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Friday, May 20, 2016


Mayor Ed Lee - and Toney Chaplin -
San Francisco's new Interim Chief of Police.

Mayor Edwin Lee - the Mayor of San Francisco has never, ever been known for his leadership. He will sit on the fence and then watch and see - which side is green - before jumping - and making his choice.

Mayor Edwin Lee's -  actions - often too late - after causing a lot of damage - San Francisco has not seen it all -  there is more.

The Mayor has been pussyfooting with devious Blacks that he consults - folks like Amos Brown - who is a House Negro - who has been selling out his community in the Western Addition - creating divisiveness - and this man - must NOT be trusted - ever.

San Francisco's Interim Chief of Police  -
Toney Chaplin.

For starters - as all of you can see - Interim Chief Toney Chaplin - by the very fact that he is Black -  has his work cut out for him.

Hopefully - Interim Chief Toney Chaplin - will review and put in place - certain Standard Operating Procedures - that embrace - Cultural Competency. Given the authority vested in him - he can created and enforced Orders - that must be followed by the San Francisco Police Officers.

Our City and County is suffering - it is traumatized - and it does not help that Mayor Ed Lee runs to Amos Brown -  the African American Police Review Board - that can be compared to the KKK - only Black people harming Black people and others.

Where is the justice - for 
Officer Yolanda Williams and Officer Lorenzo Adamson.

Right now for example - if have two innocent Black Police Officers - Officer Yolanda Williams and  Officer Lorenzo Adamson - both astute Black Police Officers - that I personally know. 

Both are away from work - are innocent - but put on leave - and each day they stay away from home - they are traumatized. From where does this discrimination come?

OfficerYolanda Williams' - God Mother - is Dr. Espanola Jackson.

Since, I was close to Dr. Espanola Jackson - I know this case - and have been following it - with great diligence.

I owe it to Dr. Espanola Jackson - who has since passed away - to fight for her - God child. 

It is my prayer and hope - that Interim Chief Toney Chaplin - who I know - and he knows me - from my writings and other engagements - will do the right thing.

Officer Lorenzo Adamson's - tried to resolve his case - it does not help - that our San Francisco Police Commission - and the SF Police Internal Affairs - have an active progressive - " cancer " - malignant  - that must be dealt with.

Officer Lorenzo Adamson's case will be held on June 1, 2016 - that gives us all - sufficient time - to come before the San Francisco Police Commission - and see for ourselves - how this particular case  - will be -  adjudicated.

Mayor Edwin Lee -
inept, spineless,  immoral - no cajones - an utter failure.

This man above is a JOKE.

He has been wheeling and dealing -  the sordid  actions that this City and County has taken - forced a few " warriors " - four men and one woman - who fasted and put their lives on the line.

Even after 17 days -  Mayor Edwin Lee - preferred that they DIE - rather than - meet the five fasting warriors - early on and  have a dialog - that could have avoid - so much suffering and bring about a holistic - solution.

When everything failed - I reached out to the main entities - Paul Henderson, Diane Aroche, the Mayor -Chief Suhr - others - and the parties agreed to talk - to the leader of those fasting - on the 15th day.

On one side Mayor Edwin Lee - on the other side - the leader of those fasting - Edwin Lindo. The Mayor did not want to meet the demand of those fasting - and the Mayor did not have the ability to seek a compromise. The Mayor's ability to negotiate - is next to nothing - nada - zero.

Had I been given the opportunity to resolve the situation at hand - it would take me less than an hour. I would being about a solution - because I knew - all the parties - concerned.

Mayor Edwin Lee has no experience - when it comes to negotiations - less any training in de-escalation. Less in socializing - his joke are flat - and his demeanor - sleazy.

Most of all - he does not have the temperament - to discern - find the best method or way - to bring any important issue - to a successful conclusion.  Win win situation - that most Mayor's have the ability to display - and prove their mettle. 


Some of us advocates have been on the front line - trying to bring peace - advocating for " Community Policing " - doing what many City Agencies - cannot do.

It is a shame - and more nauseating that we have a Mayor - who does not have the " balls " - to discern and take sound actions. 

This Mayor has look the other way - while congestion, high rents, homelessness, truancy, increase in crime in the neighborhood,  lack of Quality of Life issues in short - have been - compromised.

All he cares - is fill in campaign coffers - and take care of his off shore accounts. Time will tell.

It does not help we have two Black Supervisors - London Breed from District 5 and Malia Cohen from District 10 - who have failed to represent - and are SELL OUTS

The Mayor Edwin Lee - 
forces Chief Gregory Suhr to resign -
May 19, 2016 - at a hasty press conference.

The resignation of Chief Gregory Suhr yesterday, May 19, 2016 - calumniated - with the killing of a young woman 29 years old - pregnant - caught in a circumstance - where her life could have been spared - but a rogue SF Police Officer - chose to settle the score - with his gun.

I was in a meeting - heard the report - and sent a text to  Chief  Gregory Suhr -requesting him  - that, I wanted to know - what really took place.

He got to me quickly - told me he just left the scene - that the woman was in a stolen car - that her car was pinned down - that she was trying to get away - that a SF Police Sargent - from the Bayview Police station - arrived and fired one shot. 

The woman was taken to SF General Hospital and pronounced - dead. Her name is Jessica Williams and she is 29 years old.

This incident - after the many hours we spent at the Mission Police Station - the many hours in deliberations at meetings.

The many hours - trying to bring peace - the many hours at City Hall - even got to me.

So when I got the text from my friends - as I was attending another meeting in the Western Addition - that evening - a Town Hall meeting - which we had to recess.

 The many texts declaring that  the Mayor had accepted Chief Gregory Suhr's resignation.

I knew this was how - Mayor Edwin Lee - was washing his hand - much like Pontius Pilate.

Use people like a dirty rag - and throw them away.

Muwekma Ohone Warrior -
San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone land -
no one else has Patrimonial Jurisdiction.

This Mayor Edwin Lee is  a Joke. I met him in his office - pathetic to say the least - in the presence of Paul Henderson who is his chief advisor on ( Violence Prevention and Intervention) and Arturo Carillo - who gave me a ride to his office - and I requested to join us.

I found out first hand - when it comes to empirical data - the man is NOT educated on issues - and more ignorant an arrogant. Those who heard me speak - and those who heard the Mayor that day speak - can gauge for themselves.

Daily the Mayor Edwin Lee - will order heads of Departments to visit him - much like " Caligula " - then say things to them - that makes no sense.

Trained as a Civil Rights Attorney - he has learned nothing much - the only aspect of his life that is now well documented - is  the wheeling and dealing. That is the legacy that he will leave.

Mayor Edwin Lee played a role with the Shrimp Boy affair - we all know that - even before that - cases were filed against him - when is was connected with Contracting Office and more as City Administrator.

Crime has increased on our streets - other Quality of Life issues - compromised - and the Mayor Edwin Lee must take responsibility - the buck stops at his table.

In all the time I have known - Mayor Edwin Lee - the man has shown NO leadership.

Even when I invited him to my office at Executive Park - pathetic - he has nothing holistic to offer.

Recently he made two junkets one to Brazil and the other to Israel - to wheel and deal - and the actions linked to these two junkets - will come to haunt him.

Finally the Black pastors - with the exception of a few - have all stood and witnessed the Mayor Edwin Lee - sell out San Francisco. Many of them aiding and abetting the Mayor - to divide our community.

Mayor Edwin Lee spreads some STALE - bread crumbs around. He think he can fool all the people all the time.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

The Muwekma Ohlone have put their trust in me - and I have been watching this City and County - desecrate Sacred Remains - of the Ohlone.

Our SF Planning Commission - do things that are illegal - keeping the Muwekma Ohlone at Bay - and not informing them - as per protocol.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - committing atrocities at Sunol - desecrating Sacred Remains - and then at the last hour - trying to rectify the actions.

Mayor Edwin Lee and his cronies at the SF Neighborhood Services - celebrating Native American Month - and dishonoring the Muwekma Ohlone - by failing to invite the First People of this area.

The Mayor Edwin Lee - may have acted like Pontius Pilate - this one time and got away with murder of a higher order. His time is coming.

Daily - his wheeling and dealings - have come to light -  the illegal doings, discriminations, other adverse impacts - that have been brought to light - our City Departments - employing some 30, 000 employees - and not all City Department Heads - are held accountable. Time will tell.

Supervisor Malia Cohen - a House Negro -
a known sell out - and has NOT represented -
District 10 - where Jessica Nelson - was killed.

This Black woman Jessica Williams - aged 29 years - from Middle Point, Hunter Point - District 10 - pregnant - was killed yesterday - May 19, 2016.

What did Supervisor Malia Cohen have to say? She said she will work - with the Office of Citizens' Complaints and Investigation - and report the matter to them. Wow!

The Office of Citizens' Complaints and Investigation - is known - for dragging a matter - reviving a horse - beating it - reviving it again - and using nefarious methods - to dismiss cases.

Supervisor Malia Cohen is a sell out - wheeling and dealing with developers - think she can get away with murder. She simply does not get it - that she is NOT capable of representing - as long as she acts like a political whore - that she has been - from day one.

It is the same with Supervisor London Breed. Begging people to collect a thousands signatures - before the time limit - to produce before the Department of Elections - so that she can recover some money - and use it for - whatever.

Supervisor London Breed - has forgotten where she comes from - her roots - Public Housing and abject poverty.

 She knows what I am talking about - but you would not know that - the way she acts and runs her dirty - mouth. She bo bo - Amos Brown - that what she says - that how she thinks - her mentality - that of a chronic - sell out. Aho.