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Monday, September 5, 2016


Colin Kaepernick facing the Main Media -
lack of understanding and disinformation.

Colin Kaepernick must hire a Public Relations team - who understands the Main Media and more the wannabes - who want to seize an opportunity - to carry on a hidden agenda - one of them Amos Brown. Choose who you talk with - and do not answer questions that make no sense.

No bad deed goes unpunished. When one stands for right - the TRUTH - prevails.

Colin Kaepernick has done well - taking a stand - on blatant discrimination - lack of " cultural competency ' - and the " lack of implicit bias training - even when it come to the Main Meida - and many sports entities.

This journey - has just begun.

Now Conlin Kaepernick has to deal with the " disinformation " that brings in all sorts of - ideas, concepts, and misinformation - most of it - fluff - to tear down - what is good and substitute it with false concepts - gossip - and so on.

On the ground - entities liked the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - have represented the " murders on the street by rogue San Francisco police officers " - with empirical data - and have documented the facts. 

We await justice with bleeding hears - more - witnessing the pain and suffering - the agony and the despondency - of family members and friends. Making us all sick to the stomach.

The Justice for Mario Woods Coalition has gone to SF City Hall several times - and earned their right - to have a day - named -  "Memorial Day for Mario Wood - June 22 ".

The SF Police Officers Association - which number 200 or so from the 2000 of so SF Police Officers on the pay roll of the San Francisco Police Department - pretend to speak for entire force - that will NOT happen in San Francisco.

The SF Police Officers' Association - has taken umbrage and took a full page advertisement - putting down Mario Woods - in a local newspaper.

 They continue to judge Mario Woods and by inference other people of color.

Our Nation's laws - clearly state - no one should be judged before they are give a trial and some judge in our courts - adjudicates the case.

The SF Police Officers' Association - hide behind " The Police Officers' Bill of Rights " that must be amended - and everyone brought under the same principles - laws - and jurisdiction.

The Police and their origins are suspect - once ' Slave Catchers " - now pretending to protect the citizens - while all the time - lacking - " cultural competency " and many have no prolonged - " implicit bias training ".

We celebrated the Mario Woods Memorial Day - June 22, 2016 at a church - and the following day with a gathering of - good children, women and men - with stellar speeches, music, and food. 

On the day - named Mario Woods Memorial Day - June 22 - we the constituents of San Francisco.  AS we all do very well - we remember all of those - murdered by rogue San Francisco police officers.

We also pray that the rogue SF Police Officers are brought to trial - and that due justice - is done.

 That these bad apples - rogue police officers - and repent - and that they learn their lesson - have a complete change of heart - before it is too late.

The text messages - full of hate, derogatory remarks, disgusting texts - to and fro - calling Blacks animals, encouraging that they be shot like animals - should be read an studied - by the Main Media - and those anchor women and men - who are confused - by the stand that Colin Kaepernick has taken.

Also should study the murders of the Native Americans - the scalping, the lynching of thousands of Blacks - from the days of slavery to the early 1960s.

Here in San Francisco I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - all this land we call San Francisco and beyond was stolen. There is NOT one single legal document - that proves that the Muwekma Ohlone - signed a paper or even gave anyone a tacit OK - to steal the land.

It is amazing to hear mostly Whites - lacking " cultural competency ' - no one should gun down any human being - with first - practicing de-escalation - buy time - they do it all over the world - why not here in the United States of America.

The Justice of Mario Woods Coalition has marched with other entities - representing Alex Nieto, Amilar Lopez, Luis Gongara, Jessica Williams - as well as attending forums.

We have participated on radio talk shows - television interviews - always mindful that we are representing those that have died - many of them innocent - many of the murder cases - not yet adjudicated by the Federal authorities.

We are demanding investigation that leads to some concrete conclusion - " pattern and practices " - models that have been adjudicate - and which the Department Justice can initiate - their department that deals with Racial Bias - and Civil Rights issues.

NOT - some drab interviews - from Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - a nefarious entity that works for the Department of Justice - consists of consultants - which is a slap on our face - San Franciscans.

COPS produce lengthy documents - that sit on the shelves - collecting dust. While the Main Media - mostly ignorant - even worse talking like buffoons - fail to understand that prophets, great leaders have to take a stand and make " idiots " like the Main Media - comprehend what they lack  - less understanding and for sure - having no clue about - "  discernment ".

We have NOT seen Amos Brown and other charlatans - who want to jump on the band wagon - because Colin Kaepernich - prematurely - made some statement that he would - donate $1 million to those entities that fight for justice.

Colin Kaepernick would do well to  work with entities that have a proven record - who protest - take a lead and have shut down SF City Hall.

Have invited the District Attorney to their meetings, the Senator Mark Leno, the current interim Chief Toney Chaplin - and asked him hard questions.

COPS has come before the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition and been grilled - they saw they were dealing with informed citizens not those that Rubber Stamp the liked of Sheryl Davis, London Breed, Amos Brown - all sell outs.

 Colin Kaepernick must deal with those entities - who do not beg for money - but with those entities that demand " JUSTICE ".

The entities that are hold Mayor Edwin M. Lee responsible - and others like SF Supervisors - London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell - put their lives on the line.

The Human Rights Commission that has NOT said a word about the murders of Alex Nieto, Amilar Perez, Jessica Williams, Mario Woods - with a hearing that demand JUSTICE - wanted to placate us - the Mario Wood Coalition with an AWARD - we are not about an AWARD - BLOOD MONEY - we are about JUSTICE.

Genuine actions speak louder than verbosity - and hot air.

Colin Kapernick - our Brother - 
he has taken a stand - and only those -
that can be " trusted " must speak for him -
and more speak the - " Truth ".

We advocates fully comprehend that Colin Kaepernick cannot possibly - delve into the many innocent murders.

The shenanigans perpetuated by the District Attorney George Gason - who has not brought credible charges - on over forty cases pending before his office.

The Public Defender - Jeff Adachi and others dealing with evidence that has been tainted - by the SF Crime Laboratory.

SF Police Officers who have stolen lap tops, drugs, other goods belongs to San Franciscans -  entering the rooms - with permission - and making a mockery of the SF Police Department.

The Main Media has all the empirical data - the main thing the lack is the " cajones " to do the right thing.

Do not try to circumvent the stand Colin Kaepernick has taken - and believe me I am not paid by anyone to write what I write. I am trained to understand - trained to fathom deeper than deep - what some of you in the Main Media - call - " news " - which has no value - is " fluff " - sensational news to deceive the viewers - be in KTVU 2, KGO 7, KPIX 5, KRON 4 - the other shady news stations - that fail to do investigative reporting.

On the Mario Woods case - the District Attorney  came before the Mario Woods Coalition and promised - to do a lot - but all we see him do - is procrastinate and stall.

It is the same with the SF City and County of San Francisco - just " a lot of hot air - from Mayor Edwin M. Lee ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee talks about " equity " he fails to understand that is a " jerk " - a " lap dog " - that should never, ever taken the  job of Mayor of San Francisco

State Attorney useless to the core -
Kamala Harris - she has not lifted a finger -
to press charges and initiate an investigation -
in all the murders - committed by SF Police Officers.

It is the same with Kamala Harris - she has not lifted a finger - to bring charges - with full investigation - following proven  practices and patterns.

Is she capable - or has she taken a stance - not to ruffle feathers - preferring to run for the vacant office of  Senator Barbara Boxer? May be even accepting large amounts of money from - entities like the Correctional Officers and the Police Officers' Association?

There are many entities - all over the Nation - that are angry and rightly so.

  " Pacifying us constituents will not work ".

 There is only so much - nonsense that the public - will endure.

Today at a Press Conference - the President - Barack Hussein Obama - in China - when asked about Colin Kaepernick - spoke favorably that the Constitution afford Colin Kaepernick to speak his mind.

Also that there is now a conversation being opened by - that make be beneficial to the Nation - and hopefully take us to a better place - not those exact words - but close to them.

The Main Media has been spreading disinformation and misinformation. Many fall for their lies - but not those trained to read between the lies - intelligent - have been trained by those that know - how these despicable folks work.

As far as the leading sporting events that take place - be it Basket Ball, Foot Ball and the NFl - the owner are keen in making their money.

Using people of color as gladiators - they do not seem to think much of them - as human being having feelings. They want them to stick to their sordid protocol - much like those that watch the thousand of  " lynchings " - accepting them as something worth their time - some entertainment.

Taking photographs and sending " post cards of the lynching " - all these spectacular sports - have their origins in the " lynching " the whipping of slaves " - anything that gives some folks the pleasure of seeing - men and women compete - just to win.

If the Main Media has chosen NOT to do any investigative reporting - think outside the box - that is their fault.

Bring it on - if any of you that have some brain - want to debate with me. I am sick of the Main Media - and all the nonsense going on - move on - and evaluate  - the owners of the NFL - see how much they make - and how they treat society with disdain.

Colin Kaepernick is our Brother - you take him on - for all the wrong reasons - and you have an Army of sound, decent, intelligent, constituents - ready to take you scum bags on.

The Main Media, more shallow reporters who have no clue - what questions to ask on this  important issue that Colin Kaepernich is seeking answer and more solutions.

 Those wannabes - that know little of history - and less of our U.S. authorities - that have failed us all - the U.S. Attorney General.

Other entities within the judicial system  - not worth the salt. Aho