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Saturday, September 17, 2016


The Millennium Building - some 58 story high -
is sinking and more tilting -
the crooks who made this happening - must be sent
to jail for long terms - make no bones about this.

San Francisco is the seat of all corruption - the worse kind ever encountered in decades. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is busy signing - secrets pacts - wheeling and dealing - facilitating,  pay to play projects - some of them I will expose in the article.

Plans are afoot to fast track and build a research center - with the City and County of San Francisco - backing some " bond measure " - working with the University of California - San Francisco - on land that is contaminated and prone to sever flooding and liquefaction.

The research center is planned at Mission Bay - the contaminated land - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding - well know to the experts - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is using his corrupt power to fast track this project.

We the people - must put a stop to this nonsense - and not VOTE for the many Bond Measures - put before the Voters - the crooks behind the Bond Measure - say one thing and do another. 

Right now - anyone can visit - nearer the Bay and see the roads - at Mission Bay - most built in the last two years - buckling up.

Some 15 feet below - the salt water - is paying havoc - and the fools that are " Greedy " - are defying Mother Nature.

Barbara Gracia - the Director of the San Francisco Health Department - who has been working with Edwin M. Lee - a very corrupt person.

Both of them  - want to built and are push for permits - a Bond Measure - to build this Research Center - " we call them fast tracking ".

The SF Planning Department - the Land Use - the Controller -  the City Administrator - the Department of Building Inspection - others - who go with the flow - have  " a gun put to their head ".

The SF Health Commission was just informed yesterday - September 16, 2016 - and told that the SF Board of Supervisors - has already approved the Bond Measure - linked to the proposed new Research Center . 

After all that and more - The SF Health Commission was told to approve the motion - all did except one did not. The result 6-1 the motion voted and passing. Another rubber stamping - sordid, espisode.

This hastily rushed so called Research Center and its sordid connection with the SF Health Department - and more the doings and goings at the  SF General Hospital - will be investigated - and all the ploys, machinations and shenanigans revealed.

The greedy Edwin M. Lee - who has a track record of lying and cheating - will be caught soon - and sent to jail - for a long, long time.

Edwin M. Lee has been known - for his corruption and lying - since the days he was at the SF Human Rights - then the Department of Public Works - he is not trained to be an engineer - he was trained to be Civil Rights lawyer - but all he does is lie.

Edwin M. Lee headed the Contracting Department - then the City Administrator Office - before becoming the Mayor of San Francisco - and he is the worse Mayor ever - to hold office in Room 200 at City Hall.

The Millennium Tower - was fast tracked and instead of boring and finding out where the hard rock was - those " very corrupt " with the help of former Mayor Gavin Newsom, Edwin Lee who was the City Administrator - other very corrupt people - who I will expose as I verify the " empirical data " - that has come my way - thousands of pages - that I must review - reveal more.

Those involved in the construction of  the Millennium Tower - that DeSimone Structural  Engineering Consultants - foremost.

The City's inept Department of Building Inspection - plagued with internal problems were prodded by then Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Of course  behind the scene - the " thug " Mayor - known to all of you - Willie L. Brown Jr - all knew that the pilings had to go deeper - than just 85 feet - floating on some sandstone rock - the Millennium Tower - 58 story high - now sinking some 18 inches - and tilting over 8 inches - Northwest.

Similar buildings have gone over 150 feet deep - hit hard rock - and are still - encountering - displacement - unsettlement - and all the technical terms - the " the so called engineers and soil experts use " - to bluff us - will not help.

More - to say something - however - few of them - have the ability to know - how best to deal with - " poor infill - loosely packed soil - much of it was once Bay - water, water - everywhere.

 The Bay  as we all know - much of it has been filled with poor - infill - by greed prospectors - to make quick money - pathetic.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
All this land we call San Francisco -
each and every square inch - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone .

As I have been saying all of this land is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and only the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - that I represent on issues linked to SF Planning, Land Use,  Housing, Transportation, Safety - in short Quality of Life issues - truly have Patrimonial Jurisdiction.

I have challenged the City and County of San Francisco - produced the documents to prove that I can represent the Muwekma Ohlone on the above mentioned issues - to show me one single - legal document - where the land was handed over to the " thieves " - and so far so one has the guts to produce a single document - that allow them to legal use the land and more have jurisdiction.

It is a JOKE - when the Real Estate person who manages our SF City Real Estate Mr Van Dyke - talks about the SF Health Department has " sovereign jurisdiction ". More, the University of California - San Francisco - having " sovereign jurisdiction ".

At this late date - a hearing will be held - so watch for it - and be sure - that you attend the hearing at City Hall in Room 250.

 The best way to find out more about the hearing - when the hearing will be held - is to contact the SF - the Clerk of the Board - and if you do not get anywhere call Aaron Peskin's office or that of Jane Kim - office.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and other treaties signed - give one some sense of the many atrocities perpetuated against the California Native American Tribes - and those in the areas - affected by ; The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:

Closer home the United States signed 18 Treaties - promising land - and never ratified the treaties.

 In the year 2016 - after following the law - going through the convoluted process - over 60% of California Native American Tribes - still are not put on the Federal Register. Treated as second class citizens - in their own land. Go Figure!

The people united will never, ever be defeated.

Brown and Black - others who have their heart in the right place - we can unite and make things happen - the law is on our side - the land belongs to all of us - more Public Trust Land.

All of Mission Bay is Public Trust Land - belonging to all Californian - yet, because we do not know our Rights - we have allowed corrupt forces - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr, Gavin Newsom - Edwin M. Lee ( a lap dog Mayor ) - to do as they please.

All of the above are charlatans - who cannot stand their ground - they have NO authority - over the land - they stole the land - ask them the right questions - and they cannot answer the question.

Prove to us by showing us one single legal document - that gives you crooks, thugs, the right to say that you own the land - a document that bears the signature of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone?

All the land in the Mission - more starting with Mission Dolores belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Presidio where I worked and was established in 1776 - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone. They exercised their Right of First Refusal in the year 1991 - on land that comes under their Patrimonial Jurisdiction.

The Muwekma Ohlone are with the poor - the displaced - those that are suffering - and I have made this known to the SF Board of  Supervisor - more the corrupt the likes of London Breed, Scott Wiener,  Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, and Malia Cohen.

We have powerful crooks - that are now being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

 We the people are protected - and the crooks like Edwin M. Lee ( a lap dog Mayor full of fleas ) - want to bluff us - lie to us - cheat us - hoodwink us - joined by those that pretend to stand by him.

We can take this vulnerable, weak in the knees - stupid to the core - Mayor of San Francisco - to task.

We the people have the power - and we must use it - united.

 I call upon my allies in the Mission, Bayview, the Western Addition, the Excelsior - Chinatown - all over San Francisco - to stand united - on land issues, transportation, housing, safety, our hospitals, education, childcare, our seniors, our students more in Public Schools - the homeless situation that I have been addressing and more.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee  is a coward - who will run - his tail between his legs - and flee - he has done it again and again.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is no leader - has no vision - and talk from both sides of his dirty - mouth.

Such are the cowards that we have in Room 200 - he and his lackeys.