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Monday, September 19, 2016


We are a Nation of LAWS -
not promises, suggestions, recommendation, 
General Orders, policies - more with glaring flaws.

If you are educated on issues - and comprehend the difference between laws - and the many recommendations, policies, suggestions, promises, general orders - that fall short - very SHORT - you will come to one blatant conclusion - there is NO justice in San Francisco.

We are a Nation of Laws - few of us understand - that those in authority - can do it any which way they determine to address pertinent situations - more the murdering of anyone - taking the life of anyone - in an unfair manner:

The Blue Panel Recommendation initiated by the District Attorney - has many recommendations.

 The key question to ask who will deliver the recommendations - and at what price? Who has the clout. Talk is cheap.

The Mayor's Office and more Diana Aroche and Paul Henderson who know less - talk in circles - have failed San Francisco - on matter that are linked to JUSTICE.

More Violence Prevention, De-escalation, Implicit Bias, Cultural Competency, Use of Force - and basic communication with the community at large.

Millions of dollars are wasted - when the community and the tax payers deserve better. The Justice for Mario Coalition has single handedly done more - to reveal the many injustices - and Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - should be ashamed of themselves.

Pulling wool over our eyes -  thinking - they can get away with murder.

Those in the know - fully understand that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is a puppet - whose time has come to step down - he is nothing but a - " pawn " - a panderer.

The Mayor at this late date - has decided to pump some blood money into the District Attorney office. Too late. The SF District Attorney is bidding his time - he want to fill the vacant seat of Kamala Harris - this November, 2016.

The same District Attorney - who to date - has FAILED to charge - one single San Francisco - " rogue Police Officer ".

 The many murders committed - on the streets of San Francisco - shoot first and ask questions latter - the cases collecting dust on some shelf.

The District Attorney is the " FOX " guarding the chicken coop.

Now the FOX - George Gascon - has been -  showered with over $1.6 million to create a special District Attorney Task Force - to address the many pending cases - that so far have taken years.

Nothing will change - the FOX and his cronies - have been procrastinating, lying, using all sorts of delaying tactics.

SF District Attorney - George Gascon

George Gascon will NOT come before the SF Board of Supervisor - he sends his chosen crony - they come and and look at us in the eye - and LIE.

 Now - we the tax payers - are told to give the FOX - more money - a whole lot more money - when all this time - we have had it.

More to aid and abet George Gascon's many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans. Wow!

The SF Board of Supervisors - more  the Government Audit and Oversight Committee - has NO clue that the United States Attorney General - Loretta Lynch - has deceived San Franciscans - by sending us Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) - to interview folks - and create a large document - that will lie on some shelf - gathering dust for ages.

COPS are consultants - paid by the U.S. Attorney General and the Department of Justice - to pacify - bluff -  buy time.

 One of the most despicable ploys - created by the Department of Justice - to give an impression - that something - is being done - when nothing what so ever - has been delivered by COPS - except drab promises.

The many meetings held by Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - in San Francisco - to gather information - have been charades - COPS has been told that their ploys make be tolerated elsewhere - but for sure - NOT - San Francisco.

London Breed, Aaron Peskin, and Norman Lee - of the Government Audit and Oversight Committee - should first comprehend that San Franciscans are not FOOLS.

Some glimpse as to the capacity and more the comprehension of convoluted issues - was delivered the recent Grand Jury.

The SF Grand Jury - that zeroed in on the many murder cases - by " rogue SF Police Officers " - that have taken as long as five years and more - to be adjudicate. Who is fooling whom?

What is happening with the Alex Nieto murder case at the hands of SF Police Officers?

What is happening with the Amilcar Lopez case at the hands of SF Police Officers?

What is happening with the Mario Woods case at the hands of SF Police Officers?

What is happening with the Jessica Williams case at the hands of SF Police Officers?

 There is a lot of talk from the San Francisco - District Attorney's Office - with George Gascon in charge. All we hear - is diatribe, hot air - tons of BS.

George Gascon - is bidding his time - seeking to occupy the vacant seat - of State of California - Attorney General - Kamala Harris - this coming November, 2016. Time will tell.

California State Attorney Kamala Harris - who before that was SF District Attorney - has chosen to use " procrastination " to delay cases -  stop ruffling feathers - she has pandered to the rich and powerful.

State Attorney General could have initiated some focused investigation - she has preferred to receive large amount of donations from Correction Officers, other Law Enforcement - while pretending that she has now represent us all - by fill the vacant position - of Senator Barbara Boxer. Pathetic!

California - Attorney General Kamala Harris -
a very corrupt person - who has NOT
charged one single SF Police Officer -
the man murders - committed on the streets of San Francisco.

Kamala Harris a very corrupt person -  now seeking the seat of Senator Barbara Boxer - she is moving up the political ladder - for all the wrong reasons. She was Willie L. Brown Jr. girl friend - and enjoys Willie's patronage - to this very - day.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - as their Tribal Liaison and have been monitoring Quality of Life issues in San Francisco for over 35 years.

The San Francisco Police Department is a mess - and so dysfunctional - that without the removal or firing of at least 20% of the those - now working for the SF Police Department - all the General Orders - in the whole wide world - will make no difference.

One has just to read the text messages - incorporated into the Blue Ribbon Document - that much has been made about - giving a glimpse of the many - very corrupt, racists - the worse type of human beings pretending to serenade as SF Police Officers. 

Many belong to the San Francisco Police Office Association - and this fact - is never mentioned in detail - and some entity must shed light - on this one " cancer " - that must be operated upon - and totally - incinerated.

The many inept and drab policies of the SF Police Commission - fall on deaf ears. More with the Suzy Loftus talking the talk - but failing to walk the walk.

The worst SF Police Commissioner - Joe Marshall - he has no clue - the damage he has done to decent San Franciscans. Lying, pandering, saying something that means nothing at all. A genuine House Negro - gone bunkers.

 The present mess reigning at the present San Francisco Police Department - calls for - total over haul - on a War Footing.

Again we must all remember that we are a Nation of Laws.

When the corrupt and crooks are brought before the LAW - results take place.

When those that are NOT educated on issues - swallow promises,  fake recommendations,  sordid suggestions,  bitter sweet nothings - there is a lot of talk but no action.

Let us read the Grand Jury Reports and study them:

Anyone can talk the talk - but to walk the walk - is something else. Remember we must be focused on LAWS - laws that matter.

Do not beg the question - by bring in the lawyers, the attorneys, the corrupt judges - they do not follow the LAW.

They pander to the LAW - much like a broker, some facilitator - more expeditor - who wants the money more - and justice - less.

Try to keep cool - and follow the money - follow the process - you cannot do that - unless you are fully educated on issues.

On the streets of San Francisco - the increasing Homeless Population - is being treated with disdain.

Now, there is a Ballot Measure to target the Homeless.

We the people - genuine San Franciscans must stand by the Homeless - those that have fallen on bad times - it is NOT their fault - we must help the poor - for we are San Franciscans - first.

How about target all those who make over $150, 000 and do not perform. One of them Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog with fleas.

I have posted TransparentCalifornia - follow the money: