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Sunday, June 12, 2016


We have seen so many homeless and many of them mentally challenged - on our streets of San Francisco. The tourists - do not know what to make of the situation at hand - and are shocked. 

The tourists are confused - the people of San Francisco more - and humiliated.

Mayor Edwin Lee keeps bragging that San Francisco is a world class City - but more and more - we, who live in San Francisco cannot understand - what is really happening.

Why has this City and County of San Francisco - with a budget of more than $9.6 billion - had chosen - to create this situation that is seriously impacting - Quality of Life issues.

Mayor Edwin Lee -
a  J O K E R 

This Mayor has with intent harmed the poor - targeting the places where the poor live - confiscating the medication of the poor - the few worn out clothes that have - other basic things that they treasure and need to survive - putting them in garbage bags - and trashing them.

Trashing the medication and personal things of the poor - ordering City employees and volunteers - to get rid of the things of the poor - using the City's garbage trucks  - to crush the things and send the stuff to the landfills.

This nonsense must STOP - and the Mayor and those that conduct these raids - must get some " sensitivity " training. 

We proudly state - our City is named after Saint Francis of Assisi - and Saint Francis of Assisi - stood for " compassion " - so can anyone tell me - why do we all - stand by - and tolerate this utter nonsense?

Where are our pastors? More the Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black that back the present Mayor - Edwin Lee.

Suffice to say - the Mayor has been humiliated in public so many times - that most people do not respect him. In many quarters he is considered - a " lap dog ".

This Mayor has no clue - the damage he has done - to the fair name of our once great City - the City and County of San Francisco.

We who know better - do not want these skyscrapers -
changing the skyline of our City - 
fostering congestion and encouraging the great divide.
We have over 30, 000 Market price units - that are vacant.

Thousands of condominiums have been built - those with money can purchase them - ranging from $2 million to 10 million - the high end units - going for even more.

On the other end - while those that need basic housing - what is called and termed " affordable housing " - have little if nothing to move into. Thousands are fleeing - many families with children - never, ever to return to San Francisco.

One room units - now going for $3500 a month - rental units.

Two room units - now going for $5000 a month.

In the past 5 years - according to the latest statistics gathered - a shocking 16, 000 families have left San Francisco.

Our City Administrator Noami Kelly, our Controller Ben Rosenfield , our City Attorney Dennis Herrera, our District Attorney George Gascon, our SF Planning Director  John Rahaim - others who are keep quiet - as a church mouse - must now speak up and do something about the situation of our poor - on a war footing.

Ever since Mayor Edwin Lee has taken office - Quality of life has been compromised.

We the people - must now decide how to get rid of this lap dog - he has single handedly - destroyed much of what was good and substituted it with congestion, pollution, contamination, high rents, lack of safety, lack of sound hospital care, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - and more - are all adversely impacted.

Daily Mayor Edwin Lee will address issues - that are mundane - ignoring the issues that are major in nature and need immediate attention - the Mayor has NO clue - how to discern, no clue what to prioratize - while all the time  having disdain - when it comes to Quality of Life issues that matters.

This is Ohlone land - all the land was stolen, the women raped, the land, the air - the water contaminated - this Mayor has single handedly - challenged the decent and sided with the devil. Aho.