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Thursday, September 8, 2016


The San Francisco Police Commission has become a known -circus.

Again and again the stakeholders - that is the community - the tax payers who pay their taxes - constituents who treasure their freedom - only for our FREEDOM - to be compromised.

The many murders on our street by some " rogue SF Police Officers " is very disturbing.

The lack of interest from the United States Attorney General - about what is going on in one of the most well know cities in America and the world - must be investigated - on a war footing.

United States Attorney General -
Loretta Lynch.

The SF Police Officers' Association is NOT a UNION.

Not in any sense of the word - as any other UNION that represent - UNION members.

 San Francisco  Officers pay their dues to this sordid Association to  get some representation - the SF Officers' Association rakes in over $8 million in dues and interest.

As part of the function of sorts - and it does " injustice " - to the constituents of San Francisco - we tax payers who pay the salaries of these "rogue SF Police Officers" - some 200 or so that belong to the SF Police Officers Association - the remaining are forced to pay their dues - and told that they will get - representation.

The majority pay their dues - but do not use the SF Police Officers' Association - for any help - what so ever.

The Blacks have their own Association, the Asians their own, the Latino Officers their own - making this picture all the more - convoluted. 

On the issues linked to " cultural competency " - " implicit bias " - "de-escalation " - " all sorts of force tactics " - the current mentality linked to " para- military tactics " - the SF Police Commission - procrastinates - has failed to address the issues in a forth right manner.

The SF Police Officers' Association has chosen to play hard ball - say and write one thing - and do something else.

The nonchalant SF Police Officers' Association - the President of the SF Police Commission Loftus.

Others on the SF Police Commission  - not all - but most - keep rubber stamping - matters of importance.

Turning their backs on the stakeholders - the tax payers of San Francisco - we constituents who pay each and every one of the SF Police Officers - their - very, very high salaries.

In order to arrive at consensus - break the ice - a model well known and exercised in some quarters - use " meet to confer ".

 In no way or  shape can one come to any conclusion that this model " meet to confer " - gives anyone the liberty to " meet to agree ". It is one thing to talk - just plain talk - and another to agree on important matters - that are wrapped with all sorts of policies, laws, and legalese. 

In these delicate negotiations - many issues are convoluted.

 The term " minimum force " - is taken to mean - different things to different  SF Police Officers - if an Officer subjectively feels - she or he is in harms way - they can use their loaded weapons to to kill the person.

Other option of lesser force - " de-escalation " the many better tools - that are now available - are thrown to the wind.

More if they deem subjectively speaking the person in question they are encountering - is capable of harming the SF Police Officer or Officers.

 This method or ploy to use ones loaded weapon - where there are other options - is in question - at this time.

The discussions have been long - but the more we prolong this conversation in good faith - we the stake holders, the tax payers - have been taken for a wild - ride.

We stakeholders were subjected to 6 - so called outreach meetings to give some input - to choose our next SF Police Chief. 

Check out the huge salaries these City Employees make:

We now have an interim Chief Toney Chaplin.

Our former Chief Gregory Suhr - according to Transparent California  - was paid $410, 938 .09 .

 Transparent California  has the report on other high ranking SF Police Officers - Deputy Chief Hector M. Sainez for example - makes $349, 405. 29

Mayor Edwin M. Lee makes $369, 908.14

Barbara A. Garcia - $ 385, 180.92 - she is the Director of SF Health Department.

The vast sums we pay those to protect us - the vast amounts in Over Time - given to the SF Police Department - needs to be evaluated - as part of any pertinent and required change.

The SF Police Commission was embarrassed when it was brought 
to their attention - by one of the attorneys - who was on the Blue Panel Commission - about the lack of collecting empirical data - more digital information - pertaining to " text message " - their availability for quick evaluation - and so on and so forth.

The SF Police Commission - tries to put its best foot forward - the problem is that the SF Police Commission - is not trusted - and more has NO foot to stand on - it talks the talk - the SF Police Commission - is not worth the salt.

San Franciscans will NOT waste their time - going to the SF Police Commission to speak their mind - just to find out - that the SF Police Commission - is using this ploy - to allow the stake holders to vent - while the SF Police Commission - conducts business as usual.

The SF Police Commissioners lack the ability to discern - more because they are NOT educated on issues - is pathetic.

More over the SF Police Commission does not have the history of the sordid SF Police Officers' Association - and less about the SF Police Commission itself.

Suspect is the SF Human Resources Department - that has all the resources.

Favors - convoluted policies that can circumvent any issue - there have been City employees charged and fined by the Fair Political Action Committee - the SF Ethics Commission - and yet these 
City Employees - have their jobs.

 Case in point the Assistant General Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission - Juliet Ellis.

Our City and County of San Francisco - has a reached a point of no return.

Powerful forces - the MACHINE - Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Edwin M. Lee  ( a lap dog) - others who call the shots.

 I have named them before - do not have the interests of the common person, the tax payers that once were respected - no more.

It is so sad to see our City and County and more those who have been charged to protect us - turn their backs - on the constituents who made our unique neighborhoods  - in this great City and County of San Francisco.

City employees - most of them leave outside San Francisco - our SF Police Officers - even when they make huge salaries - give a damn about our FREEDOM.

There is FREEDOM and there is LICENSE - abuse of FREEDOM is LICENSE.

That is what is prevalent in our City and County today.

The SF Police Commission right now has failed the constituents of San Francisco and can be taken to Court.

So can the SF Police Officers" Association.

The " text message " revealed as part of the Blue Ribbon Panel - says it all - the language supersedes anything we have witnessed before - despicable and disgusting.

Nauseating and filthy - only some low down scum bags - would liberally text one another and take pride it such language.

For sure if such types of SF Police Officers' take an oath and still be on the SF Police Department Force - we need a complete over haul.

If it took so long for the present SF Police Commission - to find out about these filthy, disgusting, despicable remarks made to Blacks and people of Color in general.

More to  fellow SF Police Officers who are Blacks and SF Police Officers of color - than the SF Police Commission has failed.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed - the man who talks a lot about - " shared equity ". Look at all the poverty and homelessness - the congestion on our streets  - Quality of Life issues - thrown to the wind.

The constituents of San Francisco no longer respect - the SF Police Commission.

The sooner you all step down and fade away the better.

Each and everyone of you - the most disgusting of you all - Joe Marshall - a chronic sell out of the first order. Aho.