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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Crystal Spring Watershed

Crystal Spring and the surrounding area is primarily a watershed - situated South of San Francisco - in San Mateo County. 

Some decisions to keep this area - pristine - protect and preserve the native plant species, flora and fauna - the birds, fish, and animals - use docent tours - was perhaps one very important, and singular decision - that favors the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and those who made these decisions - years ago.

The Crystal Spring Watershed must be seen and treated - as truly " sacrosanct ".

There are few areas like Crystal Spring in the world - and those that have had the benefit of seeing what I am talking about - will speak to the " Truth ".

Some 2200 plus acres in San Mateo County - that plays a role to maintain this Watershed - that is part of the Hetch Hetchy system.

We know the John Muir died - despondent - over the issue of flooding the Hetch Hetchy Valley - one of the most beautiful Valleys on this Earth.

Creating the now Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - and permits us - to enjoy some of the best - clean drinking water - in the world. Millions of gallons stored - in a reservoir - whose walls are tall and of granite.

Using gravity - three huge pipes bring the pristine water - all the way to San Francisco - filling dams like Calvanres - storing water at Crystal Springs - then to San Francisco where large reservoirs the like of by University Mount and Sunset - that store water and us used by us all in San Francisco.

The paradox is that even today - we flush our toilet with clean drink water. What a shame.

The Hetch Hetchy system supplies water of some 2.7 million people - a precious commodity - that those who do not comprehend a precious resource - such as " Watershed" - will regret if you open a sacrosanct area - to those that known less - and whose habits - defy logic.

That land around Yosemite - the Hetch Hetchy Valley - all was stolen from the Native Americans - a fact that is not mentioned - so that those stole the land, the sacred water - can rewrite history.

For thousands of years the Native Americans here in Northern and Southern California - respected Mother Earth.

They took care of Mother Earth - and learned to leave the best for the future generations.

All that and more stopped - when Greed was introduced to Turtle Island.

Then some 300 years plus ago - some strangers came and screwed it all here in California.

 The congestion, the particulates, the contamination, the pollution - there are only a few places left - that can remind us of the time- when the frogs sang.

 The butterflies moved freely, the birds lived in their natural environs, the animals be it the Mountain Lion or the deer - made the best of living - and no one killed them - as trophies.

Then came the White folks - evil to the core - and they wanted it all - the took it all and what is more - they took more than they could use.

Clear cut the old red wood forests, contaminated the rivers and lakes - took all the gold.

 The mercury and cast contaminates freely over large areas - today's congestion, pollution, contamination, sea level rise, climate change - can be contributed to " greed " - and those responsible of this nonsense.

Crystal Spring and the surrounding area was stolen - and it would behove those that think they are in charge - " the thieves " to consult the tribes - foremost the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe that I represent.

If you do not do this - you will fall flat on your face. No one is begging you - you do it - because that is the right thing to do.

Other tribes from the North closer to Yosemite and the other tribes closer to South - and there are those from the West and those from the East - they all should know - that time is coming - when millions of species that once were are now no more.

I have been to these places - pristine - mostly alone - to see for myself what really is happening - but more to feel the heart throb - and hear those silent voices - that few hear - when nature reveals its - secrets.

 To feel the wind, smell the air, talk to those that I can talk - who they say to me - what I cannot say - in its totality - because I know these messages are revealed to those that have they heart - in the right place. It is not about talk - but more about the walk.

Crystal Spring another bird's eye view.

It is shame when we have thousands of acres - all over the place - that some who want to go - can go.

Yet, greed and evil knows no bounds - they want to go - with no real purpose -  to say they have been - to a " watershed " - preserve.

They say they have every right to go - to the Crystal Spring Watershed.

One fool can light a match - set a fire - and compromise - a pristine watershed - precious resources - for all time.

There is " freedom " and there is " license ".

Abuse of freedom is license - and there are laws - some written and mostly unwritten - where those that " do not have their heart in the right place " - must stay away from - make no bones about that.

The worst animal - ever to step into this Earth are two legged.

Homo sapiens -  have destroyed in a span of less than 400 years - most of what was pristine on Turtle Island - a name beloved and better known - by those who have their heart in the right place.

Today those who came here - without documents - came to take refuge - landed stealing the land.

Raped the women, killed the children - took it all - and continue to rape the land - as if all is theirs - and theirs only - to do as they want - despicable.

Crystal Spring Watershed

The many Elders that I have met - I have listened to.

They tell me that we must take little and keep this land - Mother Earth - for those that come after us.

Sacramento the Capitol of California - and here in San Francisco - the so called policy makers - have lost their " conscience ".

The Federal government too - has not been kind to the Native Americans - the First People of Turtle Island.

The greedy want it all - and some of us - who know better - are learning faster - the evil ways of those that speak - with a forked tongue.

I have met politicians - and those that know me - know - that I do not fear them. 

More those politicians and people who must represent - Commissioners and General Managers - others who have titles to their name - but their heart is NOT in the right place.

Keep Crystal Spring as pristine as you  - once agreed to keep it -  and said you would.

I will be addressing the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission today - September 13,  2016 - in Room 400 at San Francisco City Hall at 1 pm.

When all fails - we can raise our voices.

 The Great Spirit sees it all.

 We are not perfect - however, we ought to fight for what is right - and not permit those "  with a forked tongue " to bully us - and tell us that their policies are right - when they are damn - right - wrong.