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Friday, June 3, 2016


Tracy Arm, Alaska - the Glaziers melting -
in this pristine environment -
seeing is believing.

My wife and I took this cruise leaving San Francisco - embarked on board - the 16 story Grand Princes - to see for ourselves and gather the empirical data - linked to Climate Change - that is all talk - most everywhere.

 We all talk about " Climate Change " but seeing is believing.

When - before your eyes - you see huge chunks of ice - float by you - knowing that if this goes on - forever and more rapidly. Much of what we see today -  the huge glaziers - will be no more - there is always tons of talk - mostly hot air - and with this " sea level rise " - and other pertinent issues - put on the back burner.

The clean ports - the clean streets, 
the stores and people so hospitable - in the many cities and towns I visited.

Here is San Francisco - we are adversely impacted by congestion, the increase in the Carbon footprint - the skyscrapers and the unwanted development - favors the greedy developers - and the very crooked politicians - leading the pack Mayor Edwin Lee.

You take a break - as  most do when they have reached the saturation point. The stress that Room 200 City Hall has inflicted on those that love this City - know no bounds. 

Mayor Edwin Lee thinks - he can use us - like a dirty rag and toss us around. Well, this is not China - sorry not to be political correct - but the man is a lap dog - and the only way - to make him bark and behave - is to treat him like a " pariah " dog.

 I was forced to take a break from the heavy, hectic life - that is San Francisco - where I make my abode. 

Dealing with the utter nonsense mostly coming out of Room 200 at City Hall - evil folks - doing San Franciscans in - time for a REVOLUTION.

Before I left I was on the front lines - addressing the many adverse impacts - brought about by our inept, spineless, and lacking poor leadership Mayor Edwin Lee.

His advisors having no clue what is happening at ground zero - many of them single - living a bohemian life - they have no clue what San Francisco families are experiencing - daily in their lives.

The shooting and killings - the increase in homelessness, the protestors that are fed up with Mayor Edwin Lee and crooked San Francisco Supervisors like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Winer - may I say more - Katy Tang and Mark Farrell.

The very high rents - the breaks given to entities like AirB&B, the Academy of Art University converting rental units into dormitories - rental units that came under rent control.

The cities and more small towns I visited - have so much to be proud of. Victoria Canada - not far from San Francisco by air - proudly show off their homes, their gardens, their landmarks - and shame San Francisco - for going back wards - and undoing what all our great City once stood for and presented to our tourists.

Daily we hear of break ins, mugging - more adversely impact our tourists. Our stupid, idiotic Mayor bragging we are a First Class City - what great city treats the tourists - with disdain. More with a $9.6 Billion budget - failing to address Quality of Life issues.

One of thousands of photographs I have as proof -
we in San Francisco use to keep our environs clean,
and take care of our gardens, streets - no more.

Soon as one visits the towns - visit the people - talk to the people -
in the many towns and cities I visited - you fully come to an understanding - how backward San Francisco has become - instead of being progressive - our City is going to the dumps - literally.

You see and comprehend - clearly - the environment makes the people so civilized.  They are health and cheerful. This standing Mayor we have in San Francisco - is a JOKE.

This Mayor Edwin Lee - has made skyscrapers and other projects that encourages congestion, increase the Carbon Footprint - projects that adversely impacts our environment - his mission.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and I say as the Tribal Liaison that Mayor Edwin Lee - has disgraced the First People of this land. 

I repeat  - he had disgraced the First People of this land.

I have been very patient with this man - who speaks from both sides of his mouth. Enough is enough.

The train trip up thousands of feet from sea level -
men in search gold - meeting the challenged of nature -
craving tunnels through the huge granite rocks -
all this and more - made this train trip memorable

As you all know - many of us want Mayor Edwin Lee to go.

Suffice to say that he is a pain in our ass - and the man still does not get it.

The recall to remove him is on - and he must now make up his mind. 

He has stayed put - surrounded by  tight security - a coward.

 No Mayor of San Francisco - in the history of San Francisco - has behaved so cowardly -  as has -Mayor Edwin Lee.

My dear wife Maria Da Costa and I pose -
the many events held on the cruise ship the Grand Princess -
where you can wine and dine and dance -
something I am not used to - but you have to go with the flow.

We must not let the crooks the likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Edwin Lee, Gavin Newsom - the crooked Negro sell outs like London Breed and Malia Cohen - hoodwink us.

This is election time and today I voted for Bernie Sanders.

I cannot stand the lying Hillary Clinton - and we must take to task the millionaires who are funding this evil person - Hillary Clinton. The Clinton dynasty is not what we want - pathetic to say the least - Bill Clinton and now his wife - Hillary Clinton.

The Emerald Green waters - will be no more.
Climate changes - is here to stay - and adversely impact millions.

I waited for those fasting to end their fast at the behest of the community - here in San Francisco.

We advocates that have the connections and know more than City Hall - the evil ones that wheel and deal -  and do not care for human life - we did  not want those fasting to die.

More Mama Christina - who showed true leadership- - she had the tenacity and fortitude to stand up - and put her life on the line.

Those fasting - fasted for 17 days - on the 7th and 8th day - we had issues with most of those fasting - and we had to call in the medical staff - to monitor the situation at hand. On the 17th day - we the community - took upon ourselves - to mandate those fasting - to call the fast off.

We now will target Mayor Edwin Lee and those evil and devious entities who did not show any respect for life. We will do all in our power - to rid the " cancer " - that plagues San Francisco politics - today. Make no bones about it - you evil politicians are put on notice.

The episode had many facets - I clearly saw our City had no experience what so ever to handle the situation - at hand.

 As we all - who were in the trenches - witnessed - our City had no one person to take charge of the City and County of San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin Lee made a fool of himself - joined by Paul Henderson and Joe Marshal - two Blacks who have no idea how DEEP - the Brown and Black unity has grown.

These three musketeers decided to take on those " fasting ' only to make a fool of themselves. Those fasting had one message - they will not meet the Mayor - they would with the community present. The Mayor has no understanding of " unity " - it just a matter of time - before Mayor Edwin Lee - will have to go.

I took this break - more at the behest of my wife - there is only so much one can do - and the many hours - addressing the very heavy and difficult issues and resolving them - forced me to take some time off.

 This cruise taken at the right time - created a great difference - brought me back to San Francisco - refreshed. I needed the much need rest.

One of many shows - held every night -
where many attend and enjoy themselves.

One of many decks - where you can relax -
a few feet away - good restaurants -
cafes - and even bars  -  top musicians entertaining.

Information booths - that provide information -
cater to to your needs - tours, and most anything 
you want - Princess excels when it comes to customer service.