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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Supervisor Malia Cohen -
Chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee.

Want to see a jackass - chair a meeting - you do not need a ticket.
Just attend any Land Use and Transportation meeting - on Mondays at 1:30 pm - and observe the deliberations with glee.

San Francisco has for the last 15 years - gradually fallen prey to our politicians, our SF Planning Commission and Department, our Department of Building Inspection - leading the charge in recent years - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee's - whose policies and nefarious actions - have impacted thousands of innocent San Franciscans.

In the last 10 years - according to reliable sources - over 30, 000 families have left San Francisco. They cannot afford the high rents - and more the disdain showered on those hard working,  tax paying, decent San Franciscans. More families with children.

As to the thousands who are mentally challenged and physically challenged - these segments of the population - are left to die. Yes - left to die - we see it everyday - and no human who has an iota of compassion - needs to witness these horrible situations - unfolding before our - very eyes.

According to reliable sources - leaders and groups that address Housing Issues - that are over 30, 000 homes vacant. in San Francisco. Another 35, 000 market rate units - that the poor cannot afford - stand vacant and no one want to talk too much about the filthy rich - who built these units - to rake in millions.

Today - a one day unit cost $3500 and a two unit room is rented for over $5000.

Our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and some of the " jackasses" the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - are paying lip service. They do not care - about the poor - they care about their campaign coffers. Time will tell.

Those of us who are interested in helping and coming up with solutions - are deterred when the San Francisco Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission - entertain changes to the General Management Plan - that is long over due.

At most SF Planning Commission meeting - we see " rubber stamping" and this does not meet that Director John Rahaim is not a good man - I have never, ever condemned him - but he has to listen to those that are around him - that do not have the best interest of our City and County of San Francisco.

Suffice to say another pertinent document the Housing Element - the last three - one of them created every 5 years - three Housing Elements - going back to 15 years - are in our Courts. - awaiting adjudication.  

The last three Housing Elements - important documents - contains pertinent policies -  the Courts focusing on - fake data, false promises, and data that  one finds asking more questions and less answers -  that can lead to solutions.

Some legislation that deals with Affordable Housing Bonus Programs - some influenced by the State of California - and our Governor Jerry Brown - who clearly sees - that on the local level - not only San Francisco but other cities and town in California - and not doing justice to Affordable Housing - was been deliberated June 13, 2016 at 1:30 pm in Room 250 - at City Hall - the August Chamber - of the SF Board of Supervisors.

Yesterday - June 13, 2016 - Agenda item 4 and 5 took a very long time to deliberate. Back and forth with amendments - some which made sense and others utter nonsense.

The people had to witness this nonsense - those watching it on SFGOV TV too - what does Malia Cohen the Chair - of the Land Use and Transportation Committee think of this utter nonsense?

Malia Cohen  seems - to feed on this nonsense - that triggers some high in her - she grins - talks from both sides of her mouth - and behaves like a sordid House Negro that has lost her senses.

Changes that would substitute language - on Agenda number 4 and 5 - a major portion dealing with Affordable Housing - from our General Management Plan.

The changes - introduced by Eric Mar and Aaron Peskin - did not gather the necessary votes.

Those who voted against the long deliberated changes for good - Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and Malia Cohen.

Of course the only person that voted for the changes - Aaron Peskin one of the authors the other being Eric Mar.

Other amendments were introduced by Katy Tang - Katy Tang may mean well - but anyone that comprehends our  SF Planning Commission and SF Planning Department.

The deliberation are long - and many of the issues addressed by Katy Tang - were all discussed before - the most important - that no affordable housing stock - should be demolished. Also the issue of sufficient notice - Katy Tang stressed notice of 18 months. You may say so - but it there an entity to enforce it?

Other amendments are needed and many can be found and pushed for - but the most important that we need mandated by law today - is to stop the issuing permits to " demolish affordable housing stock".

Some of us who follow the trends that matter - and I was one - who fought to investigate the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

This one institution - has bought hundreds of buildings - most coming under rental control.

 Converted affordable rental units - that came under rent control - to dormitories - to accommodate foreign students - who paid high rents to stay in the dormitories.

 Thousands of rental units - that came under " rent control " - were taken off the - " affordable rental  housing stock "  - most coming under rent control.

Depriving and adversely impacting - thousands in San Francisco.

Two entities responsible for the above - the San Francisco Planning Department and the Department of Building Inspection.

Every time we questions and spoke about the Academy of Art University - we did not get answers.

One individual who has been fired from the SF Planning Department - Larry Baddner - the former person in charge of Zoning.

Yesterday - after hours of getting no where - even the City Attorney has to bear with the " stupidness " of Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen - could not even agrees - how a proposition needed to be framed - which clearly speaks - to her understanding and lack of understanding Robert's Rules.

 Knowledge of basic rules mandated of any Chair - chairing  any Committee.

Again and again when Malia Cohen - opens her mouth she shoves her dirty foot in.

I heard Aaron Peskin state - that the back and forth - was going no where - and  the deliberations were a waste of time.

Malia Cohen retorts " I do not think so - just discussing important issues that future generation will deal with " - what was that all about?

Stupid to the core - future generations? What generation do you belong to? How have you represented your generation? I know you do not belong to the generation of that Aaron Peskin belongs to? I do know you are are House Negro.

It does not help that London Breed, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell and Katy Tang - who favor developers - are working against the - " constituents of San Francisco".

Malia Cohen has no clue about housing - and some 8 years ago - she made an investment on a condominium at Executive Park - on a unit - costing some $580, 000.

 That unit went under - Malia Cohen could not handle the payments. 

The unit was in District 10 and when she had no place to live - she lived in District 9 with her parents.

She was elected Supervisor of District 10 - and illegally represented the constituents of District 10. This information is well known by many - but the crooked gave her a pass - and to this day - she continues to act like a buffoon. 

This is Ohlone Land - all of the land we see today was stolen.

This notion that thousands should come to live here - is a fantasy that Scott Wiener - seems to embrace.

My answer to Scott Wiener - we do not appreciate folks like you - Scott Wiener - go to Sacramento and get lost.

But let me tell you - and my name in Francisco Da Costa - you have failed San Francisco - never mind the idiots who vote for you. Get lost.

Our neighborhoods have been destroyed - thousands have left San Francisco. 

Crooks that make thousands - vie for any type of housing available in San Francisco.

 Many paying millions in cash to buy homes - and our City and County of San Francisco  - the SF Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection, others that must do - due diligence - look the other way.

It may be true that our City's population is close to 850, 000 increased from 10 years ago - when it was around 650, 000.

Who says we need more cold and calculated folks like Scott Wiener who have nothing to offer - are NOT family orientated - more a Zionist who has ulterior motives - we do not want folks like him and others - to have anything to do with San Francisco.

That holds good for House Negros like Malia Cohen and London Breed - fade away - you two are NOT respected in San Francisco. You two are NOT educated on issues - and more are arrogant and ignorant.  Aho.

How can an idiot - be the Chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee.

The same Committee not long ago - was called Land Use and Economic Development.

This Committees are formed - Chairs appointed - not so much to serve the constituents of San Francisco - but the fleece them - hurt them - have disdain - until finally - they flee from San Francisco - never, ever to return.

Today,  it is common to see thousands sleep on our streets, under bushes, under bridges, here - there - every where - and those that should and can do something - look the other way.