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Thursday, June 23, 2016


The Mayor of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has adversely impacted Quality of Life issues.

When it comes to housing, transportation, career jobs, health, education, the quality of our air - our waters which are the Bay and the watershed - all once pristine now no more.

Congestion on our roads - crime - and murders of people of color  - homeless on our streets and getting worse by the hour.

The lap dog  Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee - has little to say - except - spew diatribe and contaminate the environment - further.

Mayor Libby Schaaf from Oakland - is no better - ran on a platform to address Police Reform in Oakland.

Today she is swimming in the " cesspool of her own creation " she is drowning - and she has lost all respect and will not gain it - for sure not from the people of color - that she has been hoodwinking and lying to.

Today we see that Mayor Libby Schaaf's  shallow promises and her dictatorial ways - have impeded - " meaningful dialog ".

Some three Police Chiefs appointed and removed in a span of a few weeks. This one fact shows that Mayor Libby Schaaf may talk the talk - but she has failed to walk the walk.

In San Francisco the Black population is a meagre 3% and in Oakland 28% and spiraling - Blacks have been targeted - both in San Francisco and Oakland. Large segments of the population removed - in Oakland and San Francisco - gentrification.

In San Francisco - even though the Black population is only 3% - we have a total population of 850, 000 in San Francisco - the factors linked to homelessness, abject poverty, chronic disease such as respiratory diseases, cancer, others - inflict Black more than others.

Our SF Health Department and our Mayor - look the other way - but not for long. We must hold them accountable.

If the Mayors of Oakland and San Francisco find it hot in the kitchen - get out. Fade into oblivion - better anyone one - than some one who pretends to be Mayor - but their heart in not in the right place.

If we visit our shelters  in San Francisco - many filthy and noisy. Women and children preyed upon - more than 40% of those in the shelters - are Black in San Francisco. 

I have visited the shelters in SF - incognito - and know what I have seen - and what I have seen has traumatized and shocked the core of my being.

We have two Black Supervisors in San Francisco - Malia Cohen from District 10 and London Breed from District 5 - both despicable and have done nothing much - for people of color.

If we visit the jails those jailed - the constituents of San Francisco - it is not uncommon to find - more than 50% of the inmates - Black. Why? And this has been going on for the last 30 years.

Again and again - when Blacks are stopped by the Police both in Oakland and San Francisco - they are treated with disdain.

Searched, handcuffed, told to sit on the side walk - spoken to with disrespect , abused and bitten - and I have seen this - both in Oakland and San Francisco.

The empirical data is there - the reports are there - but we are NOT united - to follow a Blue Print in Unity - to make good things happen.

Both Mayor Libby Schaaf who is being exposed  - right now - who has been working with some folks in her City of Oakland - to target Blacks.

7 Blacks have died during her term in recent months - and each case cries to heaven for justice.

When asked if this is true - the answer given - " we cannot say anything the allegations are under investigation ". 

This type of answers - always means when you see some smoke - there must be fire - present.

Both in San Francisco and Oakland our Black Pastors have NOT united - as many Black pastors - have done in cities all over this Nation.

Our Blacks leaders - the Black caucuses in the Assembly and Senate in California - in Congress and the Senate - can do more - must have done nothing - much.

In California we have State Attorney General Kamala Harris - she has nothing for the Blacks.

She has favored the Department of Justice (DOJ) - that I call the Department of Jokers.

Using the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) from the DOJ - who cannot investigate.

All that COPS does is - collect information from interviews - and produce lengthy reports - and lie on the shelves collecting - dust for years. We the people do not believe in pacification - we want meaningful - action.

We found out through some sources that the Oakland Police Department is not " in receivership " - meaning the Federal Government investigating all levels of the Oakland Police Department - with authority to adjudicate and bring about quick charges.

It is being monitored by some entity - some " drab monitoring " much like a fox guarding the hen house.

Every time we ask for an independent investigation -  our politicians in San Francisco - fly to Washington D.C. sit down with the Attorney General - who is Black.

Cozy with her - and the Attorney General will  send the entity named  COPS - the COPS have no power to investigate. They waste our time - and cannot conduct themselves with accountability and transparency.

Now that Barbara Lee and the members of the Black Caucus have a sit down - in Congress - a fine example of action that is meaningful.

 Resurrecting - some of the tactics - of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - other stalwarts who participated and are still alive - in Congress and the Senate - at last some light is being shed.

The constituents of this Nation - who have suffered from gun violence - other adversed impacts - now - see some light at the end of that very - dark tunnel.

Our Black President Barack Hussein Obama - has failed us in Oakland and San Francisco - pandering to Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - other donors that given him campaign money - it is all about money - and less decency and respect for those that most need - help.

Others - SF leaders, politicians - many of color - who do not want to speak to the murders committed by the SF Police Department.

We are a City and County of San Francisco - and we can show the way - but again and again San Francisco has led the wrong way - and adversely impacted - people of color.

San Francisco shamelessly - instituted " gang injunctions " we fought them - and slow but surely - the implementation was put on the back fire. However the damage was done.

It was the same in Oakland - the then Mayor Jerry Brown - using military tanks - and SWAT teams armed to the heel - with para-military equipment - trying to bully some " small set  " on the streets of Oakland.

Black leaders from San Francisco - met with Black leaders from Oakland and untied - and then Mayor Jerry Brown - apologized - light had to be shed - when we saw areas of importance in  utter darkness.

Both San Francisco and Oakland - the Cities must go under mandated " Federal Receivership " - on all levels where the constituents are governed - and grants and loans received from the Federal Government.

Both Oakland and San Francisco - are pawns of the developers - others in power - the same crooks that brought about the Economic spiraling of our Economy in 2008. 

Second around 2018 - which is less than two years - from now.

San Francisco is already gentrified - large sections of the population in the Mission, in the Bayview, in the South of Market Area - slow creeping in other neighborhoods. 

The filth rich will rule - the poor -removed - cast away to die a slow death - we are witnessing the reality both in Oakland and San Francisco today - Blacks look at other poor Blacks - and NO compassion is shown - today the Black are living in some hot spots in San Francisco and Oakland - worse than the days of slavery.

East Oakland is being bought lock, stock and barrel by the Zionists - their fancy name for East Oakland - East San Francisco.

You take the Bart from San Francisco and in less than ten minutes - you arrive in East Oakland.

The people who once lived in East Oakland cannot believe what they are witnessing - the reality check has shocked them - Mayor Libby Schaff is pussyfooting around - and her days are numbered.

Her speeches at the forums organized by the Business Times - nonsense, chaff - hot air - tons of talk and no walk.

The Blacks from Oakland and San Francisco San Francisco have shared a common destiny from the early 1800s. Few know about this - but that is a fact.

Stellar Black leaders, the famous Buffalo Soldiers, the famous Porters,  Blacks businessmen, the Jazz musicians, Engineers,  Black Restaurants, Newspapers - SF had 16 newspapers - at one time  and clubs, Churches, and I can go on and on.

Unlike other cities in the Nation - from the inception Blacks participated in the building of Oakland and San Francisco.

We fail to realize that - and on the political front we have always had and still do have some Black - political leaders - worth the salt.

It is time we take an inventory - and prove to those that want to target who is the BOSS.

For sure the land was stolen - from the Ohlone - both Oakland and San Francisco comes under the jurisdiction of the OHLONE.

I represent large areas - and again and again - Sacred Remains are an issue. The University of California Berkeley - has 10, 000 
Ohlone sacred remains - kept in cases - in some gym.

The Ohlone have a sound relationship with the Blacks of Oakland and San Francisco - we can start from there - and build on all our achievements - we have a right to this land - and a right to be respected and treated as human beings.

We need to work with your youth of color - from our middle schools, to our high schools, to our colleges, to our universities.

The many advocates and intellectuals who have failed to incorporate in the thinking and unification of all people of color.

 Blacks are larger than life - and not peons and minions - to be had.

In certain arenas - Basketball for example -we see our gladiator Blacks - vie for the ball - fight - and even create tension - Black on Black - the teams are owned by the Whites - and they laugh behind our backs.

We must ask who laughs all the way to the Bank - and why do we tolerate the lack of unity - the great divide - the disparity in San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda - a third world nation - San Francisco has a budget of 9.6 Billion - plus.

Why so many - people of color the homeless in San Francisco?

It is the same in politics - the leaders want us to believe and hoodwink us - but few among us - can read between the lines.

Only those educated on issues  -only those  leaders with their heart in the right place - can take us all to a better - place.

Frederick Douglass - a self taught man - took on President Abraham Lincoln and proved to be more eloquent and wise.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - the leader of the Civil Rights Movement - who won so many rights that most of us take for granted.

We can and must take on those that have stolen the land, those that have engineered ploys and machinations - to adversely impact us all.

Those that continue to use people of color - like a dirty rag - use us as pawns.

We have our rights - now, we must  have the best leadership -  good leaders show the way, go the way, and know the way.