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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Over a quarter billion dollars are spent - every single year -  by the City and County of San Francisco  -supposedly on the poor, the indigent - those that need shelter.

Quarter of a billion dollar - every single years - on those that have encountered  some misfortune - and now have to spend their living  days -  hurting,  hungry, facing the inclement weather - on the streets of San Francisco. Many die - slowly but surely - with those in authority - looking the other way.

While one may think - most of the money allocated or appropriated - for the homeless - is spent on the poor.

The homeless, the indigent - the forces that be - have a convoluted way to use the money. Keep separate books - log in fake numbers - all of which we know - have reported - but now the " journalists " who have been asleep as the cockpit  - better step up and help the people - adjudicate this matter - and send the culprits to jail for a very long time.

Most of the money - all in the name of the poor, the indigent, those that  truly need help -  are treated with disdain.

In our Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) hotels - hundreds of them - if not close to a thousand - many poorly maintained single room units.

All SROs - that share the kitchen and toilet -  on each floor - most not maintained and filthy. 

Reminiscent of the Gold Rush days - where all a miner - needed was a head to rest - some place to take a crap - warm some water - a gun under his pillow  - to greet - an intruder.

This is not the days of the Gold Rush - where  most - did not care about cleanliness, hygiene, or all those liked - fancy words .

The San Francisco Health Department - and Barbara Garcia - declares to the SF Health Commission - all this and more to be present - but the opposite is true. Memoranda of Understanding are signed by the SF Health Department and the greedy - Patels - that own and operated these dirty, stinky - motels and hotels one of kind - from a time - long past and gone.

Millions of dollars are charged to the State and Federal government - seeing is believing - especially when some indigent patients from the SF General Hospital - are sent to a filthy, stinking, bed bug infested SRO - when those who are sent to recover - so that the SF General Hospital can save some money.

The patients  some do recover -  others die and and lay in the morgue - if no one comes to claim the body - no one knows what happens.

 Most importantly - in the majority those that leave these SROs - in great measure -  are traumatized for life.

God have mercy on this City - this City and County of San Francisco  - named after Saint Francis Assisi - a Saint that exudes compassion, kindness, all that is good.

At the San Francisco Health Commission - this particular issue -the SF Health Department signing Memoranda of Understanding - with the Patels who own and lease these SROs - were discussed - as if the room - are worthy of occupancy - when it a a far cry from reality - the filth, the bed bugs, the noise - disgusting to the core.

It is here that the Facebook magnet can play a role - build some units - for the homeless - so that rap around service are provided.

Others large companies like TWITTER, GOOGLE, ZYNGA, others - can help build buildings that offer rap around services - to those that need it most - the mentally and physically challenged.

We need Registered Nurses, doctors that have their heart in the right place - pharmacies that can be kind to our poor, our homeless, our indigent. We need journalists - who can report the truth and give credit - where credit is due.

With the quarter billion dollars -  we can easily spend with ease to deal with the issue at hand - some 8000 homeless - on our streets of San Francisco.

In reality some 30, 000 - if we take into account the many families - who sleep two, three, even four families - living in one and two bed room - compromising Quality of Life issues.

Many others crashing under bushes, under bridges,  other places that no one dares to go - because if they did - they would be met with harm.

Our SF City and County does a poor job counting the homeless.

They count only those that they see - and can count in an environment that is only safe - where the homeless are there - but not all of them present.

 Those many others choose to live in places that are dangerous - so that no one can get to them and more bother them.

We need to weed out the SF Health Department receiving  millions - and out sourcing money - to spend on programs - that are not monitored - less audited at all.

The SF General Hospital and the SF Health Department boast having a budget - of more than $2 Billion.

We all are aware of the Academy of Art University - thousands of rent control units - in San Francisco.

Once rental units - all under " rent control " - building bought - the rental units converted to dormitories.

Such shenanigans have been going on for decades - with the knowledge of the SF Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection - Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr, Mayor Gavin Newsom, and Mayor Mayor Edwin M. Lee - one worse than the other.

These once rental units - all under rent control - that have been used as dormitories - to house foreign students - with the blessing of our San Francisco Planning Department and our present and former Mayors.

 The Department of Building Inspection. The SF City Attorney - has just got on the case - with the Academy of Art University - and nothing much has been done.

I brought this issue to the SF Planning Department - before the Land Use Committees - stating facts i umpteen articles -  15 years ago and then again and again 10 years ago.

 We still have thousands of rental units - more " rent control units " - that can be taken away from the Academy of Art University - and used to home those that need help.

With one condition that  -  rap around services  be provided - with qualified Doctors, Nurses, others that have their heart  in the right place - doing the right thing.

We have organizations that purport that they are doing good work - raking in millions - managing programs for those that cannot deal with the poor, the indigent - acting like the Gastapo. 

These organizations should be ashamed of themselves - using SROs and charging the City, the State, and Federal government - an arm and a leg. Raking in millions for decades - until only now some light has been shed on the cockroaches.

Other non-profits , managing buildings that house the indigent - those on SSI -  other  poor funded on short term by charities.

 Treating the poor with disdain - bleeding the poor - while receiving large amounts of money - their billing flawed - double billing or double dipping - and this nonsense has been going on for decades.

Many have BLOOD on their hands - and the time has come to send the cockroaches to jail - for lengthy periods - let them get their three meals and have all the time to think about their misdeeds.

It is not uncommon for these vultures - to come before the Budget Committee - and brag what they do - when most  what they do - is earn their keep at the expense of the poor, the indigent, those that are mostly mentally and physically - challenged.

We the tax payers are fed up - we have a budget of over $9.6 Billion - the heads of the SF City Departments - all make over $250, 000 with benefits - and most of them do not represent the constituents of San Francisco - as they ought to be represented.

The SF Board of Supervisor used to make $38, 000 they now make in excess of $150, 000 with benefits - Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, London Breed, and Scott Wiener - have failed the constituents of San Francisco and must step down.

We need to expose the cheating and the double billing - involved with some of our City departments - and this Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has been pussyfooting around - talking from both sides of his mouth - charged under the RICO ACT.

We need to get to the bottom of this ruckus - where millions of dollars are pocketed - all in the name of the poor, the indigent, our Seniors, others that are physically and mentally - challenged.

I feel like puking when I hear - flowery words - like we treasure our core values - when most of those that purport they are working for our poor and indigent - are there to make money - at the expense of the poor and indigent.

The mostly Whites in power at the City's Human Resources, the Mayor Office of Housing and Economic Development, the Successor  Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - others - laugh to the bank every month - to cash in their checks - varying from $15, 000 to $20, 000 every single month.

We have the Armory - a building that we used to shelter the homeless - many of us remember this building.

 Some of us - may have gone there to help someone - or to volunteer.

When I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - and the Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco - we had full jurisdiction - often time we were called to donate blankets and other  emergency materials to help the poor, the indigent - those that needed them most.

The many trips to the Armory - bring back memories - today the Armory is used to produce pornographic movies - and other sordid activities - S&M and those activities reminiscent of evil city Sodom - San Francisco use be pride itself - being compassionate - no more.

Some journalists - many lacking - the ability to write articles - using " investigative journalism " as a tool - now want to - set aside one day to zero in on the " poor " - and related articles on the poor - linked to what is happening in San Francisco and the homeless.

Sensationalizing the poor  will not bring results.

We need to zero in on the San Francisco of Health Department and audit - how they spend millions of dollars - meant for our Seniors, our poor, our indignant, other categories - under which millions are funneled to the SF General Hospital and Health Services - money wasted on other mundane - stuff.

No accountability less transparency.

We need to zero in our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and the Mayor's office and find out - why so many Departments that use to do good work - have been deactivated.

Millions outsourced to non- profits and for profits. We want to know why? How many millions does the Mayor have - for his own discretion and use? Why?

Why did we get rid for example - the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice?

We need to study all the many memoranda of understanding with the Patels who own the motels.

 The many filthy, sinking, unkempt Single Residential Occupancy Hotel and Motels - why are we - exploiting the poor and the indigent.

We need to make Senator Diaane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,  State Senator David  Chui, other pompous so called representatives that are failing us all - spend a day or two at the SROs.

The Democratic  County Central Committee - members who say they are for the people - do not study the issues that adversely impact the constituents of San Francisco - using empirical data.

Many a times they do not want to touch issues related to homelessness, affordable housing for those that make under $40, 000. 

Health issues,  Safety issues,  issues that matter respiratory diseases, STD on the increase, cancer one of kind that doctors know about - are a result of exposure to radiological elements.

The congestion on our roads, the increase in dangerous particulates - the increase in respiratory diseases.

Still births, our Seniors in peril lacking Quality of Life issues, the same with the mentally challenged and the physically challenged.

The cancers prevalent more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco -  more on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the surrounding areas - declared as a Superfund Site.

Only the worst contaminated sites are placed on the Superfund Site - under the mandate of the United States Government. Most bases contaminated by the Department of Defense - radiological elements, lead, and other toxic materials from bombing and ammunition.

I have written about these issues so many times - that now the journalists are using my articles and data - to build their own portfolios. 

To address the issues linked to poverty, those homeless and indigent - helping the mentally challenged and physically challenged - we need rap around services to cure the mentally challenged or at least have the situation under control.

Rehab the physically challenged - so that they can function without pain or at least have it under control - can move around independently - it is heart breaking to see so many poor and indigent - slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma as their Tribal Liaison - and have been trying my best to represent and fight for those that need help most.

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