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Saturday, June 11, 2016


No decent person - no modern political leader - more those that have chosen to run for President - truly want to represent the constituents of Turtle Island - today, better known as the United States of America.

The First People of Turtle Island respect all living beings and more Mother Earth. 

Of course just take a look at Donald Trump and then take another look at Hillary Clinton - they are so fake - so artificial - they will do anything and everything - to foster GREED.

Turtle Island once had most things under control - the land, the air, the water was pristine - no more.

We know who favor contamination, pollution - who introduced small pox and other diseases to Turtle Island. We know who bit the hand that fed them. More we know - who are the crooks - and who should be sent to jail if not the gallows.

The First People have a good heart - you just have to take one glance for a second - and you can feel the " goodness ".

Indigenous people - left alone -  all over the world - left untouched by materialism - shine - when you see them.

 The first impression - the aura of their being - their love and compassion - their connection with Mother Earth. - far apart from those that worship GREED and materialism.

In all my dialogue with the First People - at any level - with the leaders anointed by their Tribe - I ever encountered - avarice - trying to steal, make money illegally,  follow the  diabolical customs - of those that will sell their mothers for a nickel.

This photograph taken circa 1938 - the KKK
holding their ceremony - right at San Francisco's City Hall -
the Rotunda - nothing much has changed today -
expect the wheeling and deal has been moved behind close doors.

San Francisco is a Racist City - one of the richest cities in the world.

You would not think about it - if you witnessed the thousands who are homeless - who continue to sleep on our streets, in the bushes, under bridges, crash in the many vehicles to escape the inclement weather.

The homeless continue to die - the morgue - tags them as John and Jane Doe - and nobody cares - the lack of compassion - cries to heaven for justice. Shame of those who are in charge.

We do not want to deal with the homeless - less with the abuse of our children within the San Francisco Unified School District - that have been targeted - children with disabilities.

 Over -  10, 000 children truants - and there is some talk - but there is no walk to treat our children, our youth, our young adults - with respect.

Many of us - so caught up with the moment - the fast food many relish.

The many other materialistic things that give us instant gratification.

 The " credit cards " - transactions that rake in millions of dollars - money made quickly and hastily - pains and tribulation - when it comes to pay our debts.

The large financial institution, the banks, the One Percent that control 90% of all the assets - the great divide - is all about keeping the majority down - and controlling the people that matter.

We once respected Mother Earth - and we made things with our hands - putting so much love - and anyone who saw the creations we made - appreciated what we human beings made. I am talking about indigenous people - not those that want to get rich quickly.

Now, we outsource - pick 10 things manufactured  and most of them - will be made in China. or outside the United States.

So why do we not design, tailor and make our own clothes? 

Why can we not make our own shoes? 

Who the hell came out with Fast Food - the sodas that create obesity and harm our bodies - bombarding our  bodies with nitrates, sulphates, other preservatives - that stay in our bodies - damage our organs - and kill millions - all over the world ?

Look at the way we treat our women? Who do you think is in charge of controlling our women in the United States and keeping them down ?

Who do you think in America - denied women their right to vote?

Who do you think - is against - equal pay for equal work?

Senator Diane Feinstein

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Look at the faces of the above two so called Representatives?

Take a good look at their eyes?

What do you see - can you feel the many diabolical things - these two have been involved in? The empirical data is there - they have been cited and the cases are there for all to read.

Yet people - more ignorant people - keeping voting for these two despicable individuals.

The Muwekma Ohlone - were here in San Francisco -
and the surrounding area for over 10, 000 years.
All of the land was stolen, the women raped -
so what do the thieves have to say - more,  today's politicians?

June 7, 2016 two San Francisco - Board of Supervisors honored the Chairperson and the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe -  honored by Supervisor Eric Mar and Supervisor David Campos.

I saw many of the other SF Board of Supervisors feeling ashamed - at that moment when SF Supervisor was speaking - giving the history - much of what I say - about the Muwekma Ohlone.

They felt upset - I could feel it - the ones that are selling out the community - each and every day.

 Those Supervisors - must get out of the way - before we expose them - again - we have said to their faces that they must change their ways.  They seem not to pay heed - but then the prophets have always been ignored - until God deals with them - that time has come.

Mayor Edwin Lee has failed us all.

There is a strong movement to remove Mayor Edwin Lee from office.

Mayor Edwin Lee is afraid to come out in the open - he played his cards- wrong,  hooding winking the tax payers, the constituents of San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin Lee has favored crooks - more, as the head of the crooks - the developers.

The crooked developers - who do not have the interest of the common people.  The COMMONS - are the 99% and the one percent - continuously take advantage of the poor and those that cannot - defend - themselves.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and it is my desire to expose any one representative that is involved in dividing our City and adversely impacting our City and County of San Francisco - linked with Quality of Life issues.  Aho.