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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


San Francisco has failed us all - more the authorities who have been playing with FIRE.

Any City that shines - has to take care of its tax payers - NOT so San Francisco. San Francisco has turned its back on our unique neighborhoods -   shame on Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Not so Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who talks from both sides of his mouth.

Not so - very corrupt SF Board of Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen,  Scott Wiener,  London Breed,  Katy Tang,  and of course Mark Farrell.

San Francisco District George Gascon -
has failed to charge - one single rogue SF Police Officers 
in all the many murders committed by SF rogue police officers.

Politicians in San Francisco and the lackeys - some heads of Department that help the Mayor - will be in for a shock. All that I have said before - has come to be true.

The famous Millennium Tower -
sinking and tilting - 
a symbol of the things happening in San Francisco.

Remember - I predicted the tall buildings falling down in San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohone - years ago.

We now have the Millennium Tower - sinking and the owners drilling and conducting their own analysis of the situation at hand.

The results done by the owners of Millennium Tower - will reveal if the doomed tower can be saved.  A total loss of over $500 million - if not more.

On of the many luxury suits -
ranging from $2 to $10 million each -
some 400 entities living at the Millennium Tower -
now worthless - with the finger pointing - galore.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the key people that are addressing homelessness - are addressing it by hiring a Homeless Czar - and paying him over $250, 000 with benefits.

Creating a new Department that addresses homelessness - providing the employees who work for this new Department linked to Homelessness - and even bringing in an Assistant Director - who will be paid more than $200, 000 with benefits.

Who is fooling whom? In less than two months -  Mayor Edwin M. Lee will have to decide - it is better that he - Edwin - step down.

Enough is enough.

It is a shame that we educated, astute, stellar " civic leaders " -  who have to fight - day in and day out - deal with scum bags the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

The lackeys join him at the many ribbon cuttings,  forums that we the tax payers pay for - other silly gathering - that do not benefit anyone.

It today's digital world - we can gather data - analyze any program or project.

 If I post the details on this site - its will shame Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his so called advisors - who are a shame and disgrace to the human race.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
The First People of San Francisco.

This land belongs to the indigenous people and I represent the First People - the Muwekma  Ohlone - and I am making this statement - that you all that are harming and adversely impacting the poor and those that really need help:

" We the indigenous people - more Brown and Black - have reached saturation point - very high rents, lack of recreational facilities, poor educational public amenities, congestion on streets, lack of career jobs, our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - those with compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged - lack of nutrition for those that cannot even afford to have two decent meals a day - this that must be cared for - are treated with disdain. You are put on notice - change your ways - or else you will have to deal - with the wrath of the people ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
the man has lost his mind -
much like Caligula!