest - of San Franciscans and San Francisco.

SF Board of Supervisors Mark Farrell,  Malia Cohen,  London Breed,  Katy Tang, and  Scott Wiener - have misled San Franciscans and San Francisco - they most importantly have failed to represent - tax payers and constituents of San Francisco.

Supervisor Malia Cohen at this late date -
trying to hold a hearing on the Blue Ribbon Forum -
Containing lots of suggestions - but where is the " clout " to 
investigate and adjudicate. Why have the SF Board of 
Supervisors been asleep at the cockpit.

When the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) was first invited to San Francisco - without any meaningful deliberation - with the community.

Malia Cohen - agreed with COPS - to hold the first community meeting - in the Bayview.

There was no proper "outreach done " - that is Malia Cohen for you. She is not to be trusted - talks from both sides of her mouth.

If any hearing is held - on the Blue Ribbon Forum and the many suggestion by that panel consisting of judges and lawyers - we the the people - need at least one hour - to make our deliberations.

Do not have a dog and pony show - with the SF District Attorney, some one from the SF Police Department, other from the departments who keep talking from both sides of their mouth.

We the people are fed up of talk - we want action.

Let me put it this way - we pay the salaries of the SF Board of Supervisors, the SF Police Department - the SF District Attorney, the Mayor and his sordid office.

 As far as the people are concerned in San Francisco - we have got NO tangible - results. None what so ever.

The Blue Ribbon document has many loop holes - describes the many flaws in the SF Police Department - the many filthy and sordid text messages - from the evil, rogue SF Police Officers and so on and so forth.

It does not address a viable and sustainable plan - to clean the SF Police Department - the SF District Attorney in all the day he has been in office - a former SF Police Chief himself, George Gason - has failed to charge ONE single police officer.

Right now George Gason - is laser beam focused - on the job of State Attorney General - Kamala Harris - who is fooling - whom.

We keep protesting - for how long?

Our youth are fully aware of -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee, SF District Attorney George Gason,
 other crooked and corrupt SF politicians -
enough is enough.

We can articulate - and we can explain -
but can you all - comprehend and more -
feel the pain - for how long - do you think -
this nonsense can go on.

It is a disgrace that we have had so many high profile murders in San Francisco - the many murders at the hands of SF Police Officers - and NOT one single rogue SF police officer - has been charged.

While we are fully aware of the SF Police Bill of Rights - that is vested in law passed by the State of California. These so called rights - give " police officers " all over California - and of course here in San Francisco - unprecedented - rights.

SHOOT FIRST AND THEN ASK QUESTIONS. We have seen this again and again - so many most people of color - murdered.

We have seen this with the court case linked to Oscar Grant - anything and everything was done - to defend the police officer  who murdered Oscar Grant. Today the police officer who murdered Oscar Grant - is a free man.

Thousands of dollars were spent - and thousands of person hours to rally thousands - in the Oscar Grant case.

We put our best foot forward - we learned one thing for sure - The Police Bill of Rights - especially the one in California - does more harm than good.

It favors  - " the rogue police officers who keep murdering so many in California - and more here in San Francisco ".

The Mother of Mario Woods -
Mrs Gwen Woods is waiting for SF District Attorney -
to charge the SF Police Officers - who murdered her son.
How long should she wait - how long should we wait?
SF District Attorney - George Gascon - thinks he can fool -
all the people - all the time - we are watching him like a HAWK.

United States Attorney General -
can intervene and demand the team that deals with
Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination -
linked to the Department of Justice and under her jurisdiction -
find probable cause - and start an investigation -
why the SF District Attorney George Gascon - 
is kicking the can down the street - and doing nothing?

The parents of Alex Nieto and supporters -
disgusted with the lack of response - from the 
SF District Attorney - George Gascon -
took their case to the Federal Court and expanded 
all avenues and continue to this day.

It is shocking to note - that NOT one single SF rogue police officer has been charged. Here in San Francisco we are waiting - Waiting For Godot!

Else where and more on the East Coast - the Department of Justice has sent in their team on Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination - and have made strides - recently we saw this in Tulsa and Charlotte.

 More within 24 hours - the Department of Justice - and U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch - took action - in Tulsa and Charlotte - North Carolina.

So why is the Department of Justice NOT doing the right thing in San Francisco?

Where is Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
on the many murders committed by rogue SF Police Officers?  -
she represents San Franciscans -
and has NOT said a word - what type of leadership is this?

Where is Senator Diane Feinstein on all 
the murders committed by rogue SF Police Officers?
Shame on her - she has NOT said a word -
why do we vote for someone like her - who has a lot 
to say on other issues - but not on issues that matter?

The Department of Justice - has failed San Francisco - California is a State that matters - and the Nation is wondering - why is San Francisco - so impotent?

Who are these evil powers - who are influencing the Department of Justice - NOT to send the teams that matter from the Department of Justice - that can investigate and adjudicate. We the people want to know?

FOR SURE WE DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICE SERVICES - (COPS ) -  some inept consultants - that interview folks - procrastinate - produce thousands of pages of documents - and do nothing at all - that matters.

Documents produced by COPS - using a " boiler plate " - sit on shelves - gathering dust.

Shame on COPS - for hoodwinking the public at large. It takes them on an average 18 months to produce a document.

 Do you not think - this entity has to be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - and United States General Accounting Office - and more the U. S. Attorney's Office - Internal Affairs ?

COPS - masquerading as some entity from the Department of Justice - when they are some measly - consultants.

COPS have no authority to investigate and less adjudicate.

All they do is interview - collect information - and create very large documents. 

Waste tax payer money - the time has come - to call them out.

Much the same like this shitty - full of crap - is the Blue Ribbon Panel - and all the many suggestions.

No concrete solution to solve the problem immediately  - NO clout to bring - anyone to justice.

 That is what matters.

Sending these " rogue police officers " and some heads of Law Enforcement that do nothing - but hoodwink - to jail - for a long, long time.

Here we have Amilcar Lopez,  Luis Gongora Pat,  Alex Nieto,
Jessica Williams, Mario Woods - and many others.

 How many murders - involving SF rogue police officers - do we need to list - to involve the U. S. Attorney General - to come to San Francisco - to do the right thing?

What is the use of having a SF District Attorney like George Gascon - who is playing with fire?

George Gascon - started in Los Angeles - then went to New Mexico as a Police Officer.

Mayor Gavin Newsom brought him to San Francisco - he became the outsider - Chief of Police  in San Francisco - did nothing, much.

When Kamala Haris who was SF District Attorney left to become State Attorney General - he jumped and became the SF District Attorney.

Now he has a few months - to take a big leap and fill the seat of Kamala Harris - as the new State District Attorney.

 The saga of such political  shenanigans - so called corrupt upward mobility - never ends. God help us all.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - good for nothing -
he has now decided to funnel over $1.6 million -
to the SF District Attorney's office -
to create a team - to expedite the cases -
while all the time - even now - the SF District Attorney -
is doing nothing - nothing at all.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no real clue what is happening in San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has NO clue about de-escalation - cannot even fathom the nuances that go into - de-escalation.

He has NO idea about capacity building to build - sound organizations - that deal with Violence Prevention and Intervention - and the many issues that have been left unattended.

His lackey Diane Aroche works for him at the Mayor's office - her husband works for the SF District Attorney' office. Does that make any sense?

Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - are two key people who advice the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee on Violence Prevention and Intervention. Both lackeys have a hidden agenda - one worse than the other.

When it comes to the many murders - by rogue SF Police Officers - we the people have seen - NO real - movement.

No real progress - worth the salt - from Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson.

Paul Henderson is working hard - to move up the ladder and is running for a Judge's position - has spent most of his time - canvassing -  climbing the ladder - to better his own prospects - and his career.

Diane Aroche is a joke - came to the Board of Supervisor - the other day - and gave herself the title as some title of Director.

 When you check her title - on " TransparentCalifornia " and her salary - it states more a Manager - who thinks she is a Director. 

Diane Aroche - she talks the talk - but has failed to represent San Franciscans. Sweet talk takes us no where - I remember her days at Coleman Advocates then the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth, and Families working for Maria Su - and now working for Mayor Edwin M. Lee - as his lackey.

At one time we had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - no more. 

The Mayor now has advisers - a team of two key ones - Paul Henderson and Diana Aroche - and other sell outs in the community Amos Brown and Cheryl Davis.

The NAACP  -  the headquarters must visit San Francisco and find out more.

 What - really is happening in San Francisco - Amos Brown wants money - and more time on the Television - where he talks from both sides of his mouth.  

At one time we had  some viable and sustainable progress made when it came to  justice in San Francisco - no more.

How many protests - do we have to hold - to announce our  true demands?

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a JOKE - he has no clue -  most San Franciscans look at him and consider him -  "  a lap dog with fleas ".

We the people united -
will never, ever be defeated.