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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The June 7, 2016 - Primary Election - 
the many ploys and machination -
the lies, the hoodwinking, the rigged votes.
To the young adults and others who voted -
your voice matters - and time is on your side.

Bernie Sanders did well in this Primary Elections - knowing well he was fighting the MACHINE - and had to deal with the deception, the many lies, the hoodwinking, the rigged votes.

In battle one has to be prepared and win one war at a time. The sordid politicians we are dealing with are entrenched with the  devil  himself - greed and other devious ways - are part of their DNA.

You do not have to be a rocket science to comprehend the Electoral System which is antiquated and defunct - but the MACHINE - will do what they have to do to stay in power.

We do not live in feudal times - but surely if the Electoral System is analyzed - the end result - we are working and dealing with a primitive system - that does injustice to our time - and more to sacrosant  individual vote - that we think counts - but does not.

Bernie Sanders

The many young adults - and adults who liked Bernie Sanders and his message - tried - that is all we can do - right now.

 Send a very strong message for drastic changes. - there was a strong MOVEMENT made of young people - that shook the establishment - and it must be kept intact - NO compromise - do not move to the other side - and listen to the - " devil ".

I know - many young people will feel dejected and will prefer to vote for Donald Trump rather than vote for Hillary Clinton - and I do not blame them - that is their subjective - pejorative.

I will never ever give my sacred vote to Hillary Clinton and other scums bags like her - the likes of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - no way. Closer to home - those that are associated by the above three.

We know from the many polls - more and more people - the tax payers - the constituents are fed up of the " usual tactics and sayings" - spewed by the political whores and pimps.

Crooked politicians such as Hillary Clinton and her husband - making promises - and raking in the millions for themselves. Scum of the Earth.

Both the Republican and the Democratic Party - have not been upfront and " sincere "  with the people - hence they have lost " trust " - with the people that matter.

When one see a breath of fresh air - like " Bernie Sanders " - we who are longing for change get a feeling that we may win.

 Truly speaking - and being realistic - it is about making a change - a small dent - but a dent - all the same. Truly speaking it is climate a very high mountain - rough terrain, inclement weather - and obstacles that only the brave can endure and over come.

Our only HOPE and FAITH is to have our hearts in the right place - with God on our side - we can overcome.

The people united - will never, ever be defeated

Bernie Sanders will be pressured - even by our lame duck President who could have done more - but continues backing a despicable person like Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders should stick to his guns - no compromise - do not make you bed with the devil. 

Hillary Clinton tried to paint a picture that she is for women and women rights.

In today world it should be equal right for all - women and men.

Difficult as it is -  many men - including myself have fought for women rights - and paid a penalty.

Only to find out about  Hillary Clinton and other women political whores - who are taking us back rather than - forward.

If Hillary Clinton thinks she is the savior - she in NOT.

America can wait for the Savior - when the time is ripe - we must not pander to the " devil ".

 One has just to evaluate Hillary Clinton's deeds - she is a chronic liar, a cheater, a liar and more.

 Failed to follow the rules - at the State Department  - as we all found out with the emails servers she had privately installed - that she with intent chose to be independent - but could and may have compromised the security of our Nation - and there is more.

We who follow political patterns and the many elections - for the last 40 or 50 years - know what the United States is in for.

In the final analysis it is the people that matter.

Hillary Clinton will be taken to task - she will NOT be allowed to push and impose - her will.

She will be subject to deep scrutiny and this and more will her despondent - finally, she will throw her arm and be a recluse.

Much like her husband - who had the audacity - to be on the telephone at the White House -  negotiating and  talking to foreign leaders - while a woman who was infatuated with President Bill Clinton - was doing him.

Such acts speak a lot - not only about President Bill Clinton - but Hillary Clinton.

The Bill Clinton Foundation - is ripe with discrepancies - and donations made in large numbers by Nations and individuals who were promised - favors.

Millions were collected in the name of the foundation to build a hospital in Haiti - the money went missing.

Money was given to the Bill Clinton Foundation but used by Hillary Clinton - some returned when notified - but - the point is - breaking the rules and regulations - that govern and bring about law and order - were discarded - to foster GREED.

Congress person Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the President - Barack Hussein Obama  - others - even before the votes were tallied on the West Coast - declared Hillary Clinton to the the presumptive winner.

Whatever that means - these ploys and machinations - known to be linked with the Democratic Party - have brought the Democratic Party down.

Most decent people do not respect - the way the Democratic Party  operates - on any level.

Closer to home Diane Feinstein who is our Senator has done nothing at all. It is the same with Nancy Pelosi - who gathers many votes - but we all know - the voting system is rigged.

We see the results - primary results - with Scott Weiner spending so much to get some sordid results. 

Jane Kim will win - and Scott Weiner will drool and fade away.

Scott Weiner is bad news - he knows it - but people still get fooled by the ads - and the fake propaganda.

It is the same with Kamala Harris who failed our City and County of San Francisco as the District Attorney - then went to Sacramento and failed us - as the State Attorney of California.

Kamala Harris did not take a strong position on the Mario Woods murder - other issues linked to Blacks and gentrification.

Gavin Newsom thinks he can run for Governor - but fails to comprehend and has forgotten the first time around - he had to jump ship - running for Governor - and settle for the Lt. Governor's position.

He has something in store for him - watch out - we are watching you  - scum bag - like a hawk.

Closer to home our two House Negroes - who pander - both political whores London Breed and Malia Cohen - are new to the game - they will be toasted.

Lesson learned - we must keep up the movement - in unity Brown and Black - to fight for what is right.

Politicians in San Francisco have seen us in action.

There is a lot going behind close doors - and even as Willie L. Brown Jr is feeling the heat - folks like Aaron Peskin are busy working out deals.

Aaron Peskin  - preparing himself to be the next Mayor of San Francisco - a little over 50 years  old to fill the shoes of the aging and blind - Willie L. Brown Jr -  nearing 82 years -whose wheeling and dealing days - will be numbered by ill health and his failing eye sight.

We have a lap dog - Edwin Lee - in Room City Hall - Room 200 to be precise - what can we say - a disgrace to the human race - talks from both sides of his dirty mouth - his days are numbered.

This June 7, Primary Elections will lead to more victories - not from those parties and entities that we are hear about - but independents and others - who will work out - new models - and defeat the establishment. Give them a doze of their own medication.

American ingenuity has always won - and has always stood the test of time. 

Millions died to be truly free during the Civil War - millions others suffered for decades to be free - including women - but always led by good women - good leaders - not a political whore and chronic liar - like Hillary Clinton.