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Monday, June 27, 2016


San Francisco has stellar and astute constituents - who choose not to work for the City and County of San Francisco.

More when it comes to technology, environmental issues, the sciences, health and safety issues, education - state of art operations - all that the City and County lacks.

The way the City and County of San Francisco operates - on many levels is Smithsonian.

I was keenly listening - at a recent forum address Climate Change -  the the speakers - some from abroad and local Chief Executive Officers - such as the one from Pacific Gas and Electric - talking from both sides of their mouth - on issues pertaining - to Climate Change and related issues.

No one needs to be a rocket scientist - to witness first hand the  congestion we have on our streets in San Francisco.

The heavy spewing of particulates - have exacerbated - chronic respiratory diseases - tumors - and the hot spots are most in the Southeast Sector. - where Supervisor Malia Cohen who should represent District 10 - is busy pussyfooting around.

Our Mayor plans on building 30, 000 units - including some 10, 000 within this number that are going to rehabilitated.

The Mayor fails to comprehend - that the area  - known as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - is contaminated.

Declared a Superfund Site - and only the worst contaminated sites in the entire Nation - are put on the Superfund site.

The United States Navy tested " Depleted Uranium " at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the early 1950s -  where in the long run 20, 000 units are planned.

Right now in the neighboring areas -on Cleo Rand adjacent to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard  - people living  on the neighboring streets - are suffering - from all sorts of cancer and other chronic diseases.

The entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard  - all poor landfill and prone to liquefaction - some 900 acres plus - including Parcel F - which is the Bay is contaminated. Cesium, radium  were found in building 366.

Ships that participated in the " Atomic testing - the infamous and well known " Bikini Islands"- were brought back to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and sandblasted - further contaminating the Bay waters - impacting all life - vegetation and fish for sure.

Parcel E and E2 a 46 plus acre piece of land emits Methane - an entire area from 4th and King to Geneva - emits over 500, 000 tons of methane - one ton of methane gas - equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide. So much for the fake Carbon Dioxide stand number - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee talks about - but has no clue about.

The former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is home to a stew of toxic chemicals used and discarded during the Navy operations - this singular fact - must not be taken lightly - and the land and the Bay - the waters - that spread far and wide - has NOT been abated.

Millions have been appropriated for clean up, mitigation, and abatement - of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - some $700 million plus - most of it wasted - by contractors such as Tetra Tech.

The Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory 2 million volt Van De Graaf accelerator produced tremendous amounts of  " ionizing radiation " - before and after World War II. 

We all know that ionizing radiation increases women' chance of getting breast cancer.

This is Ohlone land more Muwekma Ohlone land - and those that put people in harm way - more on land that is poor land fill - prone to liquefaction and flooding - are put on notice. 

If you with " intent " permit people to live on contaminated land - where they cannot visit the near by beach close to their units - where notices are put to stay away - such madness is what we are witnessing -  today in San Francisco - brand new units built on Parcel A.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee touts - he is building all these  units - to address homelessness and create affordable housing - which is a LIE.


Recently the Dr. George Davis Center was opened with much fan fare - on Third Street by Carroll Street.

The land on which the Senior Center stands - was NOT abated properly - neighboring units all brand new - have an increased number of cancer cases.

We know about this and we have stated clearly - our Seniors and decent human beings - should not be put - in harms way. 

Yet folks like Linda Richardson, Malia Cohen, Tiffany Bohee,  the wife of Dr. George Davis - others - in their foolishness have chosen a site - that they know has NOT been abated - putting innocent lives in harms way.

It is becoming fashionable to use  tax payers money - using undue influence - crooked politicians - more, from the State of California.

Other - grants in the name of the Seniors - only to build a Senior Center - on land that has not been abated. 

Worse still - closer the rails - where when the trains pass by - the entire area is adversely impacted - by loud noise.

Our Seniors need the best - and not the worst - more in their golden years.

That is what is happening - with the support of Mayor Edwin M. Lee,  folks like Veronica Hunnicutt, others one worse than the other - including Supervisor Malia Cohen - who has no clue about clean up, less about mitigation - and even less about abatement.

The 93 acres plus - that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is contaminated today - so is the area called Candlestick Point over 90 acres - where once stood the Candlestick Stadium.

Candlestick Stadium - now torn down - the near by State Park the first Urban State Park in San Francisco all part of the new Candlestick Point. 

The State Park will be flattened to build - whatever - Lennar Urban a " rogue developer " has in mind.

The paradox is that Candlestick Point is less than 1/8 of the mile - from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - as I stated a Superfund Site - and there is more .

Count on Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his cronies - to push for building housing units - on very contaminated land - prone to liquefaction and flood - and more contaminated with radiological elements.

We brag about reducing our Carbon Foot Print - but if we have access to all the various elements that contribute to the increase of the Carbon Footprint.

The many skyscrapers, the dangerous particulates spewed from the millions of vehicles, poor landfill laden with vegetation that is composting over decades.

 Other pertinent facts that I am not at liberty to disclose - now in the courts for adjudication - but I will - as and when I have cleared the matter with some entities  - all of this and more is mind boggling. And it is amazing hear and more to witness how some folks - will look you in the eye and lie.

This is Ohlone Land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco. 

This land is dot with Shell Mounds - Sacred Points much like acupuncture points - that the First People of this area - know much about - that the " greed " and spiritually bankrupt know little about - more because of the avarice and greed they practice.

Some one must sound the clarion call - and not all is well with our economy - we think it is well - but on the horizon as with BREXIT and soon to be FREXIT - the very foundation - of the Stock Market will be smashed to smithereens - there is only so much nonsense - that can be tolerated - and then something - gives.

Mother Earth is here to stay - and God sees it all - I have done what I can to sound the clarion call - we have empirical data - not the vain talk that the City and Count of San Francisco spews.

The health standards in San Francisco have fallen - the streets full of the homeless - who have given up hope. They need rap around services - you cannot put the mentally challenged in good homes or housing units - they need help with their mental issues.

Every year millions of dollars are spent on the homeless - those administrating the programs - at the top - making in access of $200, 000 with benefits. The tax payers pay - the hard working, tax paying tax payers - get ripped off. Aho.