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Saturday, June 4, 2016


Huge chunks of ice floated by our ship -
for all the hours we docked  at the ports -thousands
of chunks floated by - the result of the Ozone being
depleted.  Carbon Dioxide causing the damage - the sun bearing down hard on the icebergs and mountain snow peaks.

We all have the tendency to talk a lot about the Carbon Footprint in general terms - in San Francisco.

The hypocrites who have no idea what they are talking about - lying and bragging - that they have kept the Carbon Footprint in check in San Francisco.

When the truth is that the Carbon Footprint - in San Francisco and the neighboring areas - has increased by over 400%.

From 4th and King Street all the way through Mission Bay, through Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, the areas in and around the Schlage Lock Company by Geneva Avenue - most of it poor land fill - over 500, 000 tons of Methane Gas - spews into the air.

One ton of Methane Gas equals 21.2 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The Mayor of San Francisco - is busy talking from both sides of his filthy, dirty mouth - building skyscrapers, other projects that generate thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide. 

Tons of concrete generates Carbon Dioxide, so does the millions of vehicles - the back to back traffic - the horrible congestion that we have taken for granted - that was not there some years ago - that is a disgrace to the human race. The making of fake policies and very poor planning and execution.

Alaska the last frontier - still boast millions of acres
of old growth forest - yellow cedar, fir trees - large tracts
protected by the United States Government and 
private foundations. Here is one preserved by a private foundation - in Juneau, Alaska.

Here in San Francisco - thousands of mature trees have been designated and  " clear cut " - by some nefarious entities - claiming to be experts - as to what is " native " and what is not.

Strangers that they are - the only natives that can make that determination are the Ohlone - the true natives - imagine Whites claiming to be natives.When once these despicable people - called natives - " savages". That is how flaky they are - in their thinking, their sordid action - but more their very being - lacking integrity.  

Mostly, Whites have been known world wide to destroy old growth forest - kill the Buffalo for their hide, seek ivory, gold, and other natural resources -  kill innocent and magnificent whales, harvest salmon in access - to make money. 

It is all about money and greed - that they live for - often killing, maiming, doing anything it takes - to make money - never mind if it is - BLOOD money.

All over the world the indigenous people - do not think well of those " greedy to the core " - mostly White and greedy - lacking tenacity and fortitude. Today, nothing much has changed - it is all about money. These greedy bastards will fall flat on their face.

From my cabin deck - 
I had the best view one could get -
with my own privacy - in the silence of my cabin and deck.

I met hundreds of so called environmentalist - and I made a special effort to meet the First People.

I know whose heart in the right place - they are  the First People.
The ones who pray and like in the light of the Great Spirit - that sees all - and will deal with those - that have been " greed" and continue to discriminate and be unjust.

To this day - nothing much has changed - not with the United Nations, not with the governance of International bodies - the Geneva Convention and others - they - the " unjust " keep discriminating - they stole the land, the women  they raped, the indigenous children put in boarding schools against their will .

Missionaries purporting to do good - converting the First People and brain washing them - to go against their traditional beliefs - all means contradictory - to standards accepted by those that know best - are down to Earth - and who care for Mother Earth.

Evil people - trying to install in the indigenous  White values that are mundane.

More, detrimental to the mind, the body, and most importantly to the soul.

Imagine imposing restriction on the indigenous NOT to speak their own language - not to practice their customs - practiced for thousands of years.

Such impositions could come from one place only - the DEVIL himself - satanic to the core - those that discriminate and practice discrimination daily in their sordid - lives.

We have the same in San Francisco.

We will be having a event during the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting - June 7, 2016 - where the Muwekma Ohone will be commended.

 I hope - some wisdom  is shared - the adverse impacts - exposed.

The Muwekma Ohlone have endured a lot - hurdles and impediments put in the way of the Muwekma Ohlone - by this so called City and County of San Francisco - that stole the land - all of it - every square inch. They have not a single document to prove they bought the land from the Ohlone.

Every inch of land that is San Francisco and beyond - was stolen from the Ohlone - this fact must be craved on their buildings and landmarks that they claim is their own.

The Ocean speaks to all - but most to all
to those that are tuned with Mother Earth.

On the Emerald Deck - in the middle of the ship - facing the Ocean - the 8th Floor of the large ship - we had a cabin with a deck. 

I had ample time to reflect, to meditate, and watch and talk to the Ocean blue - at times the color changing to dark green, all shades of blue and more.

Now and then watch the sea gulls - now and then the whales at a distance - what a spectacle that was - some times in the dining room - some one would alert us - " see there are the whales ".

People whole stop and watch the whales - amazing how they make their trip all the way to Southern Mexico from Alaska. 

The whales migrate south in the Summer to give birth - and then travel back North to Alaska - and repeat this year after year.

This year - the El Nino factor - has brought the whales closer to the Bay Area - even crossing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Amazing some of us - who happened to be at Crissy Field - which is the Presidio of San Francisco. 

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - for many years - all Ohlone land - I fought hard to save the Shell Mounds - and expose the National Park Service for all their misdeeds and blatant discrimination - against the First People - foremost the Muwekma Ohlone.

We exercised our Right of First Refusal - and have put the National Park Service and more the Department of Interior on notice. Corrupt and evil - the Department of Interior has stolen millions of trust money - belonging to the First People.

Today in their ignorance the National Park Service pays lip serve to the Ohlone.

Much as the City and County of San Francisco.

Much as does Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - the other crooked politicians who lack " cultural competency " but excel in exploiting the " innocent constituents " - always filling their " campaign coffers " - with BLOOD money.

A beautiful garden in Victoria - and hundreds of gardens -
more, well kept - and a pleasure to behold. As were
the hundreds of totem poles - that speak to the
tradition and history of the indigenous people.

This small totem pole in the store - is not what totem
depicts usually - the real totem poles tell the story about the indigenous people - tall totem poles -
sacred to the indigenous people - now used in mundane ways.

The Grand Princess - in all its majesty -
 in can carry 2200 passengers with a crew of
1200 that caters to every need - quality service.

A glazier at Juneau, Alaska - the Nation Forest -
have a state of the art Visitors' Center -
which serves so many very well.

We travelled 3164 Nautical Miles - and 3839 statue miles - for those that care - 1 Nautical Mile = 1.15 Statue Miles.

My wife Maria and I feel blessed that we were afford to take this cruise trip.

Met so many wonderful people - saw so many amazing locations - we will treasure this trip.

I - learned so much in my cabin with a deck - and a panoramic view - as the ship made its way port to port - and more when we docked at the the many historic ports. 

It was a blessing to meet the indigenous people - I made no previous arrangements - but the Great Spirit deemed it fit - to bring the indigenous people that matter so much to me - to meet me and reveal so much to me - not found in any books. Aho.