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Thursday, June 16, 2016


We all know that the State of California laws supersede the diabolical laws and permits - San Francisco issues - permits that   favor paid expeditors  who can deliver permits on a platter.

Our San Francisco Planning Commission and SF Planning Department - have been forced to work with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has done everything in his power to work with "  rogue developers " the likes of Lennar Urban and Forest City.

Raking in millions to fill his campaign coffers - off shore accounts - and junkets to carry on his devious activities - his trips to Brazil, Hawaii - other places - we have the empirical data.

Today the Mayor cannot walk the streets of San Francisco freely - even though he is supposedly the Mayor - the coward has to be accompanied by - Security - and more Security - that we the tax payers - have to fork out.

The large development slated for Pier 70 by Forest City - has little if no meaningful vetting - and it is the same with thousands of units and a large shopping mall - planned at Candlestick Point.

Many in San Francisco - still think the Candlestick still stands. Candlestick is no more - and today - millions of tons of poor dirt - with high of PH - fifteen feet high - have been piled on the old parking lot - in front of the torn down Candlestick Stadium.

The surrounding community by Candlestick Point - has been adversely impacted by winds that have carried " dirt " - laden with contaminants - to near by homes. No one seems to care.

Not the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) - not the San Francisco Health Department headed by Barbara Garcia.

Not Tomas Argon - who can do something - but has done nothing at all - working in some capacity for the SF Health Department.

When Notice of Violations have been given to Lennar Urban - again and again the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has asked the BAAQMD to look the other way.

More at the behest of Tiffany Bohee - who single handedly has failed to represent the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency. Has BLOOD on her hands - she thinks she can fool all the people - all the time.

Again and again - meetings are noticed - by the office of Tiffany Bohee and cancelled.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has bee pandering to her office - much like he has been pandering to the many heads of SF Departments - here in San Francisco.

Working with those that listen to Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who pander to his evil and sordid - wishes.

It does not help that we have a good for nothing Supervisor that represent District 10 - in Malia Cohen.

Every time she opens her mouth - with heavy make up - trying every wig in the cheap stories she visits - to make her look something - you really cannot look good - when you are - very ugly - sore to the eye.

District 10 is going to change drastically - and right now - the Blacks that once were in District 10 in the majority - their population spiraling - they are in the minority. A meagre 2 percent of the population of District 10.

Stand on Third Street - and and you can count more White Folks with poodles - than decent Black - well dressed - and those few - that you see - are hooked on drugs - disheveled - and many do not care to take a shower - less wear some  decent -cologne.

Right by Third Street on Palou - there is circle -  Mendel Plaza -where folks - come early each morning - and sit down until late at night - every single day. Wasting their time - involved with stuff and sales that cannot be mentioned.

Three or four cameras are trained on these poor souls - when the PO POES - get all the required footage - the round up - those that they desire to round up - and no one gives a damn.

The District 10 Supervisor lives with her newly acquired husband - on Potrero Hill -  where mostly white folks live.

Never once has any one seen here talk to the constituents that need help - on Third Street - more Mendel Plaza and the surrounding area. So why the " freaking hell " did you Malia choose to run for office?

The Southeast Sector is the last frontier - where a concerted effort can bring about change. There is talk of a causeway that will carry the traffic to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Most of the current plans - call for increasing the population - with no sound Transportation Plans for the area - less child care and good schools - even less Health Facilities, absolutely no opportunity for career jobs - for sound salaries.

There is talk of brooding the roads - in and around Harney Way - but the community as such - has no clue about all these impending changes.

We have over 30, 000 homes vacant - in San Francisco.

Over 25, 000 market rate condominiums vacant - some used for two or three months a year.

When it comes to catering to those that make $30, 000 and below a year - there is nothing available. And if by chance you find a one bed room unit for rent. It will cost you an arm and a leg - $3500 for a one bed room unit - if not more. 

A two bed room now rents for over $5000 in many places in San Francisco.

Our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and most of our SF Board of Supervisors - have no clue how much damage this - skyrocketing of the rent - and other adverse impacts - mostly linked to Quality of Life issues - have forced over 40, 000 families in the last 5 years.

In the meantime anything that is basic to living - food, rent, health insurance, clothes - you name it - has risen. 

The quality is not as good as before - say 15 years ago - but you pay an arm and a leg.

Some of us advocates go the City Hall - and the SF Board of Supervisors - continue to talk about " fake policies " - twisting arms - try to figure out - ways and means - to foster hidden agendas.

No one truly cares about the people - more, with Scott Wiener who has taken money - thousands of dollars - from devious entities like AirB&B, developers.

When he talk like a " drone " boring - going on and on and on.

Calls himself a queer but has worked against the queer folks living in San Francisco.

Sounds strange - but it is a fact - queers folks do not like him - he is all for himself and his very - hidden agenda - that adversely impacts - thousands. He can look you in the eye and lie.

Thousands of poor - are now living on the streets of San Francisco.

 Every week - the are moved - their merge personal things confiscated and destroyed.

This City is named after Saint Francisco of Assisi - but you would not know that - more  about the " compassion " - that most of us San Franciscans practice and acknowledge.

Shame on those who with intent - harm the poor - more the poor that are ill - have been starving - their medicines taken from them as part of the many round ups - and destroyed. 

Their clothes too - and not one from the eleven SF Board of Supervisors - has addressed the above on going - facts.

We now have thousands who state to you - when you get their trust - they have been on the streets - continuously for over 8 years and some for over 10 years. Unbelievable. 

In the interim our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee brags he has given hope and a roof to 500 individuals - we have over 35, 000 people who need urgent shelter. 

At least 25, 000 homeless - sleeping under bridges, under bushes, in vehicles  - anywhere - where they can find hope and some succor - each and every day. Aho.

This is Ohlone land - not land that belong to folks like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener , Mark Farrell and Katy Tang - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who truly cares less about San Francisco - he himself a transplant for Oregon.

The above sordid characters - surely do not want me to address them - in public and what I think about them. 

Suffice to say they are a disgrace to the human race - they just have to tally their follies - the many illegal and nefarious activities they have been involved in. Many charges brought against them - and taken to the Sunshine Task Force and move on to the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

Time for the RICO ACT to be implement and these scum bags sen to the jail for long terms. Barring such action soon - if we the people keep tolerating the schemes, their ploys and machinations - the end result will be a revolt - the likes no one has ever seen - before.