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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Every year San Francisco - pretends to give an opportunity the constituents of San Francisco to have some " drab input " - where the deliberations are made at the long Budget Meetings - at City Hall in Room 250.

More behind close doors - and then a day or two chosen - for the constituents to make some token comments - within two minutes.

We are in the year 2016 - and for sure - both the Executive Branch led by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - led by London Breed - have failed us the constituents of San Francisco - to address Quality of Life issues - in a meaningful way.

At the Budget meeting held June 20, 2016 in Room 250 at 10 am - many constituents - many of them hurting for funding - the many programs that fund non-profit service, organizations - more money to those that have connections - with the Mayor and his cronies.

We all had to stop at the doors - led to the pews - and made to sit in order. Then the Clerk of the Board - as if he has no other work to do - led us one by one - to stand in line - to speaks of a measly two minutes.

Outside the door in the halls - ten or more Sheriffs all in Black uniform and armed - much like a SWAT team - looking all mean and aggressive - welcome us - the " the place of the people of San Francisco ".

Take this para-military sit to the war zones and none of these type of appearance are appreciated by the people who are decent an pay their taxies. Including these Sheriffs who can be employed - doing something better.

The present Sheriff who heads our City and County of San Francisco - should be ashamed of herself. Such para-military appearance do more harm than good. Take it from me.

The women on the Status of Women - constantly are asking for more money - millions more.

They want more fund - every year - in the millions - funding for programs to address Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence must be addressed - but first the programs must be streamed lined - few institutions that address Domestic Violence - doing a better job.

With the Status of Women - you have man haters - we see that and we know that - and that attitude must change - do not hate men and then ask to use of tax payers money - every year the finding goes up - 60% - 70% - who is fooling - whom.

The organizations addressing AIDS - which some say is under control - want millions more - and have all the excuses for the increased funding.

 While some say - AIDS is still an issue - that has not been addressed - because some chose to do what they want to do - do not take the necessary precaution.

 There are hot spots in San Francisco - where we find AIDS cases on the increase. - these hot spots must be dealt with - and risky sex practices - put to a STOP.

It is the same with Sexually Transmitted Diseases in San Francisco - involving not only straights - but bi-sexuals.

Many hot spots - with increases of over 300% and the SF Health Health Department knows about this - but has not addressed it on a war footing.

More incarcerated folks that are released in the community - bring with them AIDS - many of them straight - and this and more - need another type of precaution - before AIDS patients are released in the community at large.

AIDS patients - as are patients with HEP C and other chronic diseases cost our SF Health Department millions of dollars.

We can spend that on infant and child care. Give decent people - who do not practice wild and unsafe sex - an opportunity to contribute to Society.

All this and more cost money - anything that involves health - and when people get sick - they go the the SF General Hospital - and demand that here be served - many of time for their foolishness and bad habits.

 Fewer to other hospitals - with private insurance - many private hospitals many excuses not to take AID patients - which is wrong - but that is a fact that has to be addressed.

Again and again our Federal Representatives - Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein - have failed San Francisco - when it come to Quality of Life issues.

In San Francisco our " homeless issue " - must be addressed on a war footing.

Let us stop comparing our homeless issues with Los Angeles and other places - whose population is in the millions and they are not doing well - economically.

Our population is 850, 000 and we have a booming economy - the money is coming in - and millions of dollars are wasted on issues - some of which I have address in my previous articles.

To address the homeless issues - we need to study the related history - in San Francisco we always had the " homeless issues " under control. Nothing that we see today - over 30, 000 homeless and our Mayor - calls our City and County of San Francisco - a First Class City - when we are very far from that.

Our tourists harassed, poor folks begging - as part of their survival - the City and County has let the poor down - many of them once had a roof and now cannot afford - to eat and less to sleep where they must pay - an arm and a leg.

A one bed room going for $3500 and a two bed room for $5000 in San Francisco.

Saint Anthony, the SF Salvation Army,  the many faith based organizations - Catholic Charities, Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, Lutheran Church.

Martin de Pores, Glide Memorial - hundreds of other smaller and well organized institutions - have done yeomen service - only for our City and County to create added problems.

The many mostly Black pastors - affectionately name Poverty Pimp Pastors - doing the minimal - and more barking up the wrong tree. Action count more - and less talk - more mundane and vain.

The Mayor and his advisors chose to invite the Tech Companies to San Francisco - giving the Tech Companies - millions in dollars - in tax breaks.

Twitter, Zynga, Google, Facebook - others too many to name - all at the expense of the tax payers of San Francisco.

Google buses occupying our City bus stop - putting Seniors and others in harm way - forcing them to board MUNI buses - in the middle of the road  - surrounded with congestion and heavy traffic. No one seems to care about safety and less about the right of our constituents - who pay huge amount in - taxes.

Businesses in San Francisco pay large taxes - in many areas - the side walks are filthy - it is worse when  - those that cannot relieve themselves - because of lack of toilets.

It is a shame when businesses and home owners - are forced to clean the excreta, the many time people choose to urinate - in front of the business - and are force to hire professionals to clean up the mess.

The City is quick to fine you - when some " idiots" graffiti the walls - the businesses  - the homes - but slow to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the areas - concerned.

We have some experts in San Francisco - that can address the homeless issues  and bring quick solutions 

The Mayor and his cronies that he listen too - mostly white and aligned to the Zionists - think and act - as if they have all the answers.

These advisors all make over $200, 000 a month with benefits - and we could start by capping their salaries to $100, 000 for starters. Evaluate them every six months - they have to achieve some progress - no progress - out the door.

We have thousands of units today - known as Public Housing - paid for a thousand times over - by the Department of 
Defense (DoD).

Public Housing  at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale Public Housing, Sunnydale Public Housing, Cesar Chavez Public Housing, several other Public Housing - that all should belong to the Public at large - to manage.

We are fed up with all the nonsense that has been going on and at last a stop was made - by firing Amos Brown and his thugs that led the SF Housing Authority. The SF Housing Authority was the entity that acted on behalf of the City and County of San Francisco - previous Mayors the current Mayor - for all the wrong reasons.

Our Mayor's Office of Housing took over - and they too - cannot handle the situation.

Public Housing - through the Housing and Urban Development , the Federal Government, the State Government,  receives millions of dollars.

Other grants - funneled millions of dollars to the City and County of San Francisco - the Mayor Office of Housing - no clear accounting practices- and more cover up.

The City and County of San Francisco for the last 50 years plus - with intent chose " deferred maintenance ".

Running down good properties - using " deferred maintenance" creating the mess we have today - with intent - boarding up - thousands of units -adversely impacting - thousands who need a shelter.

Creating a crooked entity named HOPESF.

 WE all remember the failed  HOPESIX - the  nonsense that was linked to HOPESIX and its failed - policies.

This hoodwinking must STOP.

We the people must control all the properties - now.

We the people have Community Development Corporations - and can manage our own destiny.

Who are these Property Managers - that have their own contractors - trying to hoodwink us.

 The John Stewart Company - controls Huntersview, Treasure Island, many properties in the Tenderloin, others properties.

 Our SF City and County keeps giving the corrupt and rogue company - the John Stewart Company - more properties to manage. How much more?

Two other Property Managers - all White - Mercy Housing and Bridge Developers - are part of the problems - worse than the MAFIA.

Hundreds working and receiving huge salaries - hoodwinking us all - having access to large property and long leases - 66 years and more.

Given the opportunity - all this and more -  can be done by  the public at large - that already have Community Development Corporations - Property Managers - some non-profits and some for profit  organizations -  all qualified to do the job.

Again and again - at the end of June we have these Budget sessions - long and drab - giving the City Departments to make all excuses - why they want more money.

Again to find out - large loop holes with the Municipal Transportation Agency - and then more excuses follow.

The SF Public Utilities Commission an Enterprise Department - again- millions wasted - with open questions linked to Mountain Tunnel.

The Calavares Dam, and Irvington Tunnel - if you ask Mayor Edwin M. Lee if he has any clue about the above - he will look the other way around - he has no clue - what so ever what is happening.

Recently a forum was held - with the background of the Golden Gate Bridge - leaders from around the world - taking about Climate Change and related factors.

Here is San Francisco our Carbon Footprint has increased - the many skyscrapers have emitted millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide - compromising and adversely impacting our Carbon Footprint.

Our poor landfill in the Southeast Sector alone - emits Methane gas - over 500, 000 tons - one tone equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

In the Southeast Sector we have an increase of Respiratory Diseases, Tumor,s Still Child Births,  Cancer of all kinds - no one singular study has been done. We have the University of California - San Francisco - other hospitals that can do more - but have failed the poor neighborhoods.

Universities like the University of San Francisco, SF State University - other institutions that have known about the plight of the poor and the indigent - but care about the on going - gentrification - and less care about the health and safety of the people involved in the affected - areas.

When I mentioned the various factors linked to Climate change - to the Mayor in his office - he seemed not to  know - what I was talking about.

The Mayor is all about wheeling and dealing - and I will not be surprised - when he serves a long time in jail - the RICO ACT beckons him.

Times have changed - and we need professional people - who can evaluate the City and County of San Francisco's budget that is flawed - year after year.

Our Office of Emergency has failed us, our San Francisco Police Department have failed us - our Municipal Transportation Agency has failed us - our SF Department of Health has failed us.

No one can fool all the people all the time.

We need profession people - constituents of San Francisco - women and men - to evaluate our large budget - some $9.6 Billion - plus.

Here are some marks - we can gauge - addressing Quality of Life issues - on Safety we get a  F-.

We get the same with our Transportation System - a D -,.

With our Office of Emergency Services - F -. 

An F - when it comes  to Recreation and Park - taking our Parks and out-sourcing them to the Fishers and others. Pathetic.

An F- when it comes to our shelters - and rap around services for the poor and homeless. 

We make a big deal about our " Navigation Centers " folks can take their animals to these shelters - and the shelters carter to some that can handle such situations - but there is more.

Some hundred or so benefit from such centers.

What about the 12, 900 other homeless - who are left high and dry - all over San Francisco ?

The people who live in our unique neighborhood are fed up.

Idiots come and change the traffic lines for the worse - painting red lines - that have a lot to do with the " gang colors " .

These Planners are stupid if not crazy - we need some qualified and expert " input " - from the neighborhoods.

I keep getting complaints - from so many - and I feel at a loss for words. 

We have " buffoons " - with all sorts of crazy ideas - adversely impacting our decent constituents - who pay taxes and get little if nothing in return.

I have to remind all - this is all Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land -  that was stolen - and look at the mess - we have done - a mess that cannot be undone - in a jiffy. Aho.