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Saturday, June 18, 2016


There has always been a hue and cry about " Public Housing" more Public Housing that was built by the Department of Defense - the thousands of units - at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, and Sunnydale Housing Projects.

All paid for - a thousands time over - only for our City and County of San Francisco and all the previous Mayors and the present one included - to run down the units - with large rooms - some units having 5 bed rooms - be what is know as deferred maintenance.

Around 2004 the crooks gathered behind close doors - about the time Mayor Gavin Newsom become Mayor - creating all sorts of ploys and machinations.

The Out Migration Documents to hoodwink the Blacks - that this document - would some how bring back the Blacks. 

Never mind no one paid attention to a better - more well documented piece of information - know as the  "  UNFINISHED AGENDA ". Now gather dust - in the shelves - that still can be found at 25 Van Ness the Human Right Commission.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and his henchmen - created the HOPESF - divided our Public Housing - by giving Potrero Hill to Bridge Developers - Hunters Point to the John Stewart Company - and Sunnydale - to Mercy Housing.

HOPESF a crooked entity that seeks to foster divisiveness

Our House Negro London Breed is not aware of this fact - nor is she aware of the McKinley Act - and other Housing Acts - that are already on the books - that can help the poor and the indigent.

The House Negros that we have in the Chambers at City Hall - Malia Cohen who is the Supervisor of District 10 and London Breed who is the Supervisor of District 5 - open their dirty mouth - and spew diatribe.

We had ample housing for all - more the poor and even the middle class - but our City and County chose to create HOPESF to give away Public Housing - two and three story building spread out with open space - and having large bed rooms - 2 bedroom, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, and even 5 bedrooms.

The Property Managers - will get this housing - sign a lease for 66 years - tear down the current housing - you only have to see Hunterview - build high density - cheap housing - no real open space - charge an arm and a leg - and the rest is history - in this case the culprit is the John Stewart Company:

The Department of Defense (DoD) - turned all of its Public Housing to the infamous Housing and Urban Development in the 1960s.

The Housing and Urban Development ( HUD) - who in turn - handed all housing under its jurisdiction to the City and County of San Francisco .

The City and Count of San Francisco  created the SF Housing Authority - a nefarious and crooked entity to run it.

Up until the 1980s that was ample housing for those making under $15, 000 - and more there were ample good jobs.

Most anyone could make more than $25, 000 - if one applied oneself - and those that worked harder easily $40, 000.

If you worked for the City and County of San Francisco, the University of California San Francisco, the Presidio of San Francisco that employed over 10, 000 civilians - Pacific Gas and Electric - you made good money.

The City and County of San Francisco did not employ the more than 30, 000 employees it employs today - but it did for sure over 20, 000 in one capacity or another - at that time.

Even though thousands of units were handed over to  HUD and and to the City and County of San Francisco - who is turn - made sure the housing was controlled by the City - by creating a monster the San Francisco Housing Authority.

From the beginning the intention of the SF Housing Authority was to exploit the situation - funds received from the Federal and State government - were misused.

As I said - deferred maintenance was carried out with intention.
Work orders - stacked - and pipes leaked - even sewage pipes - that flooded the units - and no one gave a dam.

 Not Mayor Diane Feinstein, nor Frank Jordon, nor Art Agnos - nor Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr, nor Gavin Newsom and for sure not Mayor Edwin M. Lee the lap dog Mayor we have today - have addressed " Public Housing " all paid for by the DoD - a thousand time over - is a holistic manner.

You would just have to visit the SF Housing Authority at 444 Turk Street - that building was a whore house - the women walking up and down - dressed like whores - doing nothing at all.

The many Directors of the SF Housing Authority - one worse than the other.

The SF Housing Authority has a Commission - the last Commission that was dismantled.

It was  headed - by none other than Amos Brown - a nefarious character - who has created divisiveness of the worse order in San Francisco.

The present Mayor - fired Amos Brown and his minions - and replaced them with others.

The new members on the SF Housing Authority -  had a very difficult time - reconciling the many pressing issues - the many court cases - and the damage done to many innocent San Franciscans.

The Mayor Office of Housing was forced to take the reins of the defunct SF Housing Authority.

Today - pandemonium reigns - the poor suffer - and the SF Board of Supervisors - more London Breed and Malia Cohen - have no clue what is happening. Selfish political whores - who should be ashamed of themselves - ignorant but more arrogant to the core.

One family at Hunter's Point - had their home torched - by thugs who wanted to murder her - at the behest of the authorities - for revealing to the authorities - the voting was rigged at Hunters Point.

The Black woman and her children - all perished in the fire. 

This one case that came under the jurisdiction of the SF Housing Authority - cries to heaven even today.

The Black Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr was in charge at that time.

The woman was accused of " snitching " - revealing to the authorities - about the crooked happenings - involving the " voting booths " at Hunters Point.

The henchmen of the City - reported the matter to you know whom - and the rest is history.

The Black woman lost her life - and with her the children - who must have all suffered a horrific death.

What makes this crime more serious and brings disgrace to the City and County of San Francisco - was that the doors were locked - the two entrances shut off - the front and the back.

This case went to court - and it took many years - the judge adjudicated in favor of the family members.

A special administrator was appointed to run a former Mayor Art Agnos - who handled the over $ 1 million given as compensation to the family.

Thousands of units at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale Public Housing, the Sunnydale Public Housing - today are divided between - some nefarious developers - Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company,  and Mercy Housing. 

HOPESF which was created - to hoodwink the public at large - to work and act as the Liaisons - Bevan Dufty - his counter part who handles housing matters for the City and County of San Francisco - Trent Rhorer - Joaquin Torres - who acts for the Mayor on Housing Matters.

 The Mayor side kick and crook par excellance - Olson Lee  who stands out as a crook -  there are others - one worse than the other.

The John Stewart company destroyed two and three story buildings - the City encouraged deferred maintenance - high density - poorly built homes stand today - named Huntersview:

It does not help that we have a woman Tiffany Bohee who has no experience about housing - and more hosing that is needed and required for the indigent , the poor that sleep on the streets of San Francisco - that once - lived in homes in San Francisco - and fell - on bad times.

The House Negro who happens to be the President of the SF Board of Supervisors - who once lived in Public Housing - who now lives with a White man - talks a good talk but does not walk the walk.

London Breed from District 5 and  Malia Cohen who in charge of District 10 - have NO clue about what is happening - with the HOPESF,  more with the John Stewart Company - treating the poor who really need housing with disdain - and are evacuated.

There is no one entity to listen to the pleas of the poor - and ruthless folks -  who work the the Mayor's Office of Housing - are part of the ploys and machinations - to adversely impact - thousands of poor people - evacuated - who are paid some money and told to go to hell.

Who gives these scum bags any right - and if the attorneys got together and addressed the issues - pro bono - light would be shed - where there is abject darkness - right now - what has this world come to? 

In recent years  - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has planted some non-profits including the YMCA and a Chinese outfit - who keep their front door closed - everyone enters the establishment - through the back door. What type of operation is this?

No one really knows about Community Youth Center - situated at 4438 Third Street - from this location - individuals are sent to do " outreach " - collect surveys from the people who now live in Public Housing.

This outfit - who have mostly Chinese none of whom live in the neighborhood that is District 10 - are involved in hoodwinking the public at large -  are used by the Mayor's Office of Housing - who is dividing the community. The Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is backing this operation of sorts.

The Soros Foundation and other entities are funding this one Chinese Non-Profit that few know about.

 CYC - who have an office on Third Street - at 4438 must have an open door policy - and keep their front door - wide open. Much as they operate in Chinatown and Western Addition - with I hope open doors - embracing all - as we should in San Francisco.

Can you imagine having an  office staffed by Blacks in Chinatown  - where all the staff enter through the back door - and the front door - remains shut all all times.

Such an office would not last for long - not even for a day - the Chinese would be at an uproar and the rest would be history.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has deemed it necessary to plant non-profit who have failed District 10 and District 9.  I have been carefully monitoring the situation at hand. 

We have Blacks, Latino, Native Americans who can rally - at a moment's notice - make no bones about it - we have shut down City Hall  before - giving notice to the former Chief of Police, the former Sheriff of City Hall - and each time the Mayor - took off - using some excuse or the other - and stayed away from City Hall.

Stop dividing the community using " thugs" and other nefarious Non-Profit including the YMCA on Lane Street - the former Director paid heed to what I wrote some years ago - but the present Director - thinks that all is well - that is not true.

We need to cancel all our transactions with Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers and the John Stewart Company - and hand over all Public Housing to the Public at large - we can develop the housing - rehab them all in the interim - and do a better job - faster.

Do not have hearing and tell us - all the impediments that are on the path to do something. The main impediment - are the House Negros today - London Breed and Malia Cohen. They need to step down - and go away.

Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers and the John Stewart Company - all nefarious entities - must go away. If you do not - you will face the WRATH  - of the people. Enough is enough.

We need " tenant organizations " to control all Public Housing and all the thousands of units - now controlled by Apartment Investment Management Company  (AIMCO)  that few know about - at Hunters Point.

AIMCO needs to go - much like signatures are being collected to remove Mayor Edwin M. Lee a lap dog full of fleas. Aho.