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Saturday, June 25, 2016


From the days of slavery and before that in the United States of America - formerly know -  as Turtle Island - devious folks have used the poor - the indigent - those that cannot defend themselves - to make money.

In today's " slave plantations " - here in San Francisco - that tradition continues. The poor are used - they are not given benefits - many are given just temporary jobs. The sags goes on - even as Quality of Life issues - and thrown by the way side.

Millions of dollars are given to entities - who spend more to administer the programs - with proper need assessments, no audits on " capacity building " - no sound leadership that matters.

We have heard of Poverty Pimp Pastors - and guess what - why do you think they have got that name?

 These Pastors - have observed that if you can control a segment of the population - that is not educated.

Less - have no connections - cannot protest - you can use them - like a dirty rag - and dispose of them at will.

When we look at Public Housing - very little of it was built with money from the City and County of San Francisco. 

When we do a needs assessment and audit the millions spent on Public Housing - we see millions of dollars wasted.

Deferred maintenance model used - to run down thousands of  Public Housing units - so that devious - with sordid ploys and machinations - linked to " gentrification".

The above ploys can be carried out - by vested interest who can then use the very housing that they purport is run down -  use it for their own purposes to make money.

With any meaningful vetting - create HOPESF - divide the Public Housing - and give it on a platter to the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing , and Bridge Developers - none of these entities treat the poor with respect.

Much before we had HOPESF - we had HOPESIX - those advocates who fought - for the poor in Public Housing - most of it built by the Department of Defense and paid for a hundred times over.

The Public Housing in San Francisco - was handed by the Department of Defense -  to Housing and Urban Development - who is turn - hand the inventory to City and County of San Francisco.

Who created the San Francisco Housing Authority - to initiate and control - the poor - and run down the public housing they lived in. - so that other uses could be created to benefit some.

Our City and County of San Francisco - our Controller Ben Rosenfield, our City Administrator Naomi Kelly, our City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

Our City officials the former czar of the homeless who jumped ship Bevan Dufty - Trent Rhorer who has been working with Human Service Agency and Barbara Garcia - Tomas Argon who head the SF Health Department in one capacity or the other.

Olson Lee from the Mayor Office of Housing,  Tiffany Bohee who heads the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - and a host of others - have treated the " homeless situation " - as something other cities are experiencing too - and that some how at some time - the homeless situation we are experiencing today in San Francisco - will fade away.

The above have not sat down once - to audit the various model that have never worked. Instead of focusing on rap around services - they have focused on providing housing - with tenants - who are mentally and physically challenged - have other pressing needs - but some how - those providing them housing feel - all the ailments will disappear - as and when they are given housing. 

It simply does not work like that.

San Francisco is made up of unique neighborhoods - the Mission, the Excelsior, the Sunset, Pacific Height, South of Market Area, the Western Addition, China Town, Bayview - other neighborhoods - those that lived in these neighborhood - built  those unique neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods that boasted good restaurants, good music, theater, diversity with people from all over the world - worshiping in the churches, sending their children to schools and colleges.

The many fairs - clubs - today many of  them facing closures - those that truly contributed their best - forced out - because of very high rents - $3500 for a one bed room unit - $5000 for a  two bed room unit - cost of living increased a hundred fold.

Today there are many from all our neighborhoods -  decent, hard working, tax paying San Franciscans living on the streets of San Francisco.

How did this come about - we must not just ponder for a moment - and pass it off? True San Franciscans must fight for our rights.

Yet this City and County of San Francisco - does not have a system to gather the empirical data - as to why so many San Franciscans - many of them are forced to live in tents - under bushes, under bridges - on the dirty,  filthy streets of San Francisco.

Many of the poor - families - that is father, mother, and children - living on the streets of San Francisco.

At another level - families three and four - huddle in one and two bed room units.

Imagine the conditions - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks by creating - yet another department for Housing - and paying the head of this Department over $200, 000 with benefits - he can attempt to solve the problem.

The Mayor today - with all the millions spent - does not have the right empirical data - to study the situation at hand.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - stupid as he is - does not have one single - " needs assessment " on the poor and the indigent.

 One single qualified model - vetted focusing on " capacity building " - linked to models and bringing about progress.

 One single vetted blue print that creates a system with accountability and transparency.

Millions have been spent - and yet the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. 

It is only recent some software was purchased - so that San Francisco could help those  that need shelter space or slot.

Help the poor and indigent - get a shelter - without standing in line - by sleeping overnight - on our dirty, filthy streets - to get a number or coupon.

And even those who did it - facing the inclement weather - they did not get a slot - in some shelter - most shelters noisy, unkempt, and not safe - especially our women and children.

As a matter of fact - we do not have the capacity to shelter all the homeless. Many homeless are fed up - standing in line - following the process.

The poor and indigent - are so stressed - they do not want to go to the lines and suffer abuse. Our Mayor must know that - and he can stand in line - go there in cognito and find out for himself.

Our Mayor is a JOKE  - recently he went all the way to Washington DC to speak on behalf of our SF City Planning - in favor of getting some grant for " smart City planning ".

Prior to that I read and heard that we would get this grant easily - but that was not the case. 

Even with the Mayor stating Uber, AirB&B, Google would match this grant - dollar for dollar. - his pleas fell on deaf ears. It is his arrogance and stupidity - that defies his logic - and he just cannot sell our City and more represent our City - because he is a pander of sorts - has no sound leadership - qualities. No personality what so ever - to be a stellar Mayor.

Our City and County of San Francisco - is a mess - the congestion on our streets, the air is foul, the amenities offered to the poor and those that need help - lacking.

What grant will help us better ourselves - when right now we are swimming in a " cesspool " of our own creation?

The authorities did not recognize San Francisco - and we did not receive the grant - and rightly so. 

We must think - that there are people out there - who know about all the corruption, the shenanigans going on in San Francisco. 

Heading the on going " corruption " Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has been taking bribes.

 One has only to read the briefs in our Courts - the many court cases - pending against the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee - the more you read the Court Cases - the more you feel like puking.

Supervisor Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener - have done nothing substantial and viable - to help the poor - the homeless - address our housing needs - in short they all looked with disdain on these issues - and have not addressed Quality of Life issues.

Again and again the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have chosen - to go with the flow.

Why did it take us so long - in the year 2016 - to find out - that our computers - gather piece meal  information?

That we have no centralized server - no centralized capacity building - to gather data - to provide - the rap around services - to those that need it most ?

You ask a Supervisor or those who receive large salaries - and ask them for a needs assessment report  on the homeless situation or any other issue of important - and they look at you - funny!

In any other organization worth the salt - these scum bags would be fired.

It is the same with transportation, our failing and very expensive health system, our education that has targeted the mentally and physically challenged.

Our schools run by   the San Francisco Unified School System which is suppose to be funded well - by the State of California. - constantly every year end - laying off good teachers.

We have over 30, 000 homeless - yet the City and County of San Francisco - shows a figure of about 8, 000. Why this disparity in data - figures that are misleading - figures used to hoodwink the public at large?

This is not funny - it is not funny that we cannot assess what is visible to anyone - what you witness in down town San Francisco and our neighborhoods - is the reality of the fact - that the homeless situation is out of control.

We have a budget of $9.6 billion - the Mayor proposes a 10% cut - yet Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has employed hundreds of his lackeys - folks that are not educated on issues. 

We have over 10, 000 students who do not go to school? So what do you think - these juveniles do - each and every day?

In our poor neighborhood people of color are treated with disdain - we have racist SF Police Officers - and all the evidence and more to justify what I am stating.

Our Mayor,  Edwin M. Lee has NO leadership qualities - he has proved - again and again to be a - " lap dog ".