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Friday, September 16, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee

San Franciscans are fed up with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who recently has been using other City Officials - to open up his ribbon cuttings ploys and machinations - trying to send a message to San Franciscans - that he is doing something for us - he is a panderer - useless with No vision what so ever.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Our clown just looks you blank in the eye - and will lie.

He even called Steph Curry - Steve Curry - and when this was brought to his attention - did not know what to say. Steph Curry is a basketball player that plays for the Warriors.

Mayor's Edwin M. Lee latest ploy to pacify San Franciscans - by announcing that he will give the District Attorney's office some $1.4 million - create a special cell to started some ill conceived investigation on the many unsolved - murder cases.

 The on going investigations - that according to some reliable sources will take 3 to 4 years. Who is kidding whom? 

Now, imagine a mother - some one like Mrs Gwen Woods the mother of Mario Woods - waiting for years - seeking justice?

All Mayor Edwin M. Lee and this cronies - including District Attorney George Gascon is doing - is procrastinating.  Kicking the can down the street - and lying to us all.

George Gascon was brought to San Francisco from New Mexico and appointed SF Police Chief - by then Mayor Gavin Newsom - a very corrupt Mayor of San Francisco.

George Gascon then sought the position of District Attorney  and got it - after Kamala Harris who held the position - sought the position of State Attorney and got that seat. 

George Gascon's record as the District Attorney - can best be described - as pathetic.

His recent ploy to gather a Blue Ribbon Panel - and have some attorneys, lawyers, and judges - produce a document - that has 81 recommendations - begs the question.

Who will enforce the many suggestion that we who have been discussing and have been involved - find difficult to implement - because we do not have the expertise in place - and more the fox guarding the chicken coop.

The many recommendations have been mentioned and discussed by advocates - those keenly invested in Quality of Life issues - so far the City and County has preferred the advocates be ignored - and that the Mayor's Office - initiated  some drab and inept programs - with any annual evaluations.

Many of us produced a Community Policing document - years ago - that the former Mayor Office of Criminal Justice - was handed - it is sitting on some dirty shelve - gathering dust  - since the year 2000.

George Gascon is playing with fire - saying something - doing nothing - making a fool of himself - bidding his time - to seek the seat that Kamala Harris - which will open up - come this November, 2016.

There has been an on going turf war - going one between the San Francisco Police Department and the District Attorneys office.

 There is no love lost - between these two entities - the District Attorney's Office and the SF Police Department - more the sordid - " the rogue Police Officers ".

In the interim  those District Attorneys - who procrastinate - treat the constituents of San Francisco - with disdain - and bidding their time - kicking the can down the street - defying the constituents of San Francisco - who pay their salaries.

There is a mayor disconnect between the Public Defenders' Office and the District Attorneys' Office.

We need the United States Department of Justice - to investigate the dysfunctional San Francisco District Attorneys' office - now

United States Attorney General - Loretta Lynch.

We need the active participation of the team that deal with Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights issues -  linked to the United States Department of Justice - under U.S. Attorney General - Loretta Lynch.

850 Bryant where the District Attorney functions - literally stinks - the floor stinks of corruption and sulphur.

 The famous " Witness Room " - Smithsonian - molded - where those who are accommodated - are treated with disrespect. 

District Attorneys - using all sorts of convoluted legalese to make a point - when those who gather in the Witness Room - want answers but more adjudication - JUSTICE.

George Gascon who is Cuban - and speaks Spanish could have easily accommodated the Amilcar Lopez family - the Alex Nieto family, the Luis Gongora Pat family - others.

More - with an understanding that San Francisco is a City of compassion and fortitude. What we have is a fox - more a hyena - guarding the " chicken coop ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - his advisors and lackeys the likes of Joe Marshal who is a Police Commissioner, Paul Anderson who is the key advisor on Crime Prevention and other such subjects to the Mayor - have failed to represent San Francisco and San Franciscans.

Diane Aroche who works for the Mayor but has so far has NOT truly represent the community at large.

She has done well to position herself  - guard her salary.

She once use to work for  Coleman Advocates - then worked for Maria Su - the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families.

Before she ventured to work for Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he himself nor she has no clue about meaningful de-escalation, implicit bias, cultural competency, a host of principled and vetted models - that Diana Aroche - and those surrounding - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - know little about - less comprehend.

The demographics in our Neighborhoods are changing rapidly.

The Mission looks different - and instead of helping the Mission - the Mayor and those that advice him - and putting more and more hurdles - in the way of those that live in the Mission. 

The many changes linked to MUNI - and the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) are making - is impeding progress - confusing those who take Public Transportation - and hurting the businesses.

Seniors and those Physically Challenged go before the MTA only to be ignored.

Many of us went to speak about the ill conceived - a project rubber stamped by the SF Planning Department - the proposed Project at 2000-2070 Bryant.

Well this matter will go before the Courts. Time will tell.

If a hearing is held - linked to the Blue Ribbon recommendations - we need the public at large to have - selected speakers - to speak on the subject.

We do not have to listen to Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - that cannot adjudicate nor invested - some consultants - good for nothing.

The Office of Citizens Complaints - the SF Police Department - the City Attorney Office, the District Attorneys Office - the SF Board of Supervisors - more someone like Malia Cohen - must listen to the public at large - if a hearing is held.

We the people pay the salaries of the above - some of them corrupt and failing to represent the constituents of San Francisco.

It is the same with murders on our streets by rogue SF Police Officers. It is taking too much time for some adjudication to bring closure to the families.

The shabby way the meetings were held to seek stellar qualities and experience in choosing our next SF Police Chief - who does the Mayor think - he is dealing with?

The Mission needs a moratorium - and all those shabby plans in the pipeline - need to have direct community input - do not mess with the Mission and with those in the thousands that support the Mission.

Brown and Black unity is a realty today in San Francisco.

Finally - this is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land .

All of the land - we know as San Francisco - was stolen - each and every square inch. 

We the indigenous people - people of color - do not need the congestion, the skyscrapers - many of them now sinking and tilting - and there more to follow - and witness.

This is NOT Manhattan - this is San Francisco.

 This Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - and his corrupt lackeys - have messed things up. We need to uproot them - and send them packing. 

San Franciscans have NO respect - for the lackeys and the corrupt and one of them - a key crook and corrupt - is Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Other lackeys - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener and Katy Tang.