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Thursday, September 29, 2016


The very corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
pandering to the very corrupt. Built - more than
20, 000 housing units - on land prone to liquefaction and
flooding - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.
Contaminated land for those that are poor - under
the pretext it is - " affordable housing ".

The true colors of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have been shown clearly in recent weeks. The man simply does not get it.

People are suffering from lack of affordable housing - affordable to those that make less than $40, 000 for sure. We need such housing built on a War Footing - on land that is not CONTAMINATED. For sure not prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - simply does not get it.

There are many that need housing - family live in one and two unit housing - two and three family - sharing such units.

Those that fall into this category - those that work in our restaurants, the many hotels that offer house keeping services, the many that clean homes for the filthy rich.

In short do menial jobs - work harder -   to survive. Many work another job and even three jobs to make ends meet.

Many fail to make it - the rents are too high - as much as $3500 for a one bedroom rental unit. $3800 for a two bed room rental unit. Decent, hardworking, tax paying try their best to live in San Francisco. Unfortunately many leave - in the thousands - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is pussy footing around.

Cutting ribbons, pat his behind offering some Summer Jobs - but not once has he reveal a Blue Print - offering San Franciscans - Career Jobs. We have about 29, 000 City Employees - many whiling away their time - and making in access of $150, 000 with benefits.

Many including the Mayor making in access of $250, 000 with benefits. It is shame that such crimes are on going - the tax payer paying the salaries - many of them corrupt, lazy, and a disgrace to the human race.

We have some making in access of $350, 000 with benefits - and hundreds of them - all avail on the website -  that I have made available to those that care:  " ".

The Mayor has been on the take - helping the 
crooked developers - build skyscrapers -
we are now finding out - many - all these tall buildings -
 do not meet stricter - seismic standards -
the picture above - is appropriate.

The Department of Building Inspection - in every sense of the word - is " dysfunctional ".

It is amazing that is has taken over 5 years for the Department of Building Inspection and the SF Planning Department - still do not have their data accessible - upgraded, in sync - and readily available - on the finer aspects of - building the skyscrapers.

The permitting system is Smithsonian - and the Department of Building Inspection - makes all the excuses it can - and the Commission - has been having a " gala time " - kicking the can down the street.

There was a time I would attend these meetings - no more. All talk and less action.

The Millennium Tower - is a case in point.

 I wrote about these skyscrapers a long time ago - when it was NOT fashionable to point a thing or so - to the crooks and those that fail - to comprehend less understand - about - liquefaction and severe flooding in San Francisco.

Candlestick Point - prone to severe liquefaction.

Tall buildings like the ones above - are
planned at the Candlestick Point -
they should all be named for Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
most of them if built - will come tumbling down.

Candlestick Point - as is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is contaminated with high level of radioactive elements.

No one in their right mind - should be building anything on these two locations.

The area has very poor landfill. The State Park where development is going to take place by Lennar Urban and FivePoint a new entity.

Both these entities - do not mind building on former Landfill - some of it very poor landfill where the City's garbage - made its destination.

Even now - because of the poor landfill - composting content - prone to - the spewing of Methane Gas - many Jack Rabbits - get high on the Methane Gas.

Many a time you find the Jack Rabbits - stoned. 

The squirrels too - and the Ducks who are puzzled why this air in the State Park - the only Urban State Park in San Francisco - is so foul and adversely impacts - those that go to this SF State Park - ever so often.

This " Phallus " of a building - and many more -
an eye sore to our San Francis skyline -
such symbol - represent the " macho attitude "
of the many who rake in the million - 
using corrupt and illegal means - to make billions.
The " real estate bubble " is here - and when it come -
it will come suddenly - for a purpose - GREED.

 I have been saying and more writing about this very serious issue - building skyscrapers - high density building - more Market Rate - for the filthy rich. 

The issues facing the Millennium Tower - could not have come at a better time - to expose all  the Mayors who were in power from - 1996 to now - Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr ( a thug mayor who has his finger in every pie).

The Metrosexual former Mayor Gavin Newsom - now denying he had anything to do with the Millennium Tower - time will tell - and he wants to be our next Governor of the State of the California.

Of course our saintly Edwin M. Lee who was on urgent business in Hong Kong - where he has off shore funds - and got a telephone - if he was interested - in being the next Mayor of San Francisco.

Edwin accepted it - and various conduits claim they had a role in creating this monster Mayor - Senator Diane Feinstein, Rose Park who recently passed away - the owner of AirB&B - Connely, - and god alone knows - whom.

Edwin has always been a weasel - he will say all that he says to placate - rosy stuff to make you think - that he will aid you - and do the opposite.

Thousands of innocent people have suffered during his sordid regime - corruption has reached saturation point. He had a role in what happened to " Shrimp Boy " - and " Keith Jackson " - we know the facts - and that is all that matters.

How can anyone knowing that the land - where once Depleted Uranium was tested - which is prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - more sea level rise - as the Bay is so close to the land on which the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - desires to fool as all - and build - 20, 000 units. 

He plans to rehabilitate now affordable housing - Public Housing - and the thousands of units - now " affordable housing " - the 30 year lease agreements coming to an end - much like the Fillmore complex - all slated to be turned into Market Rate Housing.

Soon those that know little - will be given " eviction notices " - and legally the Property Owners - will hire the attorney - to become Millionaires over night - properties - like All Hallows - Shoreline and so on and so forth. Now managed by Apartment Investment Management Company ( AIMCO).

There is always something happening in San Francisco - follow the AIMCO drama - you first heard it here. Aho.