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Sunday, June 26, 2016


BREXIT is here to stay - and it does not matter - who steps down - the European Union is gradually going to deal with one member after another leaving the European Union - may be - the next in line - France - with  FREXIT. already spoken off.

Foremost in the mind of the more powerful nations - in Europe Germany and outside Europe the United States - is SECURITY.

There are  hundreds of well thought out memoranda of understanding - linked to many levels - one can think off - what to do and how to do it - when any Nation that signs the memoranda - is attacked -or when it needs emergency - help.

The various scenarios have been tried - and in most cases it has worked in Europe and in some case outside Europe with the help of the United States.

This well thought strategy has worked in the past - as I have said - and it will work for a couple of years.

It is difficult - to suddenly create a void - and open a gaping hole - the many experts who have worked for so many years - some astute women and men - will save the day - they can attend to some of the gaping holes.

On another level - we are all concerned about our economy. There is a another " recession" heading our way - before the year 2018 - much like the one we had in the year 2008.

BREXIT sounded a clarion call to what is coming our way - the Chinese, the Russians, the Japanese, the Indians, the Europeans, and even the United States - others - were jolted.

We saw the World Markets spiral - many of us who monitor the markets - thought the circuit breakers - would kick in - some did - but in general - things worked out.

Investments linked to entities and the BREXIT situation is complicated - with over 40% of the world's transaction are headquartered in London and other larger cities in Great Britain.
Time will tell.

Once the British Empire held power - on all the continents - Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe - you name it. 

The English Pound ruled supreme - even though we in the United States - think our dollar is worth something.

With the falling markets recently linked to BREXIT - many lost millions - more those that invest in millions.

Stocks and shares - linked to the English Pound - its value has fallen - and thus the consequences that follow.

Millions of people - are tied to the English Pound and various types of investment - that feed their pensions - and other types of remuneration.

 When these millions - heard the news - they understood instantly - their saving and their investments - were in peril. I have friends who are already revealing to me their horror stories - and God willing they will get some help - and that is all we can do now - HOPE.

On another level of interest - people in many countries are fed up with their corrupt government.

Britain has socialized medicine - and there are many - that choose not to work - and receive the dole. There are other issues too numerous to describe - but those that have visited or choose to study the working of Great Britain - know what I am talking about.

Britain opened its doors to immigration - from all over the world - they have a far diversified population - going back to the days - when they ruled the world.

In many cases the diversity of Britain has help Great Britain - but it has also brought about - divisiveness - some immigrants that adapt - speak English - and do not openly oppose the genial ways of the English - are embraced.

Those that choose to impose their cultures - more strict ways - faith morals, dress modes, and refuse to speak English - antagonize the English - and it is the same all over the world - we like it when - everyone is a team player.

We spoke of Security - and the English - love their cameras - thousands if not millions of gadgets that act like cameras - monitor people - and profiles are kept - on most anyone.

When is comes to spying - and to monitoring - the English - have an edge - and this information and other tactics - are shared with their so called allies - the French, the Germans, the United States - others.

Credit has to be given to the English - who have gladly given opportunities - from countries all over the world - so many Nationals from so many Nations -  to represent all of Great Britain - in Parliament.

Astute and stellar - Indians, Nigerians, immigrants from the many countries they came from -  to make Great Britain their home - and acknowledge Queen Elizabeth as Queen - and the English Royalty that is so much a part of everyone that is truly - English.

Leaving the European Union - is something that will take time to comprehend for many. It is not just the leaving - but more dealing with the issues. For example - the Party that wanted to leave the European Union promised those who voted to leave - that they would have access to millions now in some Health Trust Fund.

The propaganda  stated again and agains - if they succeeded they would have access to million of Euros - part of Health Trust Fund - and when the results were declared and someone asked the Party if that  was a fact - the man in charge simply said - the Party misinformed the public at large.

Now, if you voted and heard such a statement - you might scream and shout  - however misinformation - is something that was  carried on with some " intent " - and right from the start we have one of many - very serious issues - to deal with.

The issue of health benefits and service is paramount - when it comes to address Quality of Life issues.

Socialized medicine provides the basic needs in Great Britain - one has to wait for an operation - unlike what we are used to in the United States with our Health System.

 People worldwide marvel  how quickly we take care of our health issues - urgent operations and not so important - we do pay more and their in lies the Achilles Heel.

I pay huge huge health premiums - and two years had a spine surgery - that cost a lot - my Federal Insurance help me - and it took me by surprise - how little I had to pay. So, I know we detest shelling out - the premium but if you have an major operation - the Health Insurance that help one a lot. It did me - and I am grateful.

We all know - even here in San Francisco - how disgusted and stressed out we get - when we see the rampant growth of the homeless population. 

The wide disparity we experience in San Francisco - San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda - a Third World Nation - in Africa.

We have billionaires in San Francisco - our annual budget is $9.6 Billion - and San Francisco is booming - skyscrapers and other housing development - more market rate - each unit from sold and going from $2 million and the high end $10 million.

When it comes to affordable housing - that is where it sucks - few can afford the high rents - and it they choose to stay - as much as 80% of one's rent - can consume one monthly - income.

The cost of living is growing - and  mostly everything is expensive - and this will be the case - as each year leads to another year.

We see people starve to pay their rent $3500 per single bedroom unit. $5000 for a two bed room unit.

We see the truancy among our youth - and the City and County of San Francisco - makes excuses - must soon the wrath of the people - will reach saturation point - on that front.

It is not uncommon for three and four families today to share a two bed room apartment. This type of congestion is bad for health - but more the stress and tempers - adversely impact all who live in such horrible - conditions.

We see and feel for our Seniors in San Francisco - who have to suffer from lack of benefits -  poor housing, lack of nutrition, lack of sound health care - lack of sound transportation - more in their golden years.

We see the issue of pensions - on the horizon - both the pension situation linked to our City and County of San Francisco workers some 30, 000 on the rolls today.

Others who have retired - some receive pensions - more than the salary they earn per month . Even more - some earn - what is known as " double dipping ".

Politicians make sure their pension are secure - both in the Congress, in the Senate - on the local, state, and federal level.

Great Britain has seen - its generosity abused - the kind of socialized medicine, housing, other benefits - did some good - when the population was under control.

It is the same with San Francisco - our population is growing with all the wrong people invited into our City and County of San Francisco.

Every square inch is now targeted for development - we have limited Open Space - and what is disgusting on Van Ness and in other areas - hundreds of mature trees will be felled - and no one cares about trees - but our trees play an important role - when it comes to Climate Change.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - I know for sure - that this land was stolen.

There is NOT one single legal document that this City or the United States has - that states they took over this City of San Francisco and the surrounding areas - legally.

Be that it may be - when might prevailed over being fair and justice - those that had guns and power to kill - did what they did - and what they did -  soon or latter - they will have to deal with Karma.

Karma strikes those that deserve the wrath of God - when you least expect it.

But for sure it will strike those that are " greedy " - the likes of our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that support him.

We now have many SF Board of Supervisors - bold enough - with Supervisor Mark Farrell who has cast aside his Jesuit education - to put on the ballot - ways and mean to eradicate tents - and adversely impact the homeless.

I am not drawing direct parallels with BREXIT - but I am alluding to people revolting - who are fed up with San Francisco and today Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Today - thousands - are just moving away from San Francisco. Thousands that built - San Francisco. - our unique neighborhoods.

We have thousands who are fed up - as has been shown when City Hall was invaded - and the constituents of San Francisco -protesting that day in the thousands - totally shut down - City Hall - four time during the last six months.

On all four occasions the SF Board of Supervisors - had to stop - their deliberations - and many left the Chambers at City Hall - Room 250 - in shame - some still continue to be shameless.

The Supervisors that work against the people Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen and London Breed.

David Campos, Eric Mar, Jane Kim, John Avalos, Aaron Peskin, and Norman Yee - are trying to be good - but there is better and best - and time is running out.

In San Francisco - right now it is all about money - meaning we are living off the fat - " double dipping " - other shenanigans.

As an advocate - I can talk the talk - but I prefer to walk the walk.

Few advocates will state their views in Public - and I have a following - so far - better minds have prevailed - and many listen to me.

 We are running out of time - we are now - reaching a saturation point  in San Francisco- and  more when those in authority look away.

This is a clarion call. Take it or leave it.  Aho.