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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Colin Kaepernick he stands his ground -
while folks that are not educated on issue -
keeping hounding him.

It was a breath of fresh air - when the President - Barack Hussein Obama - was asked a question at the Press Conference in China  - what he thought about Colin Kaepernick action - who is now famous - worldwide. He has started a conversation - and this conversation has to be healthy - no haters.

President Barack Hussein Obama.

The President stated to the Press that Colin Kaepernick - has every right to express his feeling - under the Constitution that we all adhere to. Remember the President - is a Constitutional scholar.

Today the waters are muddy - when it comes to the " pledge of Allegiance " - and even to the lyrics linked to our National anthem.

This is America - better known to those - that know better - as Turtle Island - by the Native Americans. We must all understand - one important factor - that, only those who are Native American - can truly say - this land we now call America - belongs to them.

The many Whites who came here - many of them without documents - others just fled - and landed on the shores of this land.

We can delve into history - read our history - be fair and settle - if we are fair - as to who really - can call America their home.

We can read the words - that stand clear for all to read - when we visit the Statue of Liberty in New York.

I served my Nation and so I can speak from personal experience.

History has not been kind to people of color.

When this is mentioned some say - go where go want to go - and enjoy the freedom - your enjoy here - elsewhere. 

Well, the only people that can truly say this - are the Native Americans.

They know who is really here in America is for good - and who is not.

Right now in North Dakota - the Dakota Access Pipeline Company is spending over $3.8 to build a pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois - to pump oil.

Native Americans have put their lives on the line - while the Whites - who are paid to dig trenches - to lay the pipes - are protecting their illegal activities - using " attack dogs " to keep the Native Americans who are protesting - to protect and preserve Mother Earth - at bay.

The attack dogs have bitten some - traumatized those who have never encountered such sordid actions, before in their lives.

 When the White Supervisors - at the project site denied that this was not the case -  pictures and videos were shown - and one dog had all the evidence - blood on his nose and teeth.

This issue is on going today - for all the world to see - the Main Media with intent - has kept this information out of sight - and this and other issues - important to all - and controlled by the Main Media - the Main Media love sensationalism - gossip - and other trivial and mundane subjects.

This fight for justice - this fight for a equal rights - has been our common issue and problem.

In the past we used slavery - that earned this Nation billions - more than any other commodity be it gold, sugar, cotton - anything.

Millions of Africans - were brought here to America and sold as slaves. This history is there for all to see and do something about.
This Nation has blood on its hands - and we cannot hide - nor shove the facts - under some dirty, stinking - worn out - rug.

One has just to review the records kept by the Insurance Companies - billions of dollars - were accrued by Insurance Companies - small and big - selling human beings - slaves - and bragging that these humans beings - were not human beings - and that the Bible says so.

Christians and Christian Churches looked the other way - today -they make excuses - fain ignorance.

 Say stuff like they have nothing to do with - " Slavery ". 

Nothing to do with " scalping Native Americans " - nothing to do with forced conversions - nothing to do with all the evil that they practiced in those time - without blinking an eye.

They do - if their ancestors participated - in such actions - for sure - restitution - of some kind - will be given to them in this life - or another.

Coliseum in Rome

There are many levels of injustice - the Romans thought nothing of pitying gladiators one against the other - to fight and kill - one another.

Innocent people thrown in the pit - to be devoured by wild animals. While crowds enjoyed such actions - that cater to the lowest thinking and enjoyment of - human beings.

The NFL too - has made millions - pitying one against the other - the many football players - who have ruined their lives - succumbed to concussion  - a fact made light - until very recently.

The football field is an arena of sorts - much like the Coliseum - only a bit sensitized - time will tell.

I have spoken to Football Players - who suffer concussions - they cannot recall their many great performances.

The relatives - friends - supporters - speak of the injustices by the NFl - the lack of understanding, compassion, and compensation - while some make hay - while the sun shines.

We have Main Media reporters - that we are watching - talk and speak from both sides of their mouth - when it comes to Colin Kaepernick.

They think Colin's actions and the conversation he started will go away.

 The mean things the Main Media utters - the lack of understanding - just reflects - how poor these souls are - pandering to the Media Moguls - their evil polices - that do not care to address the real and practical issues of the day.

Fundamentally there is NO compassion and less fortitude.

GREED rules their play pen - they breathe GREED and will die doing nothing much - most of them - do not leave a legacy.

Most of them ignorant - anyone can write a sporting column - it take guts and discerning,  education, compassion, fortitude, astuteness of a kind  - to fathom the many other layers - that the players endure.

Bruce Miller - fired - for getting
drunk and making a fool of himself.

We just had a 49er who made the roster - got drunk - got into trouble at Fishermen's Wharf - and was fired - the Labor Day weekend.

Not long ago - the player gave an interview on Colin Kaepernick -  he seemed fine - but who knows about the demons - alcohol, drugs, whatever - that can bring down an individual and throw a player into the pit of doom.

Is there room for some compassion - one mistake - and out the door you go - seems a bit harsh - may be Eddiw DeBartolo can step up and offer some help - may be a second chance - may be some good should come from his action - not to be condoned - forgiveness.

Here is a site you may want to visit - if you care to know more about lynching:

On another level - Blacks then called negroes were lynched. Other whipped to death. Whites not all - but those caught in the concepts of those times - treated Blacks with disdain - today - that is the case - " lack of training - linked to cultural competency ".

For sure lack of training - when it comes to - " implicit bias ".

One sees this more - when one works for a large organization - again and again mostly Whites - cannot handle the fact - that people color are - intelligent.

Most Whites have no clue that Washington DC was built by Blacks.

Most Whites have no clue that Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) - a self made man - debated President Abraham Lincoln - and proved the better orator. Frederick Douglas - was Black at that time - called a Negro. 

There are over 4000 inventions - all by Blacks - that we use today - but those who invented them - all Blacks - could not own the copyright. Just this one fact - should make us think - those of us - who are greedy - always thinking about money - and falling by the way side.

I work with all people - every segment of the population Polynesian, Black, Latino, White, Asians, Native American - it is amazing how I see " implicit bias " - strike mostly Whites - who truly think it is fine - for the Native Americans to be on the Reservations - and be treated - as second class citizen.

There is freedom and there is license. Abuse of " freedom " is LICENSE.

We all should admire anyone - in this case Colin Kaepernick - who has not though this out - clearly and deeply - that what prompted his " heart " to do right - would stir some crap - in some quarters - where people still think like the - KKK.

However, there are millions - who do not want to take a stand - they do not have the courage - but mostly the do not want to suffer the consequences - lose their jobs, be targeting by law enforcement, and so on an so forth.

Eddie DeBartolo

Dr. John York, Jedd York, Denise DeBartolo -
they know what is right and what is wrong -
they know the people of San Francisco more -
we stand with Colin Kaepernick - for what is right.

It matter when the 49er organization and I am sure some one like Eddie DeBartolo - Dr John York,  Jedd York,  Denise DeBartolo - understand - that everyone has the Constitutional right - but yet have not been critical or harsh to Colin Kaepernick.

We the people appreciate that. Eddie DeBartola has suffered pain - when it was incarcerated - again we the people - in our won way protected him. The public at large may not know this - but I know this - and I never ever imagined - I would write about this fact.

I have personally met Jedd York and Dr John York - and know them to be good people.

Our Brother Colin Kaepernick - does not have a large Public Relations team - a team of attorneys to advice him - the many other facets that are needed - to keep nefarious entities at Bay.

I can assure you all - good children, women, men of good faith - we will stand by Colin Kaepernick.

I have got positive feed back from all over the world.

Here in San Francisco - my work is to fight for the underdog - and I will do all in my power - to bring about solutions.

We have thousands - who are NOT asking for money - we have stood tall and done what we can - and will again and again. Aho.