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Sunday, June 19, 2016


San Francisco once had leaders who were " compassionate " - no more. 

Today - we have leaders - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who can be likened to " cardboard ". He is Lifeless, inept,  low IQ, worthless, have no leadership whatsoever - and not worth interacting with.

In reality with our budget of over $9.6 Billion - we should not have anyone - not one single person - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco. The  reality is we have - and our leaders who must find solutions - but they themselves are dead. 

Spiritually bankrupt - the living dead - with high paying salaries.
How they can live with themselves? How they can look and the poor with disdain and look the other way? How they can can sleep - is something - that bothers the decent but not those who have numbed their hearts - and have numbed their - conscience.

We in fact have over 14, 000 homeless - sleeping our our streets, under bridges, in cars - on door steps - giving a very bad name to our City and County of San Francisco.

Daily these souls are suffering - daily they face their Maker - daily they give up - with NO support and our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - talking from both sides of his mouth.

We have 10, 000 truants and no one wants to address this chronic situation - in San Francisco.

Students who do not go to school - and while they have nothing much to do - are involved in petty crime - they survive and how they do it - for years on end - in anyone's guess.

When Mayor Edwin M. Lee calls our City a - " world class City " - he must remember it was - but now - it is NO - more.

Saint Francis of Assisi stands for compassion - our City always stood for compassion.

The Flower Children from the 60s will tell you that - our City is one of the best when it comes to embracing and compassion.

The thousands that passed through the door of Saint Martin de Pores and Saint Anthony - will testify to that fact. - how they are cared - were cared and continue to be cared.

Institutions  - that feed the poor and clothe the indigent - will give anyone all the  the empirical data. - they want - to find out the truth and get their own - reality check.

Our City had chosen to take credit for the generosity of others - we saw this more in 2008 - with the spiraling of our City's economy - and our City looking the other way - nonprofit and other institutions - doing what they do best - serving and have compassion.

Then we have Glide Memorial - Catholic Charities, the various other faith institutions - who give the City millions - to create and operate - models like the " Navigation Centers ".

Offer all sorts of help - clothing - furniture,  food and quality succor - only for the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - to take credit for himself.

Shameless to the core - a disgrace to the human race.

HOPESF that is involved in providing housing and providing temporary shelter - is a JOKE.

Those that administer the program and paid very good salaries - the outcome of their programs - wanting - the talk - loud - and it is always that segment of the population - that suffers - and those of the king - the Pacific Heights Mafia - in charge of raking in the money - making money at the expense of the poor and suffering.

 Now, the Mayor has decided to open up a new office - to address the " homeless situation " - without a sound - BLUE PRINT. He has given some person - who can talk a good talk - but has yet to walk a good walk. Time will tell.

In the Southeast Sector - we have homes that in past decades have filled in the gap - provided housing - as when San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - tore down good housing - using  the sordid " eminent domain " - forcing thousands to the streets.

The history is all there to read - but no one want to do their home work. Most Blacks have suffered before and continue to suffer today. The few Blacks that made some money - have moved out of the City and County of San Francisco.

Thousands immigrated to the Southeast Sector of our City - the Bayview - decade after decade - this is not something new - only this time around - the Blacks cannot be accommodated - others have taken the homes, the land - most everything that once Blacks and other poor had access to.

Many hundreds in our Public Housing - Potrero  Hill,  Hunters Point,  Oakdale,  Sunnyvale,  the Army Street Public Housing now called Cesar Chavez Public Housing - and more all over our City and County of San Francisco.

We know of thousands who lived in the Tenderloin - Single Occupancy Residential (SROs) units. 

Where hundreds lived in a room or two - with no kitchen and no toilet.

Our City must be ashamed that we have in the year 2016 - such SROs many of filthy, stinking, infested with bed bugs.

Thousands of poor people still live in such units.

The San Francisco General Hospital - will use SROs to accommodate the sick - and our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee knows about this.

The authorities be it the SF Health Department - SF Human Services, others -  continue to exploit the poor - using SROs - and then bill the State and Federal government and make large sums of profit.

A few hundred feet from such despicable living - that the poor who make less than $12, 000 a year live in - a few hundred feet away - there are those that are rich and make over $ 175, 000 -  living in condominiums and look down on the poor - with disdain.

Condominiums that cost from $2 million to $10 million - and some as high as $15 million - over looking the City and County of San Francisco - bohemian - Sodom and Gomorrah - right here in our City - and God sees it all and more.

We have City heads of departments and the Mayor making over $275, 000 with benefits.

 Some City heads of Department - making $300, 000 with especial contracts - not represent the poor and those that need help most.

 For sure the Controller, the City Attorney, the District Attorney,  the Sheriff , interim Chief of Police - who make large sums of money - must represent - but they do not - as they must and they know why - but long for long.

They may be half way decent - but they must - represent. 

I know all of them - and all of them are good to me - but what  have they contributed to the current  the state of affairs - that shames us all - what are doing really - to reduce poverty and spread the wealth around?

And now the world knows about the empirical data - that does not LIE - the world is laughing at us - our streets concentrated the indigent - begging and the world wondering - what is San Francisco and its leaders - doing about the homeless and related issues?

This Mayor - Edwin M. Lee talks too much - and I do not mind debating him.

 I have taken him one on one - right in this office in Room 200 at City Hall.

His poor IQ and lack of experience - makes him vulnerable - his is like a reed blowing in the wind. Weak in the knees and as we all know in our private conversations - has no " cajones".

Most of all he lacks cultural competency - being of Chinese origin - all he is focused on is money - really speaking - it is - " greed ". 

It may stem from the poverty he experienced when is was young.

His family ran a Chinese restaurant - in Oregon - that is north of California. 

His father died when he, Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was young.

Leaving his mother and her siblings - with little money and a restaurant to run. 

A Black man man - donated some thousands of dollars - so that Mayor Edwin M. Lee his mother and siblings - could run the restaurant and bring succor to the family. This did this - and the rest is history.

These facts have been noted in many newspapers - the Mayor himself has told the story - while trying to impress  upon us - who care to hear that story - that he is - sensitive to the Black issues - that we are dealing in San Francisco. Bull Shit!

In San Francisco - we have Blacks suffering the most - in our prison system more than fifty percent incarcerated are Blacks.

Blacks form only three percent of San Francisco - yet, forty percent of all Blacks are homeless. What has the Mayor to say about this fact  -nothing?

What have the two House Negros - Malia Cohen and London Breed done to curb the homeless situation in San Francisco?

Nothing - nothing whatsoever - the drab talk does not count - any idiot can talk. Actions count.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe the First People of San Francisco in San Francisco.

The Mayor knows this - the Controller knows this, the City Administrator knows this, the Chief of Police knows this, the General Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission knows this - all those that must know this.

Again this is Muwekma Ohlone - all of it was stolen - can you imagine the harm done to our great City - where Shell Mound still stand - some intact. 13, 000 years old.

 Our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - is full of it.

 The Mayor - has no sense of the responsibilities towards the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

He - has chosen to hold once a year - ceremonies for the First People - and has failed to invite the host Nation and the only Tribe recognized - the Muwekma Ohlone - here in San Francisco.

His lack of leadership - is noted by those who evaluate governance.

That is putting it lightly. 

The man strongly is committed to developing every square inch of San Francisco - all the land was stolen and is Muwekma Ohlone land.

I repeat - the land is not his - and was stolen - all of it and more.

WeSan Franciscans do not want San Francisco - to be Manhattan.

We have sufficient housing - thousands of units - that can totally belong to the people - all the housing now controlled by Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO).

All the housing given to the rogue property management - the John Stewart Company - Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers - all very corrupt - racketeering and making money at the expense of the poor.

We the people have a very narrow window of opportunity - to bring some sense to the SF Planning Commission and SF Planning Department. Take charge of the situation - by dismantling the corrupt department who are acting as proxies - pandering to the - " rogue developers ".  All this and more must end.

The Department of Building Inspection - the City Attorney - the Mayor Office of Housing - the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - all of whom and others  - who are fleecing the people - the people who have no clue about these - very corrupt entities.

You are nothing if you are not educated on issues.

You are nothing if you cannot lead others to a better place.

Your are nothing if our heart in not in the right place.

The time has come for drastic changes - but before that - all the development must be halted.

Mostly - the " Big Developers " - a mandate of 75% affordable housing  - catering to those making below $40, 000 accommodated.

All future projects should be allowed to build  25% Market Rate Housing.

 There is a glut of Market Rate Housing today - over 30, 000 units standing - vacant. 

Add to that over 35, 000 vacant homes that the land lords do not want to rent.

If the developers do not  want to meet the conditions - let them go elsewhere. Good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

 It is not to late to mandate such changes - what is happening today - is that people are running round the bush - saying things - barking up the wrong tree.

There is no concrete action - that benefits those that need help most. - the people united will never, ever be defeated.  Aho.