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Friday, June 24, 2016


When San Francisco Mayor - Edwin M. Lee dares to say that San Francisco is a world class city - he thinks people are not listening carefully - the more the people - who know listen - the more Mayor Edwin M. Lee - makes a bloody - FOOL of himself.

The congestion on our streets, the many skyscrapers that have changed our skyline for the worse - the poor education afforded our children, and health care too. 

The poor transportation - with brand new buses breaking down - the many other failed policies - have made Mayor Edwin M. Lee - one of the most hated mayors - San Francisco - has ever had.

His recent inauguration at City Hall - was a mess - the protestors showered the guests with coffee and other liquids.

 Among - those showered Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Dianne Feinstein, others too many to mention -  most of them corrupt and his lackeys - and most of them were there to support this lap dog - that has failed San Francisco.

The recent Democratic County Central Committee results - saw most of the supporters of Mayor Edwin M. Lee defeated. 

Those who aspired to work with developers, make millions,  fill the campaign coffers of folks like Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, of course the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - and other mostly Democrats - that have lost their mind. These vermin talk too much and have failed to represent us all.

City Hall is moving in another direction - you see the difference - and it is for the worst.

You hear  the debates get  - " bitter " - from time to time.

Supervisors - Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, London Breed, and Malia Cohen - still continue to back those developers that are corrupt.

Back polices - that adversely impact - mostly decent, hard working -  tax paying - constituents of San Francisco.

San Francisco is changing - and Aaron Peskin is slowly but surely creating opportunities - laying the foundation to take over from the former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr nearing 82 years.

Aaron Peskin in his fifties - has come in for the second time - after serving two terms as a Supervisor - termed out.

Aaron Peskin is vying for the position - that the Progressive lost out - the last time around - due to their foolishness - Aaron wants to  be Mayor of San Francisco - time will tell.

The many drastic changes and lengths that these politicians go to  amend our General Management Plan.

Trying - to address the pressing needs of so called " affordable housing " - legalese - and making things much too convoluted.

No one wants to address decent housing for those making less than $40, 000 a year - with timelines and goals.

The price of concrete and just the high cost of living - today make building an unit per square foot - a hundred time more expensive - cutting profits - and the only units - developers can build - are the ones the can sell to those that have too much money.

Talk is cheap - and we see politicians using their tongue - wag it until it is sore - it is a pity that tongue does not have a bone - if it did - many tongues in Room 250 - who break - fall loose - and talking would cease - as we know it today.

The two House Negros - Malia Cohen and London Breed - are just that - they talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

Both District 5 that London Breed purports to represent - and District 10 which Malia Cohen purports to represent - have NOT seen any meaningful - representation.

Blacks in the thousands have left San Francisco. No one paid to the document " The Hidden Agenda " - giving a report - much to a " needs assessment". That document that was prepared in the 1960s - sits on the shelves - collecting dust.

A recent document titled " The Out Migration " - much like birds migrate from place to place - is full of verbosity - and those who prepared it - lack any sense of urgency - and failed to address - safe guards for Blacks in San Francisco.

Today thousands live in Vallejo, and further North - never, ever to step into San Francisco. Some of them fell victim to the spiraling economy in the year 2008 - and some of them are homeless again - only this time it is not San Francisco.

Sophie Maxwell after a long rest - has now decided to join politics again.

Sophie may be following the lead of Aaron Peskin - running for political office - and may get the seat that she held before - as Supervisor of - District 10.

Malia Cohen the present Supervisor  has failed  -miserably.

 She now dresses like a clown - changing her wigs - lowering her bust line.

Grinning like a jack ass - opens her mouth - saying stuff that betrays her ignorance - has no clue the damage she is doing at City Hall and ignoring all the standards of sound and good government.

How she got to be the District 10 Supervisor is anyone guess - but we who know her roots - and her attitude - have this to say  and let us make it plain -  " Malia Cohen  is very bad news ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee continues to have his ribbon cuttings - but there is no sense to the ribbon cutting saga.

 Some playground that was left unattended for decades - the Gilman playground was revamped - only for a young girl to be molested - by some youth.

So there you have it a play ground must be a safe haven - but when there is no security - and safety is compromised - and this has been brought to the attention of the Mayor - but,  he has nothing to say.

The Mayor has decided to speak about the two cyclists who recent were killed.

Other cyclists  take on cars - they,  think they have some power - because they have a Political Action Pact  (PAC).

 The cyclists tried to deceive us by introducing a fake Environmental Impact Report - to accommodate bikes on our heavily traversed road - hill roads that are the signature - of our City and the more than 50 hills - that once were there and now are leveled.

Death by collision - the cyclists - taking on car and bigger vehicles - is something we all witness - and those that ride the bikes - pay no license to ride their bikes - and they all take the liberty to exercise license - which is abuse of - freedom.

The Mayor does not know how to handle these collision cases -  he is quick to receive thousand of dollars from the cyclists and their Political Action Committee ( PAC) and the blame game goes on - and the more he tries to address situation like the above - the more he makes a fool of himself.

The congestion on our roads are the worst ever - sometimes it takes one full hour to cross four blocks - tempers fly - and all this and more have forced thousands to leave San Francisco - and live in other counties.

Public transportation is getting worse - and in parts - there is no reliable transportation - the Southeast Sector - the buses 23, 44, 24, 19 .

The Third Street Light Rail - that goes round the City to get to Balboa Park.

It starts from 4th and King and stops in the middle of Visitation Valley - no where.

Over $800 million were expanded - the Mayor then was Willie L. Brown Jr - he and his minions made hay while the sun was shinning.

Much the same as the Central subway - that started with an estimated cost of $600 million - and now is nearly $2 Billion.

 With cost over runs - the businesses in and around Union Square, North Beach adversely impacted.

The Mayor and his thugs that surround him -  will come up with excuses. We have never ever seen corruption ever.

It is the same now with the TransBay - the gang that was on the Joint Transbay - booted Maria who was the Director - and now there are plans - to tie the Light Rail with the new Warriors Stadium.

Other - plans NOT vetted with the constituents - and plans are afoot to waste Billions of dollars - foolishness prevailing  every where - the experts and those wise - are told to shut up take a hike.

The Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit - the Geary Bus Rapid Transit - none of these two project have been vetted throughly - the business will suffer - many of them have NOT recovered from he spiraling economy in 2008.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority - lacks the acumen and the expertise to - deal with issues that I have stated above. The consultants hired - take the money - and offer suggestions - that far off left field. 

The ability to make needs assessments - collect empirical data - analyze the data - create models that works - those who are paid large sums of money - fail to attain anything - because they do not fundamentally comprehend the scope of the work.

 They do not have any idea about - " capacity building ".  More they cannot discern - because they are not educated on issues.

Most Whites most of whom do not live in San Francisco - working for the San Francisco - County Transportation Authority.

 All of them receive high  salaries - they - do not have their heart in the right place. 

Laughing all the way  to the bank - cashing out their salaries - and thumping their noses - high at  San Francisco and its tax payers - they take pride they are taking us all for a ride - backed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a - " lap dog with fleas ".